Natal Pluto in the 12 Astrological Houses

Pluto.jpg How do you express your power and initiate deep personal transformation?

Pluto in House 1

Natal Pluto in your first house gives you an imposing and intense appearance. You radiate power an others perceive you as an authority. You easily and openly express your power and willful nature.

You tend to be a catalyst for personal transformation for those around you. You have an instinctual ability to penetrate beneath people’s illusions and defenses and uncover hidden truths. You may also be good at tapping into patterns and issues underlying others’ mindsets that they are not consciously aware of.

You may be want to clear yourself of any obstacles or limitations to your growth and power.

Pluto in House 2

Natal Pluto in your second house gives you tremendous power to manifest financial abundance. You draw opportunities to you to enhance your wealth and status. You understand value.

You can achieve significant success in financial matters because of your intense focus. If not careful however you can become fixated on financial success and lose sight of your true mission. You may also get sidetracked by focusing on what you lack and trying to dominate by amassing resources that make you feel powerful and in control.

You may also use money to manipulate others when your energy is not balanced.

You may experience several phases of financial loss and gain, reinventing yourself with every shift and in doing so recreating a new expression of power and security.

You are willful and determined. Your financial goals may seem unrealistic to others yet you know you can put forth the necessary energy to succeed.

Pluto in House 3

Natal Pluto in your third house gives you an intensely focused mind. You communicate with an air of authority. Your style of communication is intentional and influential. You vacillate between persuasive and manipulative.

You initiate powerful transformation through shifts in your mindset that result from exposure to new ideas. Concepts you learn through classes or reading help you to develop deeper awareness. You are then able to turn these important lessons around and facilitate others’ transformation process.

You can be intense and zealous at times.

Your speech and writing can be captivating and hypnotic. You can also use your powers of communication to seduce others as you embody intense sexual energy as well.

Pluto in House 4

Natal Pluto in your fourth house places intense focus on home and family life. You are likely to experience life changing transformation as a result of changes in your family. As a result you may become uprooted from the security of your home and develop very different ideas from those of your family.

You may be the authority in the household and your energy commands attention. You can be controlling, jealous and manipulative in relation to children and family if you are not careful.

You strive to create a home that reflects your desire for power, wealth and security. You may desire to live in affluent neighborhoods or change the structure or appearance of your home to add value or the appearance of success.

At a young age you may experience significant disruption in your family such as the loss of a parent or significant power struggles with a parent who is not able to act as a leader and protector. You may feel as if you are the head of the household even as a child. This will shape your ambition toward leadership and your need for security into your adulthood.

Pluto in House 5

Natal Pluto in your fifth house places emphasis on dramatic transformation through creative expression and connection to young people. You may step into a position of leadership having an influential role shaping the minds of young people in your personal or professional life.

You may also experience significant personal change as a result of developing your creative talents.

You love to work hard and play hard. Your recreational interests tend to be edgy and taboo. You may be drawn to daring sports or interests in the occult and metaphysics.

You can be attractive and seductive and may embark on numerous affairs before settling down.

You apply your intense focus to any hobbies that catch your interest. When you become involved in a hobby or want to develop a talent for art, music or athletics, you become obsessively focused. Your goal is to become an expert and to stretch yourself to your limits. You want to be known as the best at whatever you do.

Pluto in House 6

Natal Pluto in your sixth house gives you obsessive attention to detail. You are laser focused no matter what undertaking you are involved in. Even the most mundane aspect of your routine requires your full attention. You take your work seriously and feel compelled to be of service.

You may be drawn to roles involving animal care or health care. You can be helpful to others, even influencing others’ deep healing and personal transformation, and you secretly want to be recognized as a catalyst for change though you are too discreet to demand this.

You may experience numerous losses in your daily routines and various jobs or significant changes related to change in health status. Each of these losses or changes gives you an opportunity to deepen your awakening and understanding of your path or to become resentful and obsessed with the past.

Pluto in House 7

Natal Pluto in your seventh house gives you intense power to attract potential partners. You can be charming, persuasive and sexually attractive. You may be tempted to manipulate these strengths without having the intention to nurture the emotional aspects of your relationships.

You can become obsessive in relationships and may become jealous and dominating of others if your energy is not balanced.

You can potentially be a catalyst for profound transformation in the lives of those around you. You are also likely to experience your most significant personal transformations as a result of influential relationships. Both positive experiences of partnership and also obstacles or losses in relationships are equally powerful teachers for you.

Pluto in House 8

Natal Pluto is given additional power in your eighth house because this is the house of Pluto’s natural rulership. You are an excellent detective and can easily see through numerous layers to get to the secrets beneath the surface. You are adept at sniffing out deceptions and seeing through any type of defenses that others may have.

You can use your strengths to help others recognize their own illusions so they can break free from them. In many cases however, you are likely to first become aware of your hypnotic power over others through pushing the boundaries of manipulation.

Whether the manipulation is sexual or financial or simply energetic you are aware that you can influence others. If not balanced you may channel this energy to gain wealth and money from others. You may convince others to write you into their will or make you a business partner.

You are also inclined toward occult studies and will have to be mindful not to seek personal power and feed ego based ambitions through your understanding of magickal arts and divination.

You can perceive others’ secrets and needs thanks to your sharp intuition and must be mindful not to misuse this power over others.

If you follow your lower instincts, greed and desire for power can lead you to make financial decisions that you will later regret.

Pluto in House 9

Natal Pluto in your ninth house gives you tremendous power and influence over others. You can use your strengths and potential to delve deep beneath the surface to uncover secret knowledge about the universe and spirituality.

You can also easily uncover the inner motivations of others. Channeled positively you can succeed in a career as a therapist or spiritual leader. Your intense focus and intention to detail also help you excel in research. You could do well in a career in science as well.

If your energy is not balanced or in less mature expressions of your power you can become a religious zealout or cult guru. You are able to manipulate others and can use this ability to help empower others r to prey on their vulnerabilities.

You can help others through their own significant transformations because of your intuition and insight. You are also likely to experience significant personal change and initiation into higher awareness in conjunction with awakening to different religious or cultural beliefs.

Pluto in House 10

Natal Pluto in your tenth house brings potential to ascend to positions of power and influence. As a politician or business leader you may advance to positions of status. You are ambitious and driven. Your desire may stem completely from seeking wealth and personal power or from a genuine belief in your mission.

Whatever your motivation you are likely to become obsessive in your quest for advancement and success.

No matter how far fetched your goals may be you will diligently pursue them and in most cases will complete your quest.

You can be single minded in your pursuit of success and will usually align with careers that offer wealth, power and status.

You have a commanding presence and others will typically trust in your credibility and authority. At the same time, you are likely to be insistent on following your own specific path fueled by your will power and determination. When things don’t go your way power struggles and conflicts with authority can lead you to spend your energy in futile ways.

Pluto in House 11

Natal Pluto in your eleventh house makes you a catalyst for profound change as a member of coalitions and organizations. You are dedicated to your mission to improve society and even though you will join efforts with various groups and campaigns you secretly hold your own beliefs that you should be in charge.

You will work to rise through the ranks to positions of leadership and can be effective as a leader of social movements and group organizations.

It will be important for you to remember your overall mission and not get distracted by pursuit of your own ambition or by pride.

Others are magnetically attracted to you. You have a powerful presence and speak with authority. Even if you are not the leader of a group others will seek out direction from you because you embody authority and power.

Pluto in House 12

Natal Pluto in your twelfth house provides opportunity for transformation and rebirth through experiencing physical, emotional or spiritual healing. You are likely to experience restrictions and obstacles which help you awaken to your higher calling and true power.

If you are misusing your personal power and ambition consequences will ensue. Your insatiable appetite for control and wealth can steer you off course, leading you to bend or break rules. When this happens, institutions such as jails, hospitals and rehabilitation centers may play a role in helping you start over, experiencing spiritual awakening and initiating a new path after experiencing consequences related to unchecked desire for power.

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