Pluto transiting Natal Uranus


Breaking free from constraints

Transiting Pluto conjunct natal Uranus

Eccentricity, innovation, freedom and insight abound.

You have difficulty with any type of external authority imposed on you. At the same time you will also struggle with self-discipline.

You feel a restless need to break out of any framework placed on you and bring energy of reformation and regeneration to every area of your life and to society at large.

Your ideas may clash with the status quo and rebellion ensues. You will not accept superficial answers to your deeper questions and may become obsessed with unearthing underlying truths.

Conspiracy theories, unorthodox beliefs and taboos are given credibility as you seek out esoteric knowledge and become interested in mysterious topics.

You experience ground shaking shifts in energy and major changes to your lifestyle that may be sudden and unexpected but will have far reaching results.

These changes are not just on a personal front but also include eruptions and social unrest in communities and society at large. You are in the midst of a paradigm shift and trying to find your place in the process.

Transiting Pluto sextile natal Uranus

You are intensely excitable and breaking free from constraints of all kinds becomes your mission. You are on a quest to find the truth and expose illusions, even your own.

You may be compelled to pursue esoteric interests and metaphysical topics. Mediumship, divination or astrology are potential topics of interest, as well as becoming part of a group of spiritual researchers.

Group activities, friendships, and social encounters all enhance your self-awareness and pursuit of knowledge. Your charisma easily attracts friends and allies at this time.

You pursue deeper self-knowledge and are on a path to rebirth. It is easier for you to shake loose and let go and others help as catalysts to show you the path to empowerment and advancement.

Friends and associates also play a fundamental role in helping you see beneath the surface and get in touch with the inner workings of numerous life issues, and even for society as a whole.

Transiting Pluto trine natal Uranus

Life is full of surprises and the unexpected twists and turns help you in positive ways.

You find empowerment, rebirth and advancement through unusual series of synchronicities and through the help of others.

You seem to land on your feet in spite of the ups and downs right now. While some areas of your life may feel shaky, you are in a good position to embrace the unknown and dive in, focusing on what is truly important to you and disregarding distractions. You are also able to easily shake off obstacles and insecurities.

This energy borders on erratic and impulsive, but Pluto lends enough focus to make it easier for you to not lose sight of the big picture.

You are driven to emphasize your individuality and while you still value loved ones, you are more likely to assert your independence and feel suffocated easily by intimacy right now.

Transiting Pluto square natal Uranus

You are likely to experience tension between part of you that wants to be free, independent and eccentric, and parts of yourself that are controlled.

You struggle to accept any degree of authority being imposed on you. You are compelled into pursuit of personal refinement and transformation though Uranus brings elements of surprise.

Your metamorphosis may not yield the exact results you were expecting, but the ground is being broken for significant positive changes.

Obstacles do not deter you though they may bring frustration. Your temper may be easily triggered at this time, or you may be susceptible to speaking without thinking of long-term consequences of your words.

Impulsive actions are a gamble now. Some results will be favorable, others will cause conflicts in relationships.

Transiting Pluto opposite natal Uranus

Imminent changes through sudden, unexpected events are likely.

Seeking deeper understanding will serve you well, though you may feel inclined to reactionary behavior and impulsiveness. Notice ways you are distracting yourself from your goals and be mindful to reign yourself in.

You are given opportunities to free yourself from stagnant life areas but may not appreciate the full impact of what is currently being set into motion. Be open to releasing what you previously thought you needed as your foundation.

Your world view and understanding of many subjects is likely to change dramatically. Events which seem unfortunate on the surface are helping you to re-examine and realign with your goals. Losses and changes beyond your control force you to dig deeper and realize your unique strengths.  

Transiting Pluto quincunx natal Uranus

You are likely to feel an intense restlessness at this time and will want to break free of any restrictions in career, family, relationships and daily routines.

You will be drawn magnetically to anything unusual and new and your desire for excitement may have long term implications if you become too careless.

You will have to adjust your plans and beliefs surrounding your personal will in order to find your place in the larger order of community and society.


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