Moon and Venus aspects in the Birth Chart: How do you express tenderness in your love and social life?

2-4-love-social-life.jpg Moon conjunct Venus

You bring sensitivity and affection to your social contacts. You are often the one who brings peace and harmony to your social circle.

A listening and nurturing attitude makes you popular among the people you know.

You really hate to be rejected and you have a hard time dealing with such feelings. You might at times be tempted to resort to manipulating people emotionally to not feel rejected, adapting as they wish you to be and telling them what they want to hear.

You tend to create a cozy and elegant home environment, with sensual and luxurious touches.

If you don't keep your needs in check, your need for security can turn into a hedonistic attitude and preoccupation with material possessions.

Art and music are pillars in your life and you might be proficient in some type of art.

Moon sextile Venus

You have a compassionate, supportive, sensitive and natural kindness that makes you loved among your social circle.

You are attracted to beauty and luxury and you want to feel beautiful. You also bring beauty and harmony to the places around you, especially your home.

You mostly project a confident self-image, but you are quite sensitive to criticism.

You avoid conflicts through your class and your soft manners and are skilled in eluding confrontations.

Your imagination is rich and filled with romantic and erotic narratives.

You love art and it might become a form to express your creativity also in a professional setting.

You relate well with children, easily understanding their feelings and needs.

Moon square Venus

As much as you desire love, you have a difficult time accepting affection and nurturing from others.

In other words, you don't expect to receive support and love. The roots of this attitude have to do with the relationship with your mother.

You are very sensitive to judgments and rejections and would do anything to avoid a direct confrontation that triggers those feelings. Also, you don't open up easily to show your feelings to others, fearing rejection.

Looking for approval can transform into needy behavior and you might cede easily to others to feel loved, or you might use your charm and understanding of people's emotions to manipulate them.

Also, you might use your seductiveness and sensuality to satisfy your needs for emotional closeness and acceptance, but if you have sex without emotional engagement, often you regret it.

Reverting to overeating or overspending to compensate for emotional issues is another way to feel a sort of inner security.

The suggestion here is to expand your awareness about your issues and your beliefs that you aren't loved. Begin with self-love by respecting yourself and not giving your power to others for the sake of being accepted.

You need to be loved as you are, not bending to others' needs. This starts by accepting yourself as you are, including your human vulnerabilities.

Then your natural compassionate, supportive, sensitive and kind nature will manifest in its best.

Moon trine Venus

You are romantic and sentimental. Your values in love and relationships may be more traditional and aesthetic. You love art and it might become a form to express your creativity also in a professional setting.

You relate well with children, easily understanding their feelings and needs.

You easily attract romantic partners who recognize your beauty, kindness and sentimental nature.

Your compassion and emotions are easily expressed by nurturing those close to you.

Moon opposite Venus

You crave emotional security and connection with others yet your high level of sensitivity and desire for admiration can undermine your relationships.

You may resort to manipulative tactics to test others’ admiration for you. You may also become anxious about your love life and self worth in relationships.

You can be intuitive yet when it comes to love you may selectively follow your instincts only when they reinforce what you want.

You may feel torn between caring for your own emotional needs and tending to the needs of others in relationships.

Moon quincunx Venus

You fear abandonment and avoid confrontation.

You may use emotional games to keep others at a distance but then feel alone, depressed and victimized.

Once you have learned the important lessons about your attraction energy and intuition, you can experience greater harmony in your relationships. You will also have to contend with deep seated insecurities and fears that you don’t deserve love or are not worthy of healthy relationships.

Until this lesson is learned however, you may end up attracting the same types of relationship dynamics.

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