The Moon as the dominant planet: sensitivity, support, imagination

moon astrology dominant If you already found out your dominant planet is the Moon, you should know that it has an overall influence over you. The dominant planet has a huge impact on your life and attitudes.

The Moon is a satellite, but in astrology we treat it as a planet. The Moon represents the most basic human needs, nurturing and mother’s instinct. It governs emotions, feelings, inspiration and it’s one of the most important planets in astrology. People with a dominant Moon are very sensitive and develop a great intuition since early childhood.
The Moon also shows the relationship with the mother image and a big desire of taking care and protecting others. It provides a great inspiration and imagination.

The Moon has a feminine energy and is the ruling planet of Cancer and feels at home in the fourth astrological house. It is the one in charge of the subconscious mind and the world of the dreams, fantasies and memories.

Lunarians are all about emotions and feelings to the point their intellect can be quite clouded. They are hypersensitive, affectionate, and very attached to their family and home. These characteristics can make them seek for comfort above all and spend a lot of time fantasizing and daydreaming.

Lunarians are kind and charitable with a strong protective and maternal sense. They will succeed at tasks that require big inspiration, sensitivity and empathy. Since the Moon governs sensitivity and emotions, great writers are born under this aspect. They are also good teachers, counselors, historians and psychologists.

They are very romantic and fantasy plays an important role in their sex and love life, but due to their exalted emotions they might have sudden changes of humor and be pretty unstable, moody and childish, especially if the Moon is afflicted by conflicting aspects as squares and oppositions.

People with Moon as the dominant planet might lack initiative, avoid making big efforts and can be easily influenced or manipulated by others. Being vulnerable, they usually need support and company, especially from their family. They have a tendency to live in the past. At the same time, they are great supporters, especially at the emotional level.

They prefer quiet, even bohemian lives rather than complex destinies.

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