Transiting Pluto on natal Venus

magnetic-field.jpg Powerful and magnetic romantic attraction

Transiting Pluto conjunct natal Venus

Pluto amps up attraction energy.

This pairing bring deeper intimacy. Romantic relationships can be rejuvenated, and powerful sexual encounters may be experienced.

Relationship issues you thought were resolved may come back to haunt you until deeper understanding is finally reached.

This transit intensifies an already positive self-worth. If this is not firmly established, however, you may compulsively pursue relationships with people you perceive as having power.

With a healthy sense of self-worth, you will likely exude greater powers of seduction which can intensify your sexual relationships. Others find you irresistible at this time.

If sexuality is unhealthy, you may be seduced by those who appear edgy, dangerous, or powerful, and may become more submissive in sexual relationships with others. You may also be susceptible to using sexual relationships to boost your self-esteem.

Looking to others for validation may leave you susceptible to unhealthy relationship choices.

You become much more serious about the company you keep and yearning for deep connections with others leads you to want to rush in to relationships.

You may obsess over those you care about, even becoming possessive and jealous. Avoid mind games, guilt trips and other ‘tests’ of your partner’s love.

You are likely to wield great power to attract others. Be mindful to use this power in uplifting ways, not in ways that are self-serving and manipulative.

What and who you value changes drastically. A good time to makeover your budget. Be mindful of temptation to splurge on investments meant to give the illusion of power.  

Transiting Pluto sextile natal Venus

Attraction power, creativity and abundance are enhanced thanks in part to relationships with influential or well established people. Others recognize your talents. Your social network can be the key to career advancement and long term abundance at this time.

 Pluto operates as a midwife of significant personal change, rather than the demolition man that he appears to be in other combinations. You are brought into deeper connection with your core values and from this awareness personal transformation is ushered in.

Transiting Pluto trine natal Venus

An ideal time for new romantic encounters.

You will likely be susceptible to infatuation. You experience empowering connections to others and influence of others can be life changing at this time. Your career may advance as a result of connections to others.

Others find you irresistible and their attention may be flattering to you. You may be tempted to use this seductive power to entice others out of insecurity and need for approval rather than genuine romantic connection.

You may make significant changes in your life by shifting your value system. This is a good time to audit your finances, likely revealing ways to improve your wealth.

Relationships may end, but this brings relief rather than gloom. This can also be a time of positive transformation in romance, family and friendships.

What needs to be released will be cleared from your path with ease and your powers of attraction will ensure any void is short lived.

Intensified interest in creative expression, this is a good time to explore visual and creative arts.

Transiting Pluto square natal Venus

Take an honest look at connections to others and sever connections which have been toxic.

Uncomfortable truths about relationships may surface. Challenges will ‘make or break’ some key relationships.

Illusions will not survive Pluto’s ability to extract core truths. Manipulation will not solidify relationships that are crumbling. Don’t feed into these impulses toward controlling behavior to ‘save’ a relationship.

Insincerity and self-delusion will be challenged not only in relationships with others, but in your relationship with yourself as well.  

Transiting Pluto opposite natal Venus

You experience conflicts which force you to take a closer look at whether your values are aligning with your actions.

Are you confusing love with obsession or lust? Are you seeking an emotional connection with someone who only wants a platonic or sexual relationship? In what ways are your values and desires at odds with the values and desires of those around you?

Relationships may be plagued by power struggles rather than collaboration. Be mindful not to overpower others or resort to controlling behavior.

You may feel attracted to people in positions of power, yet find that these relationships are not reciprocal. Time for an honest look at toxic relationship patterns and breaking cycles of abuse of or by others.

Don’t be seduced into reckless investments or hasty decisions fed more by illusion than reality. Not all that glitters is gold and this distinction will be made clear during this transit.

Transiting Pluto quincunx natal Venus

You may confuse love with lust at this time. You will have a greater sense of power and worthiness but may be susceptible to using this power to manipulate others.

Relationships may feel unsettled and while you may want to bring intense change- either advancement or endings- in your relationships, something will cause you to hesitate.

Let things play out according to the process already under way. Try not to micromanage the course you relationships are taking at this time.

Discern the meaning behind cues you are feeling in relationships. Your instincts are telling you that something is not balanced and this is likely correct though your initial interpretations may be off. Fear or jealousy, obsession and lust can keep you from seeing what is really off in a relationship. You may think you are expressing love when you are really trying to control another.


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