Transiting Chiron on natal Juno

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    Lilith-Juno-Conj.jpg Transiting Chiron conjunct natal Juno

    During this time you may find that you are attracted to a partner or significant other who is instrumental in helping you to overcome a healing crisis.

    You may also be drawn to a partner who dredges up past pains that you haven’t resolved. You may be as drawn to the pain and patterns of feeling neglected and insufficient as you are to the particular partner.

    Yet through this relationship, your partner holds a mirror up to you that can allow you to delve deeper into your own healing and break cycles from the past. You may also play an instrumental role in helping your partner or spouse deal with a wound or trauma that you have experienced but haven’t completely healed yet.

    You may have a role in helping your partner overcome an ongoing wound because of your own intuitive understanding and unique vision regarding this issue.

    Transiting Chiron sextile natal Juno

    During this time you may easily work through your past wounds and issues so that you can find a stronger connection with your partner or spouse.

    You may feel called to help your partner or spouse work through an emotional wound or trauma. Healing wounds that have impacted your partnership such as infidelity or betrayal or working together to create deeper trust and connection with each other is easier now as well.

    You may have the chance to finally resolve an old wound as well with the help of your partner or spouse. Your relationship may be instrumental to a deeper healing and understanding process now as well.

    Your intuition and unique wisdom now help you come to a deeper understanding of your partner as well.

    Transiting Chiron square natal Juno

    During this time you may feel strain in your partnership or marriage.

    An unresolved trauma or wound may lead you to experience greater difficulties in your partnership now as well. You may question your partner’s commitment or may feel like are not the priority you want to be in your relationship.

    If you are conscious of your need for healing as a prerequisite for strengthening the bond with your partner, you will be better able to resolve your wounds and work to form a stronger connection with your partner.

    Transiting Chiron trine natal Juno

    During this time you may easily work through your past wounds and traumas so that your relationship or partnership thrives.

    You may be extremely attractive to your partner and may also begin attracting people who need emotional healing or who have wounds similar to your own.

    During this time you may also make a strong commitment to a partner and in doing so, make it clear that you are willing to work with your partner to resolve wounds and emotional traumas.

    This is a positive time for healing in light of or perhaps because of the influence of your partner. You may understand your partner’s needs in some unique way because of your own past traumas and difficulties now as well.

    Transiting Chiron opposite natal Juno

    During this time you may feel stuck between feeding into jealousy or insecurities because of your past traumas and unresolved wounds and the desire to nurture your partner.

    If you take the time and energy to fully deal with your past wounds, you can strengthen your partnership, though you may be reluctant to do so now. This is because the time it takes for you to focus on yourself and your wounds can be misconstrued by your partner who may become jealous or insecure.

    However if you don’t deal with your old wounds, your relationship will suffer anyway because your own jealousy and feelings of being unworthy are triggered.

    Strive to create balance between your need for healing and your need for a solid foundation with the devotion and commitment of your partner.

    Transiting Chiron quincunx natal Juno

    During this time you may feel an awkward sense of insufficiency which gets in the way of your commitment or partnership.

    You may feel compelled to go to extremes trying to be healing and supportive of your partner. However it may come across as awkward or possessive.

    If you take the time to work through your wounds and traumas from the past now, you will be able to create a stronger connection to your partner.

    You may also become a positive influence on your partner now and perhaps even become a mentor or healer to your partner as you work through issues your partner is coming to experience themselves.

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