Eros in Aries, Eros in Taurus, Eros in Gemini, Eros in Cancer

eros.jpg Eros in Aries

Your desires are triggered by courage. You can be turned on by the chase in a relationship. You may also find facial features to be alluring and seductive.

You may become possessive in romance and love the idea of exploring power and domination in the bedroom.

You may be a passionate lover and find displays of obsession and passion to be highly seductive.

You may be fascinated by an addiction to the chase but then become bored with the actual maintenance phase of the relationship. You can become spontaneously attracted to another without giving it any conscious thought.

Your seductive impulses can even lead you to be careless in relationships. You may be powerfully tempted to pursue your desires even if you already have feelings for another. You can easily keep emotions out of a sexual relationship and rely on instincts and attraction alone.

Eros in Taurus

You are turned on by physical senses and may feel addicted to touch and sensuality.

You’re particularly aroused when someone touches your neck and shoulders. Beauty and creativity appeal to you. You may feel aroused when someone creates an erotic and sensual scene for you.

In fact, your desire for an individual may be secondary to your desire for erotic and sensual surroundings. Satin sheets, wine, chocolate, romantic music and soft lighting will enhance your attraction to your loved one.

You can also be turned on by opulence and financial security. You may become a fanatic about finances and career success. You may be attracted to a partner who can spoil you and who is high class and financially secure. Food can also be a turn on for you and you aren’t opposed to being seduced with a gourmet meal or sweets.

Eros in Gemini

You may become obsessed with communication and visual fantasies.

Yet the actual relationship with a real flesh and blood person is less exciting. Your ability to envision and idealize a partner is very much an important part of your sexual attraction.

Even when you’re satisfied in a personal relationship, you’ll become obsessed with the idea of maintaining connection and conversation that excites you sexually. You will look to images or superficial connections online to satisfy your sexual desires.

This can include watching or looking at pornography and activating your imagination. You may also love it when a partner talks about sex and describes their sexual fantasies. You may be less turned on by the actual sex act than by the discussion of sex.

You may be attracted to settings where you can have a fantasy sexual relationship such as online dating or online role playing communities.

Eros in Cancer

You have an erotic obsession with being nurtured and emotional connection.

You may feel more sexually attracted to things that make you feel secure. You may also be obsessed with your partners chest, breasts or stomach. You may be attracted to the idea of motherhood.

Sexual encounters may be more thrilling if you anticipate the potential for creating a family. Pregnancy or the expectation of pregnancy can be part of the thrill.

You may also be attracted to erotic use of food, such as using sexual enhancement lotions that are edible. You don’t have a strong kinky side as you would rather feel secure and comfortable in your sex life rather than being adventurous.

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