Transiting Eros on natal Midheaven


Eros-MC-Conj.jpg Transiting Eros conjunct natal Midheaven

During this time you may find it easier than usual to express your desires and passions.

Your infatuation or obsession with pleasure drives your success or notoriety in your career or influences your public standing in some way. Your desires can be amplified in a very public way now as you may draw on your sexual and creative nature to fuel your sense of mission in your career.

You may be attracted to a career that promotes sexual expression or sexual liberation or which you feel passionate about. You can become infatuated with your ambitions and public success.

On a more intimate level, the idea of being seen, visible or admired by an adoring public can be part of a sexual fetish or fantasy now.

Transiting Eros sextile natal Midheaven

During this time you may find it easier to express your sexual nature and follow your passions as they relate to career goals as well now.

You may feel it is important to draw on your passion and desire for pleasure to fuel your career path or succeed in your ambitions. You may fantasize about having career success and public status now as well.

A fantasy or fetish regarding intimate encounters in public places or in your place of work or combining your sexual fantasies with some aspect of your career or industry can become arousing.

You may, for example, become infatuated with a boss or coworker or fantasize about sexual adventures in your place of work or places related to your career path.

Transiting Eros square natal Midheaven

During this time you may find it challenging to express your desires and fantasies because it conflicts with your status or public image.

You may feel you have to stifle an infatuation with a colleague for example, or feel that exploring your sexual fantasies would somehow threaten your reputation or public standing. You don’t have to completely disregard your fantasies and desires now, however.

Instead, this can be an important time to work through your erotic desires and find a way to channel your passions or sexual energy as you also fuel your passions to succeed in your career.

Transiting Eros trine natal Midheaven

This can be an intense time for you as your passions and infatuation with success drive you to explore your sexuality in new ways.

You may have an infatuation with someone instrumental to your career or public status. Your reputation or public image can be enhanced by open displays of sexuality and sexual energy now as well.

Even if your desires and fantasies contain some taboo, rather than being rejected or shamed your sexual expression is met with a favorable response and helps you advance.

You may become recognized or admired for being free and open about your sexual desires or interests now as well.

Transiting Eros opposite natal Midheaven

During this time you may find it challenging to express your sexual passions.

You may feel that you need to choose between your sexual nature and your career or reputation. Yet you don’t actually have to choose one over the other. Your career or status may seem to be contrary to your exploration of pleasure, especially fantasies that are taboo or edgy.

When you step back to find the balance between what you desire and what you need to do in order to advance your career, you will be able to draw on elements of your passions or sexual nature in order to fuel your career path.

You can actually gain greater recognition and notoriety from drawing on a passion or creativity that also fuels your sexual nature now.

Transiting Eros quincunx natal Midheaven

During this time you may find it challenging to express your sexual desires as you struggle to prioritize both career and pleasure.

You may have an infatuation with someone in your career path who presents a conflict of interest between what you want for yourself and the recognition or growth you seek in your career.

During this time you may need to step back and reconsider what you believe about passion, sexuality and pleasure so that you can pursue your ambitions and career success without stifling your sexual nature but also without losing yourself in your fantasies or desires.

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