Saturn and Ceres aspects in the Birth Chart: How do you show your tough love style of nurturing?

Saturn-Ceres-Harm.jpg Saturn conjunct Ceres in the birth chart

Your nurture others by being dependable and working hard to support those you love.

Your nurturing style is more aloof than emotional. You’d rather work behind the scenes to provide a stable foundation for those you care about than make dramatic gestures of affection.

In fact, you may prefer minimal physical affection in relationships. But you’ll make your concern for others evident. You’ll work diligently to make sure others have their basic needs met. It’s not in your style to be opulent even when you love someone.

You prefer tough love to coddling but others know that even in your preference for order and discipline you ultimately act out of compassion for those you love.

You seek order and discipline. Structure and tradition make you feel secure and nurtured. You look to the past to feel fulfilled.

Saturn sextile Ceres in the birth chart

It’s easy for you to create stability and order for those you love.

This is your way of showing your affection and compassion. Rather than being emotionally attuned and connected, you would prefer to work hard to show others you love them.

You view your success and financial stability as tied to your ability to care for others. You make your love known by creating structure, order and discipline. You’re serious about the people you care about and won’t make light of your role as nurturer.

Saturn square Ceres in the birth chart

Your nurturing style is often restricted by your preference to be detached.

You show your love by offering discipline, order and structure moreso than affection. You can be caring and compassionate though you tend to suppress your emotional nature and reveal your love for others through your willingness to sacrifice for them.

This humble self-sacrifice can make you feel like you are doing your duty to your loved ones. It can also create resentment over time if you’re not careful.

When you seek nurturing for yourself you may need to focus on practical matters, business and money. Things that make you feel stable also help you to feel loved and secure.

Saturn trine Ceres in the birth chart

Your nurturing style involves structure, organization and discipline.

You have an orderly and practical approach to showing love for others. Though you are known for being a ‘tough love’ kind of nurturer, your intention is clear to those you care about.

Even as a minimalist, your efforts to care for others have a strong impact. You help create stability for those you care about. You look to the examples of the past and your heritage to help you care for your loved ones.

Saturn opposite Ceres in the birth chart

Your nurturing style is often misunderstood. Though you care about your loved ones, your nature is aloof.

You may stand back as others struggle, offering only basic guidance and allowing others to find their own way. You don’t smother your loved ones with affection. Though your intentions are good, others may see you as detached.

You may also struggle to be emotionally available because you aren’t in tune with your deeper feelings. Work through your fears and not let other’s emotions overwhelm you.

You’ll be able to show your nurturing energy when you’re feeling personally secure.. You prefer to show your compassion in practical ways. You may look to money or materialism to convey your affection for others.

Your intentions may be good but your sense of timing may be off. Your best efforts may still be misinterpreted by those close to you.

Saturn quincunx Ceres in the birth chart

Your nurturing style makes you uncomfortable.

You try to suppress your love for others just as you try to suppress all of your emotions. Yet you can’t help being a compassionate and loving person.

You show your love for others through practical measures. By taking care of the basic needs of others you can find a way to balance your needs for stability and your love of others.

You try to create financial stability for others as a means of showing love, though you may go too far or struggle to find the right balance. It takes some effort to become more comfortable with affection and love with others.

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