Transiting Pluto on natal Saturn

steady-power.png Steady power while every significant pillar of security in your life is crumbling

Transiting Pluto conjunct natal Saturn

If this transit could talk, it would say “someday you’ll thank me for this.” In the meantime, you feel as if every significant pillar of security in your life is crumbling.

You may feel compelled to hold on to life as you knew it before, but this only delays the inevitable. Significant, deep personal changes are underway and this will dredge up fear of the unknown.

Hold on tight if you insist, but circumstances beyond your control will continue to chip away at whatever you felt you couldn’t live without.

When all is said and done not only are your strengths revealed, but you also become aware of what your essential needs, values and goals really are. Anything else has been a distraction.

The stage is being set for rebirth and you will come to appreciate the realignment. For the near future however, recognize this as a time of karmic shifts.

A significant ‘course correction’ is taking place. You may feel like you are losing control of situations you never had control of to begin with.

If you can surrender to the process and embrace lessons associated with letting go, this can be a powerfully transformative time.

Transiting Pluto sextile natal Saturn

You feel a deep awareness that the path you need to take may not be lining up with your current routines, relationships and lifestyle.

Changes will take place that help eliminate distractions and release you from relationship patterns that were hindering your growth.

Others may act as catalysts for some of these changes. You may feel the undercurrent of karmic energy as you experience what it is like to walk in others’ shoes. This is not a punishment, but an opportunity to expand your understanding of and connection to others.

You may feel bound to some relationships by a sense of responsibility. Situations will arise to help you release relationships that have become codependent or unhealthy.

Decisions you make now will have long-term consequences, slow down and reflect on the deeper ramifications of your choices.

Transiting Pluto trine natal Saturn

Your pace is slow but steady and you find strength to achieve your goals in spite of adversity.

You are building a solid foundation. Patience and persistence pay off. You are establishing deep roots and Karmic connections in your relationships with others.

You have an innate sense of weaknesses in your current foundation. Keep yourself grounded and you will be able to resolve these issues and achieve a great deal during this transit.

Circumstances may challenge you to get outside of your comfort zone but you will also have the essential resources you need to take these risks.

Your definition of security and beliefs about where security comes from will be shifting. You are being liberated from illusions of control and security through this process.

Transiting Pluto square natal Saturn

You feel an intense need to dig beneath the surface and get to the root of matters.

Ignoring cracks in the foundation of your sense of self, relationships, career, or any life area will not be possible now. You will be forced to honestly confront areas of life where you had been holding on to illusions.

You become aware of fears and insecurities which cause you to cling to anything that is no longer working in your best interest.

Like it or not, your hands will be pried free from anything you are clinging to, and as you see that life not only goes on but improves, you will gain greater personal strength and wisdom to discern what you truly need.

Transiting Pluto opposite natal Saturn

You face restrictions and obstacles yet you still have some autonomy.

Keep this in mind when you find yourself in power struggles with those you perceive as standing in your way. Rather than exerting energy on uphill battles.

You will have to compromise though your intensely focused energy will make you feel like you must be able to hold on to what is familiar to you.

Some aspects of your life are “dying” so that you can be reborn on a new path. Resisting this will not help, better to embrace changes coming your way.

You are feeling the ramifications of past decisions, but this does not mean you are being punished. If you have become distracted by relationships, work, or habits which are not for your greatest good, these things will be purged so that you can rediscover what is truly important and get back on solid ground.

Transiting Pluto quincunx natal Saturn

This may feel like a time of harsh lessons.

Practical matters such as money and things you count on as your stable foundation such as work and family may be especially challenging. Your foundation may seem to be threatened by new information that surfaces or a new desire to start over, yet drastic change isn’t apparent on the horizon. Instead you will be making small but significant adjustments along the way.

Avoid holding on with stubborn determination. Living in the past will also not be an option for much longer, your focus will be brought to practical matters in the present although you may not feel comfortable with this process at first. Lessons involving loss, sacrifice and discipline are also underway.


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