The Natal Moon in the 12 Astrological Houses

Moon.jpg How do you express your intuition and emotional side?

Natal Moon in House 1

Natal Moon placement in your first house gives you heightened sensitivity and empathy. Your emotions are clear to anyone who knows you. You may try to keep a Poker Face but it is no use.

You feel deeply and convey your feelings to others through your body language if not through your words or even tears.

You can be nurturing, empathic and romantic. Your moods can shift easily as well.

You value security and can become possessive and protective of people or things you care about.

Your hunches steer you in the right direction and you can be shrewd when it comes to negotiating and asserting your needs.

Natal Moon in House 2

Natal Moon in your second house shows that you value emotional security and are likely to find it through creating sound financial plans.

You may strategize your investments based on instinct yet if you aren’t careful your intense emotions can interfere, and you may undermine your financial success by acting on impulse or mood.

You are also likely to invest in relationships as much as other resources. Part of your desire for security includes feeling emotionally secure. You may mismanage your money in order to try to nurture others and this can backfire.

You are protective of your possessions and investments and can be a skilled negotiator when it comes to making business deals or financial moves.

You may gain financially through the guidance of family or through family connections as well.

Natal Moon in House 3

Your mind and intellect are closely tied with your emotions when your Natal Moon is in your third house.

You express your intuitive and emotional side through writing or public speaking. You crave security and this for you often manifests by being surrounded by friends and peers who you will treat as if they were family.

You are attuned to the emotions of others and will want to make sure others are feeling secure as well. Your various moods fuel your desire to learn and you may seemingly impulsively travel or pursue different interests by taking classes.

You experience a broad range of moods and love to communicate everything with everyone. It can be too much information some times and you may not want to go on social media when you are angry or upset, lest you post something you regret later.

Natal Moon in House 4

You are most secure when you are at home or with family. You are deeply connected to your family and heritage and love to entertain at home more than to go out.

You are easily in tune with the needs and feelings of your closest friends and family members.

Others look to you as a nurturer and you are more concerned with emotional well being than with finances or career.

You may be extremely close to your mother or remain close to the home you grew up in. Nostalgia and sentimentality are important to you.

You tend to be sensitive to others’ needs especially children and those who are vulnerable and you strive to make others feel nurtured and secure.

Natal Moon in House 5

Natal Moon in your fifth house helps you to express your intuitive nurturing energy in playful ways. You love to be around children and can have a Mary Poppins personality, making a game out of interacting with young people in a caring way.

You are sensitive and empathic and may channel your feelings through creative endeavors such as art or theater. Your moods can be intense yet you don’t stay in a bad mood for long.

You are empathic and can be deeply affected by the emotions of others. More often than not you will uplift others rather than being brought down by their emotions.

Your romantic side shows through your expression of sensitivity and vulnerability and you may attract potential affairs that are short lived. You really crave a long term secure relationship yet your changing moods and interests can cause you to become bored easily in relationships.

Natal Moon in House 6

You express your emotional and intuitive nature easily when you are in a position of service to others with Natal Moon in your sixth house.

You prefer work that involves care taking such as counseling, child care, pet sitting or nursing. Your empathy and compassion are a big part of the work you seek and you prefer to be in a role where you can nurture others.

You may work as a stay at home parent or in a field where interaction with children is part of your job.

You are sensitive and any criticism of the work you do can be taken to heart. Your sensitivity can also result in changes to your health, especially digestive health, when your feelings are hurt or when you are under stress.

A healthy diet will be important to you as emotional eating is something you are susceptible to. You are also susceptible to stress related injuries and illness and so self care is important.

Your various moods can cause you to go from one job to another feeling unsettled or reacting emotionally to stress on the job. Your interests may also change frequently.

Natal Moon in House 7

Natal Moon in your seventh house gives you a strong sense of nurturing and compassion for others. You seek out partnerships to help you express your intuitive and caring side.

While you may have a big heart in general, you prefer to focus on partnerships as a sounding board for your feelings.

You crave emotional validation from others and may attract others who mirror your own emotions back to you.

You can be nurturing in relationships and if not careful you may end up taking on a maternal role. It is important for you to be mindful of boundaries so you don’t end up smothering others emotionally in partnerships.

You thrive both in business and romance in one on one relationships.

You can succeed as a business owner if you are open to the help of a partner in business.

In romance you seek out partners who can hold space for your repertoire of deep emotions and who aren’t easily intimidated by your changing moods.

Natal Moon in House 8

You carry great power for both attraction and personal transformation. With your Natal Moon in the eighth house you are able to transmute energy for healing and greater compassion for others.

You may have had to go through significant personal transformation as a result of crisis or challenges yet you always come through these situations with deeper connection to your inner wisdom and intuition and with a desire to share your healing with others.

You are compassionate and nurturing and easily attract others because of your sexual and romantic appeal.

You are likely to come into money or resources as a result of a relationship possibly a connection through your mother’s side of the family.

When it comes to power, status and wealth your goals and situation may change periodically and you are likely to experience highs and lows. Your mood may influence you to spend money in careless ways or to become dependent on others for financial gain if you are not careful.

Natal Moon in House 9

You feel intuitively connected to spiritual pursuits and mysticism. Your Natal Moon in the ninth house brings an instinctual desire to explore higher realms. You seek spiritual wisdom and may be highly intuitive and psychic. You are also drawn to experience new cultures and religions.

You may periodically awaken to new cultural and religious identities throughout your life. Your mood may influence your desire to travel and break free from tradition and restriction.

Though you love family and home you are also a wanderer and may move or travel a lot with your family. You may also at some point live a nomadic lifestyle.

Your empathy and intuition also give you great compassion for issues of justice and humanitarian causes. You may study law or philosophy in hopes of helping to create a more nurturing world.

Social justice causes involving families, women and children’s rights also appeal to you.

Natal Moon in House 10

Natal Moon in your tenth house gives emphasis to career and public life. Your sensitivity and intuition guide to you excel in business and career although you may take an unusual path to success.

You are in tune with the needs of others and as a leader in business you will likely treat others as family rather than subordinates.

You can be protective of your work and those you care about and can be a shrewd negotiator.

Your career and public life may feature an emphasis on home, family or children. You may succeed as a result of starting a child care center or family health clinic or a real estate business for example.

Your nurturing instincts kick in and whether you are a business owner or politician you seek to care for others on an emotional level through your work in the public arena.

Natal Moon in House 11

Natal Moon placement in your eleventh house gives emphasis to expressing your emotional and caring side through involvement in groups.

You may belong to several committees or networking groups or several advocacy groups. You are at your best when you can nurture others with a shared cause or mission.

You may be drawn to channeling your protective and nurturing skills on behalf of a group that serves the homeless or victims of domestic violence or cancer survivors for example.

You have a strong sense of mission that you are dedicated to and your emotions guide you to serve others. You can be intense and passionate or erratic at times. Your intense emotions can cause you to become deeply involved in a particular cause but just as easily disappear and pursue a new path altogether.

You love others yet also crave your independence and can struggle with intimacy in one on one relationships. You can be creative and inventive and intuition guides you to solve problems in new and unusual ways.

Natal Moon in House 12

Natal Moon in your twelfth house gives emphasis to connecting with Source through your intuition and nurturing your spiritual connection. A process of loss and rebirth helps awaken your intuitive connection and nurturing abilities.

The experience of injury or illness may serve as a path for you to find deeper emotional security through recovery.

Likewise if you are not tending to your emotional needs you may end up engaging in erratic behavior that results in restrictions through institutionalizations or incarceration.

Your emotional health is paramount to your success yet you are prone to avoidance and escapism because of your heightened sensitivity.

You are also likely to experience psychic phenomenon from a young age and not know how to handle these experiences until later in life.

You can potentially experience deep emotional healing and transformation and assist others in experiencing their own healing process as well.

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