12andus had the invaluable support of Marcus Povey for the software development and the setting up of the web server. Among others, Marcus connected Ivo's astrological functions to the social and user interface parts, wrote Elgg's parts, and developed the payment system.

Thanks to Allen Edwall for the charts drawing functions and suggestions about various astrological software issues.


Thanks to Angela Kaufman for her creative astrological interpretations and her writing style suggestions.


12andus logo and the landing page upper image have been designed by Moreno Confalone.

Many of the astro reports icons have been designed by Dmytro Veselov.

Images credits

Many of the human qualities pictures come from, a site offering free high-quality pictures.


"adulatory": Pinocchio, il Gatto e la Volpe, ceramica Zaccagnini



"artistic": Monet painting Water lillies



"communicative": Rosetta stone





















"rational": Descartes





"sensual": Venere painting, Botticelli



"spiritual": Nebula from NASA






























"greedy": Scenography for the movie 'Greed', 1926.





"courage and bravery":


"depth and sensuality": Khajuraho temples



"humour and intellect":

"nonconformity":,_Amsterdam_1969_-_John_Lennon_%26_Yoko_Ono_01.jpg Nationaal Archief, Den Haag, Rijksfotoarchief: Fotocollectie Algemeen Nederlands Fotopersbureau (ANEFO)





"longing love":

"passion": Canova - Amore e psiche. Louvre Museum, Paris





"aggressivity": Author Hein waschefort

"overrating appearance": Author Alex Pronove (alexcooper1)


"occasional affairs":

"shun commitments":

"avoiding feelings":