What does your dominant planet say about you?


Your dominant planet is often more important than your sign

Understanding your natal chart is not as complex as it seems. But if you really want to figure yourself out through astrology, you need to get to know much more than just your solar sign.

The dominant planet defines your personality more accurately than your sign and is calculated by taking into account every element of your astrological chart. The dominant planet is the most powerful component of your chart.

The astrology based on the signs was created as entertainment by the newspapers, but astrologically does not make sense. The only astrology that makes sense is the one personalized with the birth data of the subject. The signs and their compatibility are very weak parameters for the astrologer, who prefers to observe the subtle meetings of planets, houses and signs in a natal chart.

Each of the numerous elements of a natal chart helps to define a part of us, as if they were genetic codes. Since neither genetics nor astrology are exact sciences, and our spiritual part is beyond both, the definition of a person by means of an astrological algorithm has inherent limits. However, every astrologer can observe that certain configurations lead more easily to certain inner attitudes and consequently to certain walks of life.

If, at the popular level, priority was given to the dominant planet, which is calculated by weighing all the elements of a natal chart, it would be a great step toward more accurate astrology that relates to the person. The sign can be easily known without the need for a computer, but it is not very significant.

Since nowadays almost everyone knows or can know the time of birth, and we have computers in every home, we also have the opportunity to know our dominant planet without consulting with an astrologer. So instead of saying “I'm Libra,” (or any other sign) to be more precise, we might say that “my dominant planet is Neptune.”

The most important signs, planets, or houses are inferred by analyzing the wholeness of your astrological chart, considering every aspect, every position and every mutual influence.

The dominant planet is by far the most important element of the astrological chart of a person. It's more important than the sign and the Ascendant. The planets represent the main energies manifesting in your personality.

The planets drive our archetypal energies. For instance, Mercury is connected to communication, intellect, curiosity, teaching and siblings. Venus is connected to beauty, love, sensuality, arts, fashion, and balance. Mars is connected to self-assertion, sexuality, courage, competition, and fight.

If somebody has Mercury dominant, we can expect him/her to be restlessly using the mind to know and discover things and people. Novelties are much sought, as well as being witty and quick. This attitude then will be mostly applied to the sign and house where Mercury is.

For instance, if Mercury is in Sagittarius, the person will seek knowledge about travel, countries, philosophy and spirituality. And if it's in the second house, the areas of real estate and finance will be the main focus of the intellectual discovery.

The dominant planet portrays the person with unique traits and attitudes toward love, work, relationships or spirituality.

In astrology, the Sun and the Moon are also named “planets” even though they aren't. Are you Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto dominant?

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To discover your dominant planet, go to the Astro Reports section and click on the "Birth chart's answers" box. There are 3 boxes dedicated to your dominant planet with comprehensive interpretations.

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The Sun as the dominant planet: generosity, charisma, confidence

The Moon as the dominant planet: sensitivity, support, imagination

Mercury as the dominant planet: intuition, communication, restlessness and mutability

Venus as the dominant planet: love, harmony and arts

Mars as the dominant planet: action, passion and competition

Jupiter as the dominant planet: expansion, philosophy and generosity

Saturn as the dominant planet: discipline, responsibility, long term planning

Uranus as the dominant planet: freedom, originality and being unconventional

Neptune as the dominant planet: sensitivity, intuition, spirituality

Pluto as the dominant planet: power, sexuality, depth

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    • esdeveras

      How does your site go about calculating the planet dominance?

      • Ivo-12andus founder
        Ivo-12andus founder

        Hi, good question for a deep Scorpio! And thanks for reminding me that I forgot to add the link to "How does the dominant planet calculator work?" in the "see also" section. In that article I explain how is been calculated.

        • esdeveras

          Thank you!

          • mizzt2270

            im a neptunian

            • sound32

              I'm Pluto dominant according to 12andus. This explains a lot about me and brings finally to light parts of myself which were plutonically hidden!! Being Virgo with Virgo rising, I've been told I'm Mercury dominant, but that was confounding me.

              As a Virgo I also love details but the main drive is about digging, exposing what is hidden which is closer to Pluto than Mercury. I like to overturn situations and my own life as well. I often walk on the border of extreme decisions.

              • Veronica

                Did anyone else notice that their dominant planet changed? Before it said that I was an Uranus dominant, with such i completely identified, and now it says that I am a moon dominant, which I feel is absolutely wrong..

                • tunafish

                  I am dominant Venus, but Saturn is second and almost as strong as Venus and I have Venus trine to Saturn. I identify more with Venus than with Saturn. What's the meaning of having Venus and Saturn both strong?

                  • Ivo-12andus founder
                    Ivo-12andus founder

                    @Veronica @Otherdude @tunafish

                    When we introduced the charts drawings, we decreased the orbs in the aspect calculations, which were very generous. Since some of the aspects with wider orbs in your chart might not have been present anymore, this might have affected the calculation of your dominant.

                    From the blog "Natal charts, forecast charts, composite and synastry charts" at

                    "Orb" is the distance from the exact aspect. As an example, if Jupiter is at 125 degrees from the Sun, we say that the orb is 5 degrees from an exact trine (120 degrees) aspect.

                    Astrologers use different values for the orbs. At 12andus we embraced much larger orbs in our calculations. We think that the effects of an aspect can be felt in a subliminal way even when the aspect is relatively far from the exact one.

                    Still, we use orbs a bit wider than average, but less than before. The effect is that you won't see any more some of the weaker aspects with wider orbs. Such aspects impacted your natal chart and 12andus' calculations for the dominant planet in a minimal way. Nonetheless, noticing aspects with wider orbs confused some users, so we decided to avoid this source of confusion.

                    For a very few charts and in special circumstances, such as when two or more planets have an almost identical strength, the tighter orbs might affect the dominant planet calculations, and you might see what was the second planet reaching the first position."

                    The dominant planet calculation is not an objective procedure. It takes into consideration tens of elements to synthetize one planet. The dominant planets should be considered as one of the elements of a chart, even though an important one. The wholeness of a person is more complex than any of the single charts elements.

                    It might be that in your case the calculator didn't give the right importance to some elements of your chart, even though I won't go as far as saying that is wrong as hell (and there's nothing wrong in hell itself as a Plutonian knows lol).

                    However I need to notice that also Uranus can have compulsive traits, as well as investigative and analytical skills, especially for anything falling outside the norms and provocative. I have been an unconventional, controversial book publisher for much of my life, publishing non-mainstream subjects "thanks" to Uranus conjunct Mars in my 3rd house (plus a Mercury dominant in the 12th house).

                    Addictions aren't Pluto exclusivity either. A dominant house 12, as you have, feels at home with addictions, and also stimulates the search into hidden, mysterious and out-of-reach subjects. Furthermore, your Sun conjunct Neptune might also be compatible with what you told about yourself.

                    At 12andus we use analytical and synthetical modalities. Analysis is when we break down the chart into its elements, as in the planets in the signs or the aspects. Synthesis is when we combine and integrate a number of elements to infer some traits. We use synthesis when we calculate the dominants or the list of qualities.

                    Both approaches have their own value and limitations. We want to continuously fine-tune and improve our algorithms, we don't exclude to make further changes based on people's feedback, this is something we might look into the future, so thanks for pointing to this.

                    In your case we might say that Venus is dominant and Saturn is co-dominant. Beyond showing your Venusian qualities according to Venus' sign and house, Saturn structures your Venusian qualities about love, seduction and beauty with a mature, non-frivolous and down-to-earth attitude. You might have a traditional attitude about relationships and seduction. But as usual, the whole context of the chart have to be considered.

                    • Ag Sz
                      Ag Sz

                      Lol, I have Mars as my most important planet. Actually I would love it if not the fact that it's in Taurus so kind of debilitated (although it's in 8 and have some aspects I love like opposite pLuto, sextile Venus or square Sun <3). And everytime I count my dominant planets I have Venus or Moon or some other feminine planet, and this awful Saturn, as dominant so I don't think this one is right. But I am glad for this one second it appeared on any site at all because It's always somewhere in the end of the list otherwise.

                      • StellaLuna007

                        Usually, in other places I am a Pluto 1 dominant then, 2 Saturn dom.

                        Here I’m Uranus1 (777) (which surprised me) then mars2 THEN Pluto 3 (711) (fun numbers)

                        After reading all of them, they are all generally LOL relatable.

                        I do like to be inconspicuous most of the time, & I am definitely not fond of being controlled.

                        Pluto is in my H1 Scorpio ascending with lilith :)
                        Mars & saturn are Capricorn H3. My Uranus is all alone in sag h2.
                        I find the score 777 Uranus in H2 to be funny because Uranus causes the element of surprise and unpredictability in h2 but with the score 777 I’m feeling more hopeful.

                        The traits of Mars, Uranus and Saturn seem Plutonian when combined. I think I will still consider myself Plutonian over all.

                        Thank you for an informative and thought provoking site to scope out. ;)