Which kind of astrology do you use?

We respect every traditional astrological system but we choose to base our astrological calculations on Western astrology. The calculations are powered by Swiss Ephemeris.

How does 12andus calculate the reports?

12andus' astrological reports are calculated by accurately weighting hundreds of astrological elements for each individual person. We consider every planet's positions and aspects, houses and the subtle relationships between them. We weight all of these elements, and with a proprietary method, we infer the qualities and traits of a person, the relationship qualities or forecast the future qualities and attitudes

It seems you give more importance to inner qualities and states rather than the facts of life.

Astrology is more about inner states than actual events. Unfortunately, popular astrology altered this by focusing on events, which are actually the effects of the inner states. If your inner states, for instance, are about being mellow and romantic, then there are more chances for you to find a lover. Thus, we concentrate on your inner states, which are the root of your external life events.

If I don't know my birth time, are the astrological reports still accurate?

We work hard to give you the best possible report even in the case of an unknown birth time, but be aware that in such a case some astrological elements will be missing, specifically the 12 houses and the accuracy of the moon position. Those are important elements of a personalized horoscope, so the reports will be less accurate.

Then how about typical horoscopes based solely on the sign?

There's absolutely no astrological value in that. The “sign” is only the position (not even precise to the degree) of the Sun, which is one among the many elements of a horoscope. Astrology works only when it is personalized with the person's birth data.

How many people's birth data can I input on 12andus? I have many friends, family and ex partners I wish to know about.

As a free member, there's a limit of 50 people. As a Premium member, there's no limit.

Is the birth data I input kept private to me?

Yes it is. However, your own birth data, the one you set in your profile, will be shared, but only with 12andus' members you choose to befriend.

How are personalized astrological reports different from the generic signs astrology?

The “sign” is the position of the Sun in the zodiac at birth. While the Sun is an important element, an astrological reading considers the planets, the nodes, the 12 houses and the complex interactions between them. Furthermore, personalized astrology evaluates the exact position of the Sun at birth, while generic signs don't. A Sun placed at the beginning of a sign may experience very different aspects with other planets then a placement at the end of the same sign. In other words, generic signs astrology is inaccurate, incomplete and most of the time just off-target.

Why do I sometimes not see romantic and sexual compatibilities when I ask for a compatibility report?

We show romantic and sexual values if a person matches your preferences for gender and age. Also, if the person is a minor we apply some restrictive rules.