Transiting Pluto on Natal Midheaven

ambition.jpg Ambition and drive for advancing your career

Transiting Pluto conjunct natal Midheaven

You will show the world a new, improved and empowered version of yourself. Overflowing with ambition and drive, you have what you need to transcend circumstances and rise to the top.

This is an ideal time for advancing your career. You are likely to receive opportunities to lead others.

You may become involved in the intense pursuit of major life goals, and transformations in career and lifestyle can have long-term ramifications.

It may feel as if you are working through deep seated issues with some projection of these issues into your public life. What had been kept hidden and secret is now out in the open.

Illusions you had been holding on to are stripped away revealing core truths which, when embraced, can help you advance further than you imagined.

Your energy and focus are driving this period of transformation and career and public image are at the forefront of these changes.

Any temptation to abuse power or act in unethical ways to secure power will have deep and far reaching ramifications. There is no need to cheat to get ahead.

Transiting Pluto sextile natal Midheaven

You may find yourself in the public eye more than usual, or your actions and words will be projected on a larger scale due to your career or involvement with community, politics, or large groups of people.
Most likely, you will be viewed favorably and credited as an authority on certain topics that you have worked to establish expertise in.

If you are not comfortable owning your power, insecurities will be projected out to others, even if it is through the transparency of controlling behaviors masking deep seated fears.

A straightforward approach is appreciated by others. You have a magnetic charm which draws others to you and mentors, colleagues, and others see your potential to shine as you rise to new levels of status at this time.

You have a great deal of energy and focus and people will appreciate your discretion and commitment to your goals.

You may be privy to secrets or dealing with arcane or secret knowledge involving your career or corporations, politics, or other levels of authority.

Transiting Pluto square natal Midheaven

This transit will illuminate your relationship with personal power and how you manage power entrusted to you by authorities, peers, family or employees.

You may be so driven to succeed at this time that you are tempted to bend or break rules. This will eventually be exposed and is best to not resort to acts of bullying, domination, rule breaking or unethical acts to get your way.

Keep your energy balanced between your own advancement and the empowerment of others. There may be tendencies to become addicted to personal power and authority.

This is part of your challenge under this transit, will you let power become a vehicle for common good or a means to promote only your own interests?

Transiting Pluto trine natal Midheaven

You are likely to team up with powerful and influential people who help advance your career and public image.

This is an ideal time for elevating status. You put intense energy toward positive career changes which will have far reaching results.

You are likely to feel confident and capable and now have the opportunity to experience lessons dealing with your relationship to power and status.

Under this transit you are less likely to become seduced into acting unethically in order to advance your career or public image, you simply don’t need to. Opportunities arise out of thin air and you are in the right place in the right time.

Transiting Pluto opposite natal Midheaven

Deeply rooted issues percolate to the surface and in response you may feel compelled to make significant changes that affect your home or relationship with family members.

You may feel tension between pursuing career and personal ambitions while trying to maintain your private life.

What felt like core aspects of your stable foundation will be shifting and changing, and as a result you must decide what to hold on to and what to release.

You may unearth secrets about your family of origin or unresolved issues from childhood will reverberate into your present life. Now is a good time for healing and closure.

Transiting Pluto quincunx natal Midheaven

You are likely to get into power struggles with authority figures especially in your career.

You may want to single handedly dismantle and rebuild systems and organizations without recognizing that you are overstepping your boundaries and pushing your limits.

Your ambition may cloud your judgment at this time and you may take on more than you are ready for, having to then fake it until you make it, or back down from an opportunity that you have been pursuing with all of your energy.

A transformation is underway in your career and public life but rushing ahead will not serve you in the long term. Scandals involving abuses of power or manipulation of others should be avoided by not falling into the temptation of these patterns to begin with.


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