Transiting North Node on natal Pluto: accepting your true power

box-power.jpg Transiting North Node conjunct natal Pluto

You are in greater alignment with your soul’s higher mission and in order to bring forth the highest expression of your true self and greater purpose, you will have to undergo a complete rebirth at this time.

You may experience losses which strike you to the core, causing you to redefine yourself and your path as part of the rebirth process.

You may also have opportunities to shed any superficial layers which kept your true gifts and strengths hidden.

Through challenges and losses you will be refined and come to accept your true power. You may now become intimately connected to spiritual concepts involving life, death and rebirth and may feel guided by loved ones in Spirit or by forces beyond your personal willpower.

Transiting North Node sextile natal Pluto

It becomes easy to find direction and purpose now and circumstances align to help you move forward making bold new strides to fulfill your purpose or mission.

You will come to embrace your personal power in a more natural way and you may find that others you are magnetically attracted to you will play a key role in helping you transcend obstacles and rise to your highest potential.

Losses and changes which require healing and grieving are still likely yet these losses will feel more like a necessary unburdening as opposed to an injustice.

Transiting North Node square natal Pluto

You are uncomfortable with exerting your will and power directly and so you may seek underhanded or manipulative ways to carry forth what you believe to be your ultimate goals.

Your instincts surrounding the path you were meant to take may be clouded by insecurities. You may project a false sense of power, but when this misrepresentation of power comes up short you will be forced to go back to the drawing board and find the strengths and skills within yourself to move forward.

Battling wills with authority figures will not serve you at this time. It is better to redirect your energy toward healing and uncovering old wounds that cause subconscious automatic reactions, rather than trying to force the world to comply with your version of an ideal reality.

Transiting North Node trine natal Pluto

You will have a powerful influence on others and magnetically attract opportunities to grow and evolve.

You are now focused and feel divinely directed. You will continue to cut through any illusions or defenses until you have found your inner truth and from this realization you will experience a powerful rebirth.

You are better equipped to handle challenges and fulfill your purpose at this time. Others respond well to your persuasive powers and your understanding of true empowerment serves your highest good, rather than serving your ego.

Secrets revealed will forever change certain relationships and will also have a life changing effect on your views of yourself and your purpose.

Transiting North Node opposition natal Pluto

Challenges with authority figures and low vibration displays of power are in focus, yet aren’t getting you closer to your goals.

Rather than flexing your muscles and intimidating those you perceive to be your opposition, you would be better off learning from adversity and incorporating these lessons into your path in the future.

Avoid exerting your will onto others and pursuing dead ends relentlessly even in the face of evidence that things are not going to work your way.

Your intensity and drive will serve you better if you can be open to feedback from others.

Transiting North Node quincunx natal Pluto

Your focus may be intense and energizing at this time yet you may be pushing to reveal too much too soon.

You may also be jumping ahead trying to embody what you believe is your true self or pursuing your idea of your higher purpose.

Adjustments need to be made in order to deeply align with the rebirth process currently under way. You haven’t unearthed all the clues just yet, but you will.

Avoid drastic action until more time has gone by or until more of the truth is apparent.


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