Transiting Neptune on Natal Moon: emotional healing and dreamy attitude

love heals Transiting Neptune conjunct natal Moon

This is a time of strong psychic attunement and heightened awareness of the energies around you.

While your radar will perceive numerous energies and vibrations, your abilities to discern these energies and interpret their meanings will be hampered by any unresolved emotional issues and insecurities.

Ironically, as perceptive as your instincts are, your decision making can become cloudy if you don’t take the time to discern between your ideals and fantasies and reality.

You may become romantically involved with someone who does not share your feelings or who is deceiving you. You are also just as likely to deceive yourself about the nature of relationships if what you desire is not coming to fruition.

Your emotions are intense and may be entangled in the emotions of others. Boundaries are important but difficult to discern and enforce at this time.

If you keep yourself grounded and not get swept away in your own fantasies about how things should be, this can be a powerful time in which your intuition guides you to make important connections that will lead to greater transformation over time.

Emotional healing can take place at this time and your compassion and empathy are emphasized. Healing as a process may lead you to become more spiritually rooted.

Your dreams can have prophetic undertones and you may even experience dream encounters that bring healing, clarity, closure and guidance.

Transiting Neptune sextile natal Moon
You are in tune with the emotions of those around you and may lose track of your feelings and dreams as you try to help others find healing and success.

If you lived a life giving more importance to the intellect than to feelings, during this time you'll experience the power of feelings. You may become more interested in psychology and spirituality.

Creative juices are flowing and you may find connections through networking that help you advance creative pursuits or a career in arts or music.

You are also likely to extend your empathy and compassion in support of programs or projects that help address social issues and promote healing for others.

Transiting Neptune square natal Moon
You are being nudged to think twice about the instincts you feel you must follow. This ‘nudge’ will come in the form of tension or conflicts.

Rather than trying to insist that life conforms to your ideals or dreams, it is better to examine how to work with what you have so that you can reach your dreams or create a more ideal reality.

You may be deluding yourself when it comes to relationships, convincing yourself of problems that don’t exist or attraction that is not quite what you think it is.

You may find yourself riding an emotional roller-coaster. An inner observation fueled by meditation is the key to your mental health.

A change of residence or an issue with your house is also a possible outcome of this transit.

Be mindful not to use spiritual teachings as a crutch to promote codependent behavior or self-aggrandizement. Escapism, addictive behaviors, or becoming lost in daydreams may be tempting but will backfire.

Transiting Neptune trine natal Moon
Your compassion and empathy are prominent.

Your journey to healing past emotional wounds may have left enough of an impact that you now wish to draw on personal experience to benefit others. You may find yourself in the role of counselor or confidant to others.

Creativity and psychic perception are also strong and under this transit are less likely to result in self-delusion. You have enough receptivity to those around you to be able to interpret social cues and feedback from others and this helps you discern ideal from reality, emotional insecurity from premonition.

You are drawn to nurture others and are concerned with the emotional and spiritual well-being of those you love. Your career and role in family and friendships may be fueled by a more spiritual mission than usual.

You may experience emotional highs and lows but are also open to letting the energy flow through you. This results in greater healing and ability to be empathic without taking on others’ emotions.

Transiting Neptune opposite natal Moon

You experience a wide spectrum of feelings whose intensity and variety may confuse you.

You are likely to feel you must undergo some self-sacrifice in order to benefit others.

This may not actually be true. In fact, many things you are perceiving and intuiting may be valid but not follow the logic you are trying to impose on your emotions.

You may be getting strong signals but misinterpreting them to fit an underlying narrative which can either inflate your ego or result in self-deprecation or alternate between the two.

Feelings may become a source of anxiety and confusion which you may tend to quench by using mind-altering substances. You may easily lose yourself in others, addictions, fantasies or escapism at this time.

Be careful not to immerse yourself in distorted spiritual practices which reinforce underlying insecurities or emotional issues under the guise of enlightenment or healing.

Meditation will bring more awareness and will balance your feelings.

Transiting Neptune quincunx natal Moon
Your instincts and intuition are foggy at this time as unresolved emotional wounds and deep insecurities masquerade as signals from the Universe.

You will have to discern truth from fantasy, facts from feelings and intuition from impulse. It may take several rounds of misguided decisions before you get back on track and are able to trust your instincts.


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