Examples of Custom Reports for Birth Chart Questions

Birth Chart "Ask the Astrologer" Example 1

In my previous relationships, the underlying issue of abandonment fears, which I've struggled with for a long time, manifested in behaviors of suspicion and control and sabotaged my relationship. What are the origins of this fear, and how can I transcend this mindset?

Your inquiry into the origins of your abandonment fears and the path toward transcending these feelings through astrology offers a unique pathway to deeper self-awareness. Your birth chart, a celestial snapshot of the sky at your moment of birth, can certainly shed light on these intimate struggles.

With your Sun in Cancer in the 12th house, your core sense of self is wrapped up in the nurturing, protective energies of Cancer, and yet it's placed in a house associated with the unconscious, hospitals, monasteries, ashrams and isolation. The 12th house is also linked to hidden enemies, which in your case could manifest as inner fears and insecurities that undermine your sense of security and well-being. Your need for emotional safety is paramount, but it may often feel as though it's underserved or unrecognized, leading to a subconscious fear of being abandoned or not cared for adequately.

Your Moon, the symbol of your emotional responses and needs, sits in the objectively-minded sign of Aquarius in the 6th house, which rules daily routines, health, and service. The Moon in Aquarius seeks freedom and independence in emotional expression, yet its placement in the 6th house suggests a necessity to find emotional stability in the practical and habitual aspects of life. However, the Moon here is conjunct Uranus, the planet of sudden changes, rebellion, and awakening, which can indicate sudden shifts in your job, daily life, or health that disturb your emotional equilibrium.

The Moon's opposition to your Ascendant in Leo suggests that you naturally desire recognition, affection, and a central role in relationships. The Aquarius-Leo axis highlights a tension between the need for personal expression and the importance of balancing it with the needs and independence of others. These aspects can exacerbate your fears of abandonment, as you might feel a constant pull between standing out and being part of a group or relationship.

The square between your Venus in Cancer in the 12th house and your Midheaven in Aries reveals a friction between your intimate needs for love and security and the assertive, ambitious qualities required for your career and public image. Perhaps past relationships have left with a sense that being vulnerable or dependent could jeopardize your autonomy and lead to a loss of control.

Jupiter in Sagittarius in the 5th house blessing your Ascendant in Leo speaks to your generous nature, joyfulness, and the pleasure you find in creativity and romance. This placement indicates a potential for healing through self-expression, and seeking outlets for your natural optimism and enthusiasm can be deeply beneficial for your sense of self-worth and resilience against fears of abandonment.

Pluto in the powerful 5th house of creativity, romance, and pleasure trines your Ascendant in Leo, further adding to the intensity of your emotional experiences with the potential for transformation. This trine suggests that despite the profound fears and the push-pull felt within you, each relationship or creative endeavor has the potential to be a profound journey towards personal empowerment.

Your Mars conjunct Chiron in Virgo in the 3rd house of communication can symbolize a sense of inadequacy or woundedness linked to asserting yourself verbally or intellectually, which may lead to overcompensation through control or criticism. This aspect could also be a source of healing dialogue, where addressing your vulnerability can foster growth.

Saturn in Pisces in the 9th house opposes your Mars-Chiron conjunction, enforcing the seriousness with which you treat your beliefs, philosophy of life, and higher learning. Here, Saturn plays the role of the stern teacher, asking you to face your fears and consider their purpose in the larger frame of your life's journey. This opposition can be a source of strength when you commit to inner work, scholarly pursuits, or travel that expands your perspective beyond immediate fears.

To transcend your mindset, focus on integrating the themes presented by your chart into a conscious journey of healing. Embrace the nurturing qualities of your Cancerian placements by caring for yourself as you would a loved one. Acknowledge the impulses of your Leo Ascendant by expressing yourself creatively and confidently, allowing your generous spirit to shine. Utilize the objective Moon in Aquarius to emotionally detach from situations where you might otherwise feel engulfed and to view patterns from a more impersonal viewpoint. Leverage the transformational power of Pluto in your 5th house to reshape your relationship with emotional intensity and harness it for positive change.

Incorporate the healing potential represented by Mars conjunct Chiron in Virgo through therapeutic conversations, and aim for assertiveness that is constructive rather than controlling. Finally, Saturn in your 9th house encourages you to diligently explore philosophical and spiritual frameworks that can offer you solace and understanding regarding your place in the world.

When the fear of abandonment surfaces, pause and remind yourself of the strength and resilience found within your chart. Seek enlightenment through your Jupiter in Sagittarius' optimistic outlook, and remember that each ending can be a new beginning. You possess the cosmic tools to address deep-seated fears and turn them into empowering lessons. Remember, the stars incline, but do not bind. Your journey is your own to traverse, and the heavens offer light for your path.

Birth Chart "Ask the Astrologer" Example 2

"What strengths and challenges might I face in love?"

Anna, your Sun sign is in Libra, a sign known for its innate desire for partnership and harmony. Placed in the transformative 8th house, this indicates that relationships for you are not a shallow affair but a profound journey towards intimacy and shared resources. Your Sun’s energy here suggests that you yearn for deep connections in which equitable exchange, and mutual understanding are paramount.

Moving to your Moon in Sagittarius in the 11th house, the image of a bright adventurer seeking kindred spirits unfolds. The Moon symbolizes your emotional nature and in the free-spirited sign of Sagittarius, you have a passion for exploring new horizons within relationships. Positioned in the communal 11th house, there's a strong indication that friendships and shared visions can be the gateway to love, hinting at the potential for romance to spark in the midst of collective activities or social networks.

Mercury, governing communication, rests in intense Scorpio within the 9th house of philosophy and higher learning. This placement suggests that when it comes to love, you’re likely drawn to partners who can engage in deep, meaningful conversations and who pique your intellectual curiosity. The strength here is the ability to communicate on a soul level, fostering psychological insights and growth in partnerships.

Venus in Virgo in the pragmatic 7th house, the domain of partnerships, suggests a careful, discerning approach to love. You may have high standards for potential mates, seeking someone who reflects your values of service and quality. While this yields the strength of being deliberate and thoughtful in love, it may become a challenge if it crosses into criticism or overly heightened expectations.

Mars, also in Sagittarius and sharing space with your Moon in the 11th house, imparts a galloping fervor to pursue romantic interests who share your ideals and zest for life. It endows you with an optimistic approach to love and the courage to take risks. Yet, such enthusiasm must be tempered so as not to overwhelm or rush into relationships before laying down a solid emotional foundation.

Your Lilith in Sagittarius in the 10th house, makes you alluring to others through your boldness and independence. However, it may also represent challenges in love, particularly if you find that relationship norms or expectations clash with your need for personal freedom.

The asteroid Juno in Sagittarius in the 10th house complements this narrative, underscoring a commitment to a partner who respects your need for adventure and growth. It’s as if Juno, the asteroid of marriage and soul contracts, dances harmoniously with Lilith, each agreeing that fidelity should not fetter the spirit's quest for meaning.

Ceres in Virgo in the 7th house suggests that nurturing and caring come naturally to you in a relationship, offering a grounded support system to a significant other. Yet, the square aspect Venus creates with Pluto in the 10th house implies tension between your personal definitions of value and the transformations demanded by profound connections. This aspect highlights the potential for power dynamics and deeply transformative experiences in relationships, where love asks you to shed old skins and embrace a rebirth of sorts.

Uranus conjunct the Ascendant in Aquarius opposes your Descendant in Leo, indicating an electric personal presence that disrupts the status quo, especially in relationships. You attract and are attracted to distinct individuals or unconventional relationships. The trine your Venus in Virgo makes with Jupiter in Taurus in the 3rd house brings a gentle, benevolent quality to your personal interactions, expanding the grace with which you manage the daily give-and-take that love requires.

The North Node in Leo in the 7th house, hugging your Descendant, beckons you towards partnerships where your own heart is on full display, and where creative self-expression is not only allowed but celebrated. Your karmic path suggests learning to strike a balance between maintaining your unique identity and merging with another.

In romantic scenarios, you could find yourself engaged in deeply philosophical discussions with a partner during a night under the stars (your Mercury in Scorpio’s influence), or you might enjoy volunteering together, combining love and service (Ceres in Virgo in the 7th house). Relationships will likely be a blend of passionately shared ideals and down-to-earth practicality, where you could end up building a business with a partner as easily as you could be exploring the world side by side.

Keep in mind, with Neptune also conjunct the Ascendant and opposing your Descendant, there is a risk of idealizing partners or being deceived. Staying grounded and taking time to see people for who they truly are, rather than who you wish them to be, will prove to be a valuable lesson on your path.

In love, your strengths lie in your capacity for honest and transformative communication, your idealism, and your capacity to nurture without losing your sense of individuality. The challenge will be to balance these with the more shadowy aspects of your chart—an inclination toward critical perfectionism or an urge to flee from constraints that feel opposing to your independent spirit.

Celebrate your capacity for significant, philosophical connections and remember that the search for an equal partner who shares your vision can lead you to a fulfilling companionship. Yet, equally recognize the moments when compromise and patience are needed to build the lasting, balanced relationship that your Libra Sun and Virgo Venus so deeply crave.

Birth Chart "Ask the Astrologer" Example 3

"What motivates and drives me in my career?"

Laura, I want to delve into the cosmic influences that propel you in your professional endeavors. Your query leads us to focus on key celestial players and the stage they set—the signs, houses, and aspects that govern your ambition, work ethics, and the success you aim to achieve.

The blazing Sun in Leo in your 10th house casts a commanding spotlight on your career and public image. Sun in Leo exudes confidence and a desire for recognition, while its placement in the house of career highlights a natural inclination toward leadership roles and a yearning to shine in your profession. You are driven by a sense of pride and accomplishment in your work, constantly seeking to stamp your mark in your chosen field with creativity and fervor. Furthermore, the Sun's trine to Saturn in Aries in the 6th house underscores a strong work ethic; Saturn demands discipline, and in the house of daily work, this aspect suggests that diligence and persistence are key drivers in your quest for success.

Your Moon in Sagittarius in the 2nd house speaks to your emotional need for freedom and expansion in the realm of your resources and personal values. This placement paints a picture of someone who is motivated by the quest for knowledge and adventure in their professional life. Opportunities to travel, learn, and explore within your career are likely to be sources of fulfillment for you. The Moon's trine to your Midheaven (MC) points to a harmonious flow between your inner emotional world and your aspirations, suggesting that a career aligned with your personal beliefs and penchant for exploration will bring you satisfaction.

Mars in Libra in the 1st house conjunct your Ascendant presents an assertive front, yet one that is equally driven by a need for balance and partnership. With this placement, you possess a dynamic aura that can attract and inspire others, and collaboration may be integral to your professional drive. However, Mars’s square to the MC indicates that this need for harmony sometimes clashes with your lofty career goals. You may occasionally find yourself caught in a tug-of-war between asserting your individuality and maintaining relationships or managing public perception.

With Mercury, Venus, and the True Lunar Node all residing in your diligent 11th house in analytical Virgo, there's an emphasis on communication, relationships, and networking in achieving your objectives. Mercury enhances your ability to think strategically and communicate effectively, while Venus adds a layer of charm and a knack for team building. Your North Node's presence here suggests that fulfilling your career drives involves leveraging your social connections and contributing to the collective or community. This is where you are meant to evolve and grow, through the exchange of ideas and the power of collaboration.

Uranus in Aquarius in the 4th house, conjunct the Imum Coeli (IC), reflects a need for innovation and a break from traditional career paths. Your foundations are shaken by Uranus's influence, driving you toward careers that are progressive or unconventional. The opposition to your MC denotes tension between your private self and your public role; integrating innovative ideas into your career could be part of your mission, albeit challenging at times.

One cannot overlook Saturn conjunct the Descendant in Aries, mirroring the Ascendant. This brings forth themes of responsibility and tests within partnerships—be they business or personal—and how these relationships define your work. There might be significant lessons learned through others that shape your professional life.

Stepping into a real-life scenario, let’s imagine you leading a team on a project that encapsulates global impact. Your Leo Sun shines as you present compelling visions to a boardroom; your Sagittarius Moon ensures these goals align with your higher values, seeking out meaningful engagement that resonates on a larger scale. The Virgo cluster in your 11th house has meticulously laid the groundwork, utilizing your network and ensuring each detail is perfected. Your Mars, though diplomatic, asserts the importance of cooperative effort while Saturn demands a structured approach that guarantees results. Through the innovative lens of Uranus, your proposal is pioneering, challenging the status quo from the foundation upward.

Your drive in your career is multi-faceted—a blend of the need for creative self-expression and leadership (Sun in Leo in the 10th), the quest for moral alignment and expansion (Moon in Sagittarius in the 2nd), and collaborative endeavors (Mars in Libra in the 1st). Your Mercury and Venus in the 11th house signal the importance of intellectual exchange and harmonious connections as pathways to your goals.

Embrace the innovation that Uranus in the 4th house demands, and recognize the importance of Saturn’s lessons in relationships as part of your professional growth. Career fulfillment for you is found in a role that allows you to express your vivacity and charisma, all while contributing to a cause or community larger than yourself.

Pursue a path that balances your need for recognition with the spirit of partnership and innovation, and you're likely to not only achieve success but also to find profound satisfaction in your work.