Transiting North Node on natal houses: recognizing your true self

true-self.jpgTransiting North Node on house 1

Your true self is emerging now and everything about your path and sense of identity is about to shift favorably.

You may change your appearance at this time. Your style and mannerisms may also change to reflect a more mature, evolved version of yourself.

Key aspects of your identity are coming to the forefront as you align with your higher mission and purpose you are able to see your strengths clearly.

You may become more confident at this time and your comfort with who you are and where you are going becomes evident to others.

In the past you may have focused on more on relationships and the needs of those around you but now you are bringing your social obligations into balance to a greater degree with your personal needs and goals.

Transiting North Node on house 2

Your values may shift dramatically at this time and you will make sure to put your money where your heart is.

You may shift investment strategies or boycott certain goods that don’t align with your ideals.

You may also generally become less materialistic and focus instead on using money as a vehicle to help you develop on your path.

You are creating the groundwork on which this next phase of your life will come to be built. Take your time and create a solid foundation. To some extent, you are embarking on uncharted territory and will only be able to plan so far ahead, yet you will have a gut sense of priorities and practical matters will help pave the way for a solid future.

You may invest in resources that will help you develop your mission, whether that be a creative project, higher education or a drastic change in location or career.

Transiting North Node on house 3

You have the support of friends, neighbors and peers, yet the next phase of your journey requires you to branch out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to really heed your inner calling.

Let others support and guide you but know that what is brought to the surface at this time is for you alone to interpret and transmute into a powerful transformation.

You are likely to be inspired by a concept learned through a friend or peer or from a class or workshop. This experience plants a seed which eventually grows into a clear new direction for you, helping you to fully express your true calling.

Chances are communication will be involved in your mission. You may begin to write a book or have your message published or promoted through radio or social media.

You may also acquire knowledge from many areas which establish you as a teacher or guide to others in the future. Attaining higher wisdom and education, exploring new territory through travel and changes of scenery, all help to broaden your perspective and open your mind to new information and new ways of seeing the world

The information you gain now as well as chance encounters with others in your network will set the foundation for you to evolve and fulfill your purpose.

Transiting North Node on house 4

Your view of family or your goals pertaining to settling down and having a family may shift dramatically at this time.

Whether you decide to start or expand your family or not, you will come to adopt a nurturing role in your relationships with others and will find answers to important life questions through reflection on your past, heritage and family story.

You may become more aware of your Karmic connections to family and ancestors at this time.

You may also make decisions which seem fated in some way and can bring changes to your household or family situation.

You may have been focused on developing career and not thought much about family obligation in the past however this is now changing.

Likewise is you have been disconnected from your past and your family, you may have an opportunity to return home or for your attention to come full circle. Reflecting on your past, your childhood, and your family legacy will help you come to important insights about yourself and your path and also about your purpose in the future.

Transiting North Node on house 5

You will have new enthusiasm and confidence which you didn’t have before.

Your creativity soars and you have faith in the world around you and in your abilities. You may have to stretch outside of your comfort zone and embrace a bold new attitude.

All of these changes in perception and identity will serve to usher in a new part of your path in which you are comfortable in your own skin and self assured about what your purpose is and how to fulfill it.

You will likely embrace opportunities for leadership and creative expression with greater ease at this time.

Allow yourself to reach for the stars, there is a feeling of divine timing and synchronicity helping you to attract the people and resources you will need to succeed in the long term.

Transiting North Node on house 6

Your daily routines and mundane work is about to undergo significant changes.

You are outgrowing the work you have been doing and will be called to stretch outside of your comfort zone to succeed in fulfilling your greater purpose.

It will become clear that your personal ambitions aren’t what will serve you in the long run and you will easily set aside ego needs in order to embrace work that involves being of service.

Whether this involves work in healthcare or social services, rescue or food service, your focus is not primarily on your own needs or aggrandizement, but on fulfilling missing links in the community and helping others to have their needs met.

If you had previously been focused on your own issues and desires, you will now become more conscious of others around you and the needs of the larger society.

You will also have little trouble seeing the details and footwork needed to establish a new direction in career, personal life, or both, so that you can live in alignment with your mission.

Illness or injuries or health problems exposed at this time are helping you to adjust your lifestyle and respect your limitations. Healing will help you restore balance. Somatic issues are clues for your to pay attention to imbalances in your life. Some of these ailments may be Karmic in nature or have a link to past life issues which still need to be resolved.

Transiting North Node on house 7

A previous focus on your needs and desires is now brought into harmony with your awareness of the needs and feelings of your partner, and those around you in general.

You may meet a significant other, business or romantic partner, and feel like it was destiny. Your instincts are likely correct. Whether this person is a partner for life or a significant part of the journey for the time being, there is no doubt their influence on you will be life changing.

Conflicts in personal relationships will reveal patterns of sabotage or imbalance which have not yet been addressed but which can now be healed and resolved if you take the time to do so.

You may also have an opportunity to thrive and experience a personal rebirth brought on by the guidance or intervention of a partner or significant other. Any unresolved Karmic issues around balance and harmony will be dredged up for further exploration and release at this time.

You will have the chance to shift from a dominating personality to become more conscious of boundaries and the needs of others.

Transiting North Node on house 8

This is a time for significant personal rebirth and transformation however this will only occur as a result of loss which may feel traumatic in some ways.

You are likely to feel as if you have gone through an actual death as a part of your life, identity, or lifestyle is permanently ending. This may involve a loss of a loved one or the loss of support of people you counted on.

You may have to fend for yourself after having been dependent on others financially or emotionally.

You may also encounter some new resources or financial support to help cushion the transition. This is likely to arrive in the form of a shared asset, or an inheritance or through assets belonging to other people.

You may have to face fears and insecurities related to sexuality in order to fully grow to appreciate your sexual identity and experience fulfilling intimate relationships.

You may also finally come to terms with what it means to harness your power as an individual after going to the extremes of denying your power of using it to manipulate or control others.

Transiting North Node on house 9

You may pursue higher education or deeper involvement with a religious or spiritual order at this time.

You are drawn to uncover hidden mysteries and expand your mind and consciousness. This is a great time to extend your views and embrace traditions and cultural teachings that are new to you.

Through this process of exploration and expansion you will develop a new sense of yourself, your purpose and your mission.

Spirituality and philanthropy may become more important to you at this time.

You are also likely to see justice at work both in a mundane sense, but more importantly, in a Karmic sense. What has been denied or taken from you in the past will be repaid and you will feel confident in your abilities and in the good nature of the universe to provide all the experiences necessary for your growth and success.

Changes taking place now will have a grand scale impact in the long run. You may get to travel to distant places and meet a variety of new people who become influential in your life.

New mentors and gurus may emerge and have a life changing effect on you.

Transiting North Node on house 10

You have outgrown your work and your career is about to launch in a new direction. After laying the foundation you are finally close to achieving your dreams and fulfilling your purpose through your chosen path.

Your ambition is strong and is not just for yourself or to promote your ego, you are genuinely connecting with your higher purpose at this time.

Chance encounters with authority figures will prove fortunate for you at this time.

You also will have the opportunity to seek a position of greater authority and responsibility. There may be a Karmic undertone to the work you are doing. On some level it may be a ‘give back’ repaying a debt to society such as in a service or government role, or returning the energy from a transformative or healing experience as in becoming a counselor to help others heal from issues similar to those you have healed from.

As you evolve during this phase, you become more comfortable with managing authority and power and are likely to be fair and disciplined in your approach to working with others and managing your time, energy and resources.

Transiting North Node on house 11

Your social network expands and grows to include exciting and interesting people from around the world. The eclectic mix of viewpoints and life experiences both intrigues you and also leaves a lasting impression.

Your ideas and goals are shaped by those you encounter at this time.

Regardless of guidance or role modeling of others, you are set to carve a very unique niche for yourself and will not shrink to fit another person’s expectations or template.

You are sure of your direction and feel divinely inspired and guided by intuition.

You may make sudden and dramatic changes which help you align to fulfill your greater purpose. Everything you thought you needed may be peeled back from your life, layer by layer, revealing your core beliefs and power beneath all of the illusions.

You may have a wake up call or crisis experience which serves as a catalyst for these large scale changes.

Transiting North Node on house 12

Your understanding of spirituality and the interconnectedness of all things is now strengthened and deepened and will become the underlying theme as you go through significant transition.

Any areas where you have been sabotaging yourself or missing this message of unity and connectedness will be highlighted through life events which may feel restrictive, chaotic, confusing or scary.

It is important not to retreat into self delusion and wishful thinking at this time. Your awareness is expanding and you may grow more comfortable and confident with your intuition, but en route to this new found strength you are likely to have to confront the ways in which you have been fooling yourself, holding yourself back or hiding in your imagination.

This can be a powerful time of healing and clearing away obstacles and blocks to fulfilling your purpose. Healing of addictions is also indicated at this time as is the resolution of any Karma associated with addictive behavior or codependent relationships with others.


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