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    Hello. My partner was born at 06 Dec 1995 at 19:35 in Zrenjanin Serbia . I would like to know more about our
    compatibility, and whether our relationship has good predispositions ?

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      Ivo-12andus founder
      Ivo-12andus founder

      Hello. Both the 2 most important aspects in your synastry chart (a chart which emphasizes the connections between 2 charts) involve Pluto. Your Pluto is exactly trine to his Ascendant and your Ascendant is conjunct to his Pluto.

      When Pluto is highly involved, the relationship takes an intense turn along with qualities of possessivity and attachments. As well, goes deeply into each others' psyche revealing hidden traits to each other.

      Being you Scorpio with a strong Pluto, this affects probably more you than your partner. However, since your Pluto is located in his 5th house, the hosue of sexuality, your Plutonic qualities affects also him quite deeply in this area.

      On the other side, his Moon is in your 7th house. His Moon brings soft relationship feelings in you. You feel at home with him and you feel a long term relationship might be established. His Sun, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter all stay in your first house, the house of the personality. His planets in your first house can enliven your personality (as well as provoke quarrels through Mars), complementing the opposite 7th house which is the house of the "other".

      By considering each other's Venus' positions in the house, looks that he has a positive role in your sense of value and you have apositite role in his mental and intellectual world.