Transiting Neptune on Natal Sun: transmuting your ego

neptune.jpg Transiting Neptune conjunct natal Sun
The good news is, you feel like your potential was limitless. This is also the bad news. You can either transcend limited views of yourself or you can become overwhelmed by too many options.

You become more aware of how vast the world is and can become more emphatic toward others, seeing yourself as a small fish in a large pond. This can help you overcome any issues with selfishness.

The restructuring of your personality might bring a degree of inner confusion, especially if you previously built a structured and controlling personality. In order to keep the inner image of your old self, you might be tempted to deceive or lie about who you are.

Your concern with the collective good becomes equal to that of your own advancement. You may be helped to put your own issues in perspective or transmute emotional energies into positive actions that benefit society and are also healing on a personal level.

Your creativity is heightened and you may find powerful ways to tell your story that bring healing to you and help improve society.

You may feel tempted to martyr yourself. What is your true intention? Are you truly motivated by selfless goals? Or are you hoping for attention or appreciation for your self-sacrifice?

You may also begin to identify with the image of the starving artist or self-destructive artist. Be careful not to glorify self-sabotage, or view addictions or escapism as part of the creative experience.

You may also feel like you are awakening to higher spiritual concepts and embracing spirituality as a vital aspect of yourself.

You might prefer a fantasy world more than reality and you might want to feed it through substance, which is not a good idea during this time.

Transiting Neptune sextile natal Sun
Emphasis is on the collective good and you will be emotionally attuned to friends, family and community.

Your sensitivity to the suffering of others may overwhelm you and you may seek co-dependent or self-sacrificing measures to ease the pain of others. Be mindful of the need for balance and boundaries.

Your optimism and charisma help uplift others and you may find yourself in an unofficial role of counselor, coach or healer in your relationships with others.

You may have psychic experiences especially where relationships are involved. You may dream profound dreams pertaining to loved ones past or present. Keep yourself grounded so you may discern the guidance these dreams are offering without jumping to conclusions.

Meditation and practicing a spiritual path toward truth can elevate your mind and soul.

Transiting Neptune square natal Sun
You may feel like you are wandering and confused. Your confidence may waiver as things don’t go as you imagined. You may become lost in fantasy only to then become disillusioned when fantasy doesn’t match reality.

Your instincts are strong, but so is the temptation to resort to escapism and fantasy. Your connection to everyone around you may become overwhelming.

Be mindful not to jump on bandwagons or become swept away by get rich quick schemes or anything that sounds too good to be true. You are susceptible to being deceived because you want to believe in the ideal possibilities.

Let your ideals guide you, but also be aware of the realities that you face in the immediate future. Don’t let your imagination become a source of illusions and disappointment.
Transiting Neptune trine natal Sun
You are more aware of the Spirit realms and energy vibrations. You experience greater compassion.

Any grudges or petty power struggles will likely be released as you become more understanding of others’ perspectives. You are also feeling a strong connection to spirituality and may want to explore various levels of consciousness.

You align with the archetypal healer and this may come as a result of finally transcending your own ailments or challenges. At this time, you are clear from the phase of lose and suffering and have been uplifted and filled with hope and inspiration. You will likely want to share this with others.

Your ego has less grip on your psyche and you'll appreciate the joy of being selfless and compassionate.

Spiritual understanding and self-inquiry are recommended as a way to feel connected to the larger universe.

Your expanded sensitivity, imagination and creativity support any artistic accomplishment.

Your psychic connection is strong. You may receive messages in dreams. You may bring healing to those around you if nothing else through example of your own transmuted energy from wounded to empowered.

Transiting Neptune opposite natal Sun
You may experience challenges discerning between spiritual and personal ideals and ego desires.

Individualism versus the collective good, personal ambition versus the needs of others, your personal ambition versus your obligations to others all raise questions for you about what is most important.

A crisis or issue pertaining to health may arise as a vehicle to force you to face the limits of your individual power, or to help you surrender your ego desires and accept a more spiritual perspective.

Fantasies about what you want out of life or who you want others to be may be exposed as idealistic and baseless, forcing you to confront reality as it is not as you wish it to be.

Make a special effort of not being ambiguous in your communication because misunderstandings are much easier to happen now.

During this time trust issues may also appear. Be careful to evaluate any proposal carefully and with a realistic attitude.

Be mindful not to resort to escapism, addiction or fantasy to cope with challenges.

Transiting Neptune quincunx natal Sun
Your desire to stand out is softened at this time.

Even as an individual you may prefer to blend in to groups or lose yourself in relationships at this time. The question of whether and how to establish boundaries will be prominent as you flow in and out of establishing your individual identity and immersing yourself in groups and relationships.

You may also seek escapes through fantasies, alcohol, drugs or other means, but this will have a way of backfiring as no escape is complete enough.

Your creativity side may also prove to be a source of frustration as you may desire outlets for expression but also feel blocked or ambivalent about what direction to take.


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