Pluto transiting on the natal houses

revolution.png How Pluto's revolutionary energy effects specific areas of life

Pluto in house 1

You receive a boost of energy and magnetism. When Pluto is in the first house, you are likely to become more focused, possibly even obsessive.

Major changes take place which are likely to have a transformative effect on your physical appearance as well as your outward personality.

You make a strong first impression which leaves a lasting impact on others. You will likely carry an air of authority, and others see you as a deep, strong willed leader.

Circumstances beyond your control will likely bring about profound changes to your sense of self and identity. You may experience loss on a personal level and have to figure out how to rebuild and reinvent yourself as a result.

Others perceive you as hypnotic and mysterious and are drawn to you. You may feel compelled to directly confront those in authority. You may become demanding of others or domineering.

Old wounds are brought to the surface and effect your personality until they are finally faced and dealt with. Obsessive and compulsive tendencies are brought to the surface at this time.

Pluto in house 2

You are called to re-evaluate what you value. Circumstances involving drastic change or losses may cause you to get back to the bare bones of discerning what you need versus what you want.

Your financial situation changes dramatically and, in the process, old fears are dredged to the surface to be confronted. Attitudes about money, wealth, power and security are challenged so that you can release any old patterns of thinking that had been steeped in illusions.

You may become obsessive about securing more money or wealth. Hobbies or collections can become obsessions as well and you may begin hoarding material objects as a means of false security. Be mindful not to resort to deceit and underhanded behavior to acquire wealth and possessions, although you may be tempted to do so under this transit.

Your relationship with money and any beliefs you have about money as it relates to power will be put under a microscope and examined closely. You will be challenged to alter some of these beliefs.

Your focus, determination, and connection to powerful people can help you advance your financial standing but you must also be careful not to become fixated on money for the sake of money.

Pluto in house 3

Your communication skills are given a powerful boost. You may speak with a greater tone of authority and people are drawn to you as a mentor or guide.

You stand out as an authority among your peers or in your community. You may uncover secret or hidden knowledge regarding siblings or close friends. Resist any temptation to use this knowledge to wield power over others.

Conflicts with siblings or peers may arise at this time, avoid power struggles and work on getting to the root cause of the conflict.

Your relationship with neighbors may also be altered in significant ways as a result of conflict. Be mindful that your emerging leadership skills may come across to others as domineering.

Pluto in house 4

You may end up doing significant house cleaning literally, figuratively or both. Family secrets may be revealed and if so they have a lasting impact on your views toward home and family.

You may feel torn between obligations to your career and personal aspirations and the demands of your family or home life. You may be forced to bring your attention back to home and family to resolve buried issues which had been overlooked or suppressed before.

Your household may undergo significant changes. You may become engrossed in remodeling projects, or sell a home, property or family resource that no longer suits you.

You may also be forced to deal with unexpected home repairs especially to the basement or plumbing system. Pay attention to the foundation of your home as well.

You may long for a family or become obsessed with past family memories at this time and any unresolved grief or loss pertaining to family or childhood will be revisited.

Pluto in house 5

Romantic pursuits may feel more like obsessions and infatuation at this time. You may become relentless in your pursuit of pleasure.

You may also suddenly have a strong desire to have children. Sudden losses or gains in your romantic life are likely.

You become spontaneous in your pursuit of entertainment and enjoyment. Gambling may become more appealing, look out for the potential for obsessive or addictive pleasure seeking. You may have a more difficult time limiting yourself or practicing restraint.

You may be tempted to have an affair or get involved in a romantic affair that is intense, highly sexual, and has a lasting transformative effect on your life.

You experience a surge in creative power and may become obsessed with interests or hobbies. Some may lead to power or financial gain.

Pluto in house 6

Extremes pertaining to work or health will be present but should ideally be avoided, opting instead for balance.

You may become focused on health or health issues may slowly emerge. In the event of health issues surfacing, the root cause of the problem is likely to be overlooked at first. Look deeper beneath the surface to get to the core of what is out of balance. Tests which look beneath the surface such as x-rays or ultrasounds may be involved.

You are also likely to become more conscious of changes that need to be made to improve your health. Avoid extreme solutions such as restrictive diets or unsustainable and rigorous routines.

If behaviors or substance use has escalated, this transit presents opportunities to eliminate toxins and get back on track, but can also bring chaos and stress that will tempt you to want to resort to addictive patterns.

Your daily routines and work schedule may undergo a significant change at this time as well.
Work that involves transformation or rehabilitation will be enhanced at this time. Your work situation may change drastically. Ultimately this will bring improvements, but it may also lead you to confront fears and losses in the meantime.

Pluto in house 7

This is a challenging time for partnerships and romantic relationships.

Your partners and significant others in your life may be vehicles for profound growth or change, but this will likely come as a result of challenges. Be mindful to get beneath the surface level power struggles.

You may discover you had been deceived by someone close to you as hidden information or secrets rise to the surface. You may also endure the ending of a significant relationship at this time.

Old wounds pertaining to loss, grief, abandonment or power issues in relationships will resurface to be dealt with.

You may become obsessed with a particular love interest or become jealous of your partner. Avoid controlling or manipulative behavior in relationships with others at this time.

Pluto in house 8

Your sex life is enhanced and you may become aware of new sexual interests. You may even become obsessed with pursuing sexual experiences which push the boundaries of what you previously considered taboo.

Old wounds around sex and power may resurface to be dealt with and healed. You may find yourself in relationships which are more sexual in nature than romantic or emotional.

You may receive unexpected money through an inheritance or in some other way related to hardship or loss. A settlement from a divorce or accident for example.

You may also be focused on expanding your financial situation and require the assistance of others. A loan, mortgage or other means to acquire wealth through collaboration, borrowing or partnership can work to help you achieve your long-term goals.

Don’t jump to conclusions and assume entitlement to others’ money or assets however.

Pluto in house 9

This transit will make or break your belief system, especially when it comes to philosophy, spirituality and religion.

You may become obsessed or even fanatical about your current religious or cultural beliefs. It may be tempting to impose your beliefs on others. It will also be tempting to embrace radical ideas at this time.

You may also break from your previous culture or religion to take on a new identity as part of a very different religious or cultural group. In extremes, you may be tempted to join a cult or a commune.

You may feel compelled to travel long distances, in particular, to places associated with ancient societies or your ancestors.

You may become obsessively interested in learning everything possible about philosophy, the afterlife and occult topics, divination, science, conspiracy theories, or unconventional healing practices.
Mysterious, arcane or hidden knowledge becomes appealing to you.

Pluto in house 10

Your focus is on public persona and career. You may emerge as a leader or be given a significant promotion.

You may also undergo major changes to your career, as if your previous career identity has ‘died’ and a new identity is being reborn through this change.

You will easily be able to influence others, especially those in power. This charm and intensity will be instrumental in others taking you seriously as an authority figure.

Be mindful not to clash with other authorities especially at work. Compromise is difficult at this time but may help you reach your ultimate goals.

You may be tempted to cut corners or to act in secretive or underhanded ways. Avoid this temptation, as anything hidden beneath the surface will be revealed.

You may feel an urge to run for political office or take a prominent role in leading a community group. Your life is becoming more public now and any unresolved issues need to be dealt with before these issues become open for public scrutiny.

Be mindful of temptation to overwork or get so focused on your goals that you exclude other areas of life from your awareness, including family and personal life. You may also feel tempted to pursue power for the sake of power or to seek status as a means of proving yourself.

Pluto in house 11

You may experience significant changes to your social circle and group of friends. You are likely to become focused on connection to a group activity and group identity.

Be mindful of group think or cult like behavior in some of your dealings with groups, as you have become more obsessively focused on social endeavors.

You may end up networking with influential people who help shape your career and long-term path.
Your interests in improving society and humanitarian or charitable causes are stoked during this time.

You may become obsessively devoted to specific causes. You may also become more socially active and take on a leadership role within a group devoted to social change.

Unorthodox ideas and trendy but unsubstantiated pseudoscience may become appealing to you. Slow down and do your research before jumping on bandwagons.

Friendships can accelerate quickly becoming intimate in a short period of time. Other friendships may change or produce power struggles, or fall by the wayside altogether.

Pluto in house 12

You will have no choice but to confront old issues, wounds and underlying psychological patterns which have been self sabotaging.

Self-destruction is possible if these issues are not dealt with. Sabotage in every area of your life is also possible if you insist on avoiding issues rather than facing them.

Consequences of unethical actions will not be eventual at this time, they will be imminent. Best not to play with fire and continue to hide in illusions. Let Pluto shine a light beneath the surface and show you how you have been deceiving yourself and making your life more difficult so you can finally transform these patterns and move on.

On the path to this transformation, you may undergo a series of losses all of which highlight the same core issues you have not been facing. The slate is being cleared so you can start over and rebuild a stronger foundation for yourself.

You may feel like you have ‘hit rock bottom’ at this time and extreme or risky behavior comes to a head with consequences to your personal life or even health. You may end up having to detoxify from chemicals or behaviors that had become addictive.

Any misuses of power will also result in karmic feedback to help you stay on course. This may take the shape of loss of certain relationships where boundaries were overstepped or power was being used to manipulate or control others, or where you were being manipulated or controlled by others.

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