Transiting Pluto on natal Jupiter

accomplishment.jpg Great accomplishments on the horizon

Transiting Pluto conjunct natal Jupiter

You feel a resurgence of optimism which energizes you to make changes in numerous life areas.

Success on a grand scale is likely. You are enthusiastic to a degree that may appear manic at times. Your boost in confidence helps you to aim higher and work on manifesting big dreams.

You find ways to persevere and rise above any obstacles previously keeping you stuck. You become acutely aware of social issues and may take on the role of philanthropist.

Your generosity is shared with loved ones and the community at large. You may also take the lead in working to benefit a charitable cause.

You feel a deep longing to expand your horizons. You may explore esoteric or arcane topics. A powerful shift in philosophical beliefs, religion or occult interests are possible. You encounter information that helps broaden your perspective.

You may wish to travel and seek out new community connections as well. If your energy is not grounded enough, you may develop grandiose ideas that are not in alignment with your current circumstances.

Your power to succeed is greatly intensified yet you must take care not to lose sight of realistic limitations.

Transiting Pluto sextile natal Jupiter

You feel compelled to give back to others and inspire those around you. You are energized by group activities and this fuels your current optimism.

You have opportunities to educate those around you and help them see the bigger picture. This may involve exploring topics of a spiritual or esoteric nature with others.

This is a good time to review finances and investments and ensure that your money aligns with your values.

Your mind is open to new ideas that shift your core beliefs and potentially improve your lifestyle. Others help advance your spirituality.

Transiting Pluto trine natal Jupiter

You may develop a new interest in other cultures. Your spiritual interests become more esoteric.

You feel as if a significant rebirth process is under way and you embrace this with more optimism than fear.

Distractions fall by the wayside as you focus intensely on what is essential to advance your goals.
You are propelled into leadership roles that help you bring benevolent changes to the community and society.

Your focus is on being fair and uplifting others. Career promotion and favorable reviews by authority figures are likely as are various sources of positive recognition and empowerment.

You are less likely to hold power for yourself and are looking for ways to use your influence and platform to improve society.

Transiting Pluto square natal Jupiter

Any imbalance between what you value at your core and your outward lifestyle is felt intensely at this time.

You can’t escape from an obsessive feeling that things should be better. Be mindful of susceptibility to seeking fulfillment from superficial and external sources.

You will have the power to make significant life improvements but must seek improvements from within first.

You may feel that authority figures have not been supportive of your goals. You may also become susceptible to cult like groups who promise the life you dream of while not being able to support the changes you need to make within yourself.

Avoid overzealousness and grandiosity. Recognize these impulses as expressions of insecurity in your relationship to power, not self-confidence. You will have opportunities to adjust your thinking and embrace your potential.

Transiting Pluto opposite natal Jupiter

Your ambition is rooted in benevolent and philanthropic beliefs, but under this transit you may lose sight of the original goal.

You may become seduced by power for the sake of power, losing sight of your larger agenda to benefit society in some way.

You have great ambition and energy but will need to keep your ego in check. Your beliefs may become polarized in extremes.

Remember to listen to others. You may feel the ends justify the means, but this transit will be most useful to you if you are open to collaborating with others, not viewing their ideas as barriers to what you want.

You may be unknowingly creating adversaries from allies. Step back and look at how you can work with others toward common goals.

Transiting Pluto quincunx natal Jupiter

You feel a surge of intensity, firing up your ambition and vision and causing you to hold on to your ideals so tightly that you may become zealously fixated on what you think others should be doing.

You may, however, be projecting demands on others to compensate for your own shortcomings. These discrepancies will be highlighted now and you may have to reconsider the extremes to which you will go in order to advance your ideals. Are you pushing an agenda on others rather than facilitating empowerment and long term change?

You may also become obsessed with power, status, and material wealth and lose track of your ideals and values, while something nagging at your conscience will inform you that you are living in excess and not in balance.

Through experience you will learn to work with power to advance both yourself and uplift others without getting lost in grandiose dreams.


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