Transiting Venus on natal Pallas

    By 12andus

    Venus-Pallas-Conj.jpg Transiting Venus conjunct natal Pallas

    During this time you can place more value on your convictions and your mission.

    This can include bringing greater creativity to your strategies in order to share your vision with others. It can also mean that you are now more inclined to invest financially in your campaign or mission.

    You can see the value of your vision and in order to bring your ambition to reality, you know you’re going to need the support of friends and loved ones as well as financial backing.

    During this time you can easily attract supporters who help fuel your campaign and feed into your mission. By appealing to the desire others have for comfort, security and connection, you can influence those around you by painting a picture of what the world would look like if your vision succeeds.

    Transiting Venus sextile natal Pallas

    You now can easily find ways to promote your mission and bring your vision into reality.

    You can be optimistic and charming now and this helps others buy in to your goals and help embrace your strategies. You may have an easier time attracting resources, abundance and supporters who help you to succeed in your mission now.

    You can easily show the beauty of your strategies and plans and appealing to others’ desire for comfort and harmony is better for your strategies now.

    You may have a more diplomatic approach now and you can get farther by relying on supportive allies during this time.

    Transiting Venus square natal Pallas

    You may be emotionally connected to your mission and understand the value of your vision and strategies.

    Yet during this time, your desire for comfort, luxuries or to be loved and accepted by others can lead you to backtrack or get stuck. You may feel like your desires and goals for your mission or campaign is clashing with your personal desire to be admired and comfortable now.

    You may need to step back and examine how your desire for security is colliding with your sense of mission and the important goals you want to fight for. It may take more effort but this is a great time to align your creativity and desire for success with your personal comfort.

    Transiting Venus trine natal Pallas

    Your ability to create beauty, harmony and comfort for others easily promotes your vision and creates allies who help your campaign now.

    You may be driven to succeed because of your connection to others and your compassion and concern for those around you helps you attract allies and people who support your mission.

    You can easily express your vision and desired strategies and your ideas are easily embraced by those around you. You may also easily find financial support for your dreams and feel enthusiastic about your fight for success.

    Transiting Venus opposite natal Pallas

    You may have a strong desire to pursue your vision and follow your instincts.

    Yet you are also likely to have a strong desire to remain comfortable. Even if doing so undermines your passion and mission. You may not be sure how much you are willing to sacrifice personally in order to achieve your goals.

    You also want to share your mission and gain support, but may be afraid to rock the boat and therefore not be as convincing because you’re trying to please everyone and promote your campaign or ambitions at the same time.

    You can easily get distracted by your romantic interests or desire for financial gains or comfort. You may have to step back and try to align your desire for comfort with your desire to promote your vision and strategies now without giving as much consideration to making everyone happy all of the time.

    Transiting Venus quincunx natal Pallas

    You don’t easily express your diplomatic strategies now.

    It takes some effort for you to align your skills for diplomacy, compassion and harmony with your vision for success. You may want to fight for a cause you believe in passionately but also hold back because you don’t feel comfortable asserting yourself without upsetting others.

    You have a great deal of creative and artistic energy but during this time you may have difficulty expressing your ideals and plans with as much power as you would like to.

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