Transiting North Node on natal Ascendant: discovering who you truly are

mirror-woman.jpg Transiting North Node conjunct natal Ascendant

You are fully aligned with a new sense of purpose and the new direction your life is taking is likely to change you on such a personal level that you may end up changing your appearance and aspects of your identity as a result.

You are likely to explore aspects of yourself that had been hidden previously and dramatic transformation is underway at this time. You are stretching out of your comfort zone and skills you develop now will serve your higher purpose in the long run.

You are going to discover who you truly are. You may have had to overcome codependency or too much focus on the needs of others, but now you are ready to bring your focus back to yourself.

Transiting North Node sextile natal Ascendant

You are given the chance to shift from focusing on meeting the needs of others to nurturing your own destiny. In addition, those around you are likely to repay your generosity by reciprocating and showing support to you at this time.

You may feel inexplicably compelled to move to a new neighborhood or become involved in new group activities, a different community or to travel to distant places. You have plenty of support from friends and peers, but you need to focus on yourself and work on becoming receptive to the support of others.

You may feel torn between your need for approval from others and the desire to be independent and you will learn to strike out on your own path with greater assertiveness than in the past.

Transiting North Node square natal Ascendant

The challenge to create security at home is in conflict with your larger ambitions.

You feel drawn in a new direction where you seek to fulfill your purpose and mission, yet you may also feel like retreating into the comfort of home and family.

You may be starting to redefine family and home as well at this time. You will have to forego some of your ego desires and ground yourself in tradition and foundation at this time.

You will be learning how to work with your own power and may struggle with power in the family or struggles between your will and the will of those close to you. You may also be trying to overcompensate for insecurities instilled by unhealthy messages from your birth family.

Transiting North Node trine natal Ascendant

You are feeling more carefree and childlike at this time and you may work to heal your Inner Child self. Luck is on your side and you may extend yourself outside of your comfort zone and take risks more freely at this time.

A new venture or leap of faith helps set you on the course to fulfilling your purpose and mission.

You have bountiful creative energy and this will also serve you well during this transition time. You are awakening to a greater sense of personal power and will feel more confident in your identity and comfortable in your own skin.

Transiting North Node opposition natal Ascendant

Powerful Karmic lessons are delivered through partnerships.

Whether business partnerships or romantic, you are looking in the mirror when facing others and as your transition to greater self awareness unfolds, you are likely to be uncomfortable with the reflection you see through those around you.

You may have to learn greater lessons regarding unconditional love, cooperation and collaboration. You may not be as receptive to the advice of others as you could be.

You may lose yourself in relationships as you are not yet adept at maintaining healthy boundaries. Those lessons are developing through experiences at this time.

Transiting North Node quincunx natal Ascendant

You will become more conscious of your mission. Discrepancies between your calling and your mundane work will become more obvious and uncomfortable for you.

You may feel the need to make drastic changes to your career and lifestyle including routines that may not be supporting your health, yet the actions you need to take are blocked or rife with obstacles.

You may need to make some adjustments to lay the foundation so that you can pursue your mission. A nagging feeling that you are missing out on something may keep you scouring over details of your plan, yet you won’t be able to initiate changes right away.


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