Eros in Leo, Eros in Virgo, Eros in Libra, Eros in Scorpio

eros.jpg Eros in Leo

You may have an obsession with power and drama.

You may be erotically drawn to people who are flamboyant and colorful. Role playing and theatric experimentation in the bedroom appeals to you. You can become jealous easily and need to be adored and admired by your partner.

Basking in luxury and being treated like a Queen of King is a major turn on for you. You want to be the center of attention and are attracted to power and status.

Knowing your partner is a celebrity or popular person, or dressing like a celebrity may be part of the sexual attraction. You want to feel like you are among royalty when you’re intimate with your partner.

You can be dramatic about your passions and may be attracted to the idea of being admired more than you are to your actual partner as a person.

Eros in Virgo

You are passionate about details.

You may be fixated on some specific details of your partner’s personality or body. You may have specific routines related to your sexual expression and you seldom deviate from these routines.

You can be very health conscious and even germophobic and this can also keep you from fully expressing your sexuality in a dramatic way. You’re careful about the sexual partners you choose.

You may insist on any partner getting cleared medically for STI’s. You may also try to keep your sexuality pure and a bit vanilla.

You don’t want to bring any physical risk to you or your partner. You may also insist on good hygiene and cleanliness before, during, and after sexual encounters.

Ironically, sexual encounters can help you feel renewed and purified and you may be drawn to sexual experiences for this sense of release.

Eros in Libra

You have a desire for balance and harmony in your sex life.

If your personality is very masculine, regardless of gender, you look to your partner to have a more feminine energy. If you are more passive, you want to be with a partner who is more intense or dominating sexually.

You are sexually attracted to people who seem like your personal opposite.

When it comes to sexual arousal, you can become obsessed with balance. You want to make sure there is an equal give and take in sexual encounters. You are sensitive to your environment and turned on by somewhat superficial beauty and appearance.

Even if you care about a person, your romantic love will not create a strong sexual attraction unless the person fits your ideal of beauty. You don’t like drama. Even in your most passionate moments, you want to enjoy pleasure in all its forms with no tension or negativity.

Eros in Scorpio

You have a deep desire for intimacy.

Your obsessive nature can be channeled into sexual conquests. You’re obsessed with power, status and domination. You prefer sexual positions that make you feel in control of your partner.

You may also have a healthy sexual appetite that you’ll look to fulfill even if you stray away from your actual romantic partner.

You need to feel secure and in control so even in sexual encounters, you’ll steer clear of any signs of vulnerability. You will become obsessed with the power aspect of sexuality.

You may become fixated with experimentation that involves restraint, control and power over a partner. Pushing the very boundaries of the relationship is arousing to you. This can lead you to experiment with BDSM or other taboo forms of sexuality.

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