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    Shiv K. Jha
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    Sir, if I have to choose between Computer Science or IT (both are quite similar) or Bachelors in Management Studies for my UG course which one would be a better option???

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      Ivo-12andus founder
      Ivo-12andus founder

      hello, you have strong Mars/Aries and Scorpio values, thus giving you a high degree of energy and competition.

      Where this energy expresses itself is mostly in the house 1 of the personality (where Mars is) and the second house of the finance, real estate and money, where Pluto is.

      IT is well supported by your Moon in Virgo and also by the depth of Scorpio, your most important sign. I can see both careers suited for your natal chart. You might even apply IT to the business and management area.

      We talked about your main skills connected to the main planets and signs. However, since your Moon in Virgo is located in the 10th house, the house of the professional career and of the visibility in the world, beyong the precision of IT supported by Virgo, also a profession tyical of the Moon qualities about caring or in the areas related to feelings or food seem appropriate. The Moon in the 10th house might also bring changes of career during your life, thus exploring different life paths. The Moon is quite adaptable and changeable.