Transiting Neptune on Natal Jupiter: idealism and humanitarian missions

UNICEF Transiting Neptune conjunct natal Jupiter
This transit becomes a powerhouse of idealism and expansion. You believe in your dreams and will not let anyone stop you from shooting for the stars.

Your optimism and confidence can help you transcend doubts and limitations. No one can talk you out of striving for your ideals and the word ‘unrealistic’ is no longer part of your vocabulary.

If naturally reserved, this transit gives you the confidence you need to take a leap of faith. If naturally spontaneous, you are now broadening your horizons even further, the sky is the limit.

Opportunities abound and you may lose sight of your original plan and mission. You extend the energy of healing, concern for the collective, and compassion for all onto a grander scale than before, as Jupiter magnifies everything. Empathy and compassion extend beyond limits, as does your concern for causes and charities.

You may feel motivated by a spiritual mission and are not seeking status or material gain through your generous treatment of others.

Your attitude may be to give to others or devote yourself to the common good, having faith that in the process your needs will be met. If you are even thinking about your needs at all.

Your artistic talents are given a broader audience, perhaps for a charitable or selfless cause. You organize or participate in a fundraiser or artistic project that draws attention to a philanthropic cause.

Your focus is on the spiritual and the hereafter more so than the mundane.

Transiting Neptune sextile natal Jupiter
You are operating on faith when it comes to relationships.

You are likely to uplift those you care about, extending money, resources, time, energy in generous doses. You are not concerned with payback.

Relationships may become a currency in and of themselves. Your needs may be met through connections to others.

Your psychic antenna is finely tuned. Your feelings and perceptions may seem to be playing out on a large scale in the greater society.

You are in a state of flow with others, and there is no need to force things to materialize. You may dramatically increase your knowledge of spirituality, metaphysics and healing.

Transiting Neptune square natal Jupiter
Your idealistic mindset could set you up for disappointments when reality does not match up with your vision of what it should be.

You can work to bring about changes that improve society, but first need to start with a clear picture of objective reality.
You may also take bigger risks than usual, extending yourself financially, making investments akin to gambling.

Your confidence may become over-inflated causing you to erroneously calculate your risks, if you bother calculating them at all.

Transiting Neptune trine natal Jupiter
Your faith in yourself and the good of others is rewarded at this time.

You may feel fulfilled and spiritually uplifted. It may seem as though your dreams are finally coming true.

Significant others help you advance your mission. Your material needs are of no concern, abundance in numerous forms including emotional and spiritual, surround you and carry you through.

Connections you make help bring advancement and status though you are not motivated by ego ambitions.

You may have opportunities to experience foreign lands and new cultures and this adds to a wealth of knowledge and compassion for others.

It is easier for you to let go and have faith because you are in tune with support on numerous levels. It is as if you are on a winning streak.

Transiting Neptune opposition natal Jupiter
If this transit was a scene from a movie, it would be the scene where the main character, after having won a few rounds of poker at a casino, becomes filled with confidence.

In a moment of hubris, they wager everything, smiling, unshakeable, sure that they will win again. Except they don’t.

Even if you aren’t playing poker, watch out for this type of over inflated confidence. Big risks will expose any folly in your thinking and the consequences may cost you in more ways than one.

You likely feel larger than life right now, but keep yourself grounded, or else you run the risk of falling hard when the illusions you have built up dissipate.

Sometimes you have to ‘fake it ‘til you make it’ but if you have been faking more than facing reality, it will catch up with you now.

Transiting Neptune quincunx natal Jupiter
Adjustments will need to be made to help you rise above a difficult situation. You may be seeking expansion and growth but looking in the wrong places or trying to assert authority in ways that backfire or don’t help to advance your cause.

You may be triggered by emotions and compassion to advocate for others or try to facilitate healing, justice or resolution to a conflict, but are going about the process with a confused sense of right and wrong, or without all details being known.

Let your instincts guide you and don’t be in a hurry to advance beyond what you are truly prepared for at this time.
Luck and intuition are working together, but you may be missing some key piece of information that will eventually allow you to succeed.

Let all the pieces fall into place before expecting opportunities to open up. Don’t overestimate your skills or experience if looking for a career change at this time.

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