Transiting North Node on Natal Sun: shifting sense of identity

shift-identity.jpg Transiting North Node conjunct natal Sun

You have the potential to reach great heights right now. If you can overcome the temptation to overindulge, or learn not to get lost in your ego, this will be a time of powerful transformation.

Your sense of identity is shifting and in some ways you are coming into your own power. You may feel like the Reluctant Hero, setting out on a new quest with apprehension.

At this time in your journey you may be called to leave behind whatever you have considered your ‘home base’ including setting out on a solitary path away from friends and family who have anchored you before.

You are likely to feel enough excitement and drive to move forward in spite of apprehension. You may seek a new career or take on a new lifestyle which requires more autonomy as well as creativity.

You may also have to ‘fake it ‘til you make it’, relying on your charisma and confidence to set the foundation for the genuine expression of resilience and power that you now learn to wield.

This is a fortunate time to develop your talents and express yourself through creative endeavors. Others will see the best of who you are and you will become more comfortable with leadership and self direction.

Transiting North Node sextile natal Sun

Opportunities to thrive and develop as an individual are presented. You may encounter a teacher or guru who helps you to develop self awareness, or facilitates healing so that you can step into your full potential at this time.

Others are supportive of your mission and you will have opportunities to go for the gold and pursue your ambitions.

Any struggles in relationships involving too much ego or lack of empathy for others will likely be resolved at this time.

Skills, both those expressed outwardly in the form of career, as well as your strengths as an individual, are enhanced at this time. What you are learning and the ways in which you are developing will set the course for you to achieve your purpose.

Don’t let complacency take hold. If you are content you may overlook opportunities to challenge yourself and grow on a deeper level. Consider this a time of potential deeper fulfillment.

Transiting North Node square natal Sun

Friction in your life now is challenging you to step up to the plate. You may have been avoiding living up to your full potential out of fear of being judged or of disappointing others.

Perhaps you are playing small to stay in good favor with friends and family.

You may also be worried that fully pursuing your purpose will propel you into a world of dull responsibility.

You may also bury yourself in work that keeps you busy but distracts you from your larger calling. Roadblocks remind you that there is more in store for you than what you have settled for.

You may get into power struggles or have a crisis of confidence as you attempt to side step your mission or avoid important lessons, but these are delay tactics and sooner or later you will open up to your true brilliance and strength.

Transiting North Node trine natal Sun

You are now fully able to draw on past experiences and lessons learned- particularly those involving your sense of individuality, values, ethics and autonomy, to launch into a new direction.

You are confident enough now to take some major risks. You may change careers, become self employed for the first time, embark on a very unique new path, or experience some kind of personal rebirth.

Without a struggle, you are able to access the resources including money but also relationship connections, skills and knowledge, to propel your life forward in a new direction. You may now have the opportunity to blend several creative talents with a unique vision and lead others.

Work as a healer is favored at this time as you have resurfaced after battling with your own challenges.

You are likely to feel more confident in who you are and the direction you are headed, than ever before. Great momentum is building up around you, take advantage of opportunities to branch out into uncharted territory and grow.

Transiting North Node opposition natal Sun

You may be sabotaging your growth at this time by sticking with what is familiar. Your creativity is stunted and you may be overemphasizing aspects of your personality with which you most comfortably identify, while not allowing yourself to fully blossom.

Lessons abound as do opportunities to expand beyond your comfort zone and even transform personally. You are on the verge of a major rebirth which will redefine your path and your sense of identity.

Rather than moving forward at this time, however, you are likely to be tempted to remain stuck. Restlessness at work indicates you have outgrown your current role but are underselling yourself to avoid the fear of change and the unknown.

For the same reason you may also be playing small in relationships.

Let the tension between where you have already been and where you could be headed be an intuitive signal that you are destined for more than what you have already accomplished and allow yourself to grow into your full potential.

Transiting North Node Quincunx natal Sun

You are likely to have opportunities to shine and flourish as a creative individual, yet will have to make some adjustments to your expectations. An opportunity to showcase your talents, for example, may be accompanied by some stressful elements. Perhaps your band has finally booked a gig in a high exposure venue, but you won’t be paid as much as you think your work is worth.

Perhaps you are going to have a chance to give a presentation to your team at work, but you have to work with a coworker who doesn’t share your work ethic.

At this time your best option is to compromise to some degree. You may feel the need to bite the bullet and try to aim for whatever gains you can make under the circumstances while accepting some conditions which present a nuisance or slight setback.


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