What is the best way for you to learn new things, based on your Mercury sign?

3-6-knowledge-seeker.jpgWhat your Mercury position can show you about your attitude to learn new things?

Mercury in Aries

Your mind is sharp and highly focused. When you get inspired, you are likely to dive in full force. Your key to making the best out of studying and maximizing your brain power is to strike while the iron is hot.

Your intellectual interests may run hot and cold. You are likely to feel passionately intrigued by a subject one moment and then bored the next. Let your surges of interest motivate you to devote your focus to absorbing as much as you can while your interest is engaged.

One of the challenges you face is your restlessness. You are in a hurry to get to the finish line. You may devour books but not really digest the information for example. You may also race through school work or become distracted by wanting to ace tests yet not really develop a deeper understanding of the subject you are studying.

Your mind works fast yet you may need to force yourself to slow down in order to make sure you have really grasped the material you are studying.

You are also quick to form opinions and may need to practice evaluating numerous sides of an issue. When studying you may need to ‘binge study’ in short intense spurts but then allow breaks for movement and recharging before hitting the books again.

Mercury in Taurus

You think in practical terms and are able to separate your emotions from your rational mind. You are sensual and will learn new things if you are able to get involved in a hands on way.

In fact, your hands and sense of touch are so important to your learning process you may need to trace words with your finger or underline with a pen while you read. You need physical contact and engagement with the subjects you are studying.

You may find that you do well with puzzles or mechanical pursuits that require assembly or deconstruction. You may be able to go to work with your hands and put things together for example, sensing how things work even if you can’t state it verbally.

In order to digest new information you need to take your time and physically get involved with what you are doing. You are more likely to learn new things if you can bring all your senses together in the learning process. Reading from a book alone is likely to be insufficient.

You need to feel like you are physically there in a scene in history for example in order to learn about this subject. Likewise when it comes to science and technology or crafts and other skills, you learn best by doing, not by being instructed.

You are also more receptive to learning when you feel comfortable and physically secure. If your environment is loud, distracting, too cold or too warm, or not nurturing in some way, you are likely to tune out. On the other hand if your comfort needs and physical needs are met your mind is more open and you can take in new information without being blocked.

One of your challenges is abstract concepts. If you are studying matters which are not easily described in concrete terms, you need to create a link between the abstract and physical worlds.

Mercury in Gemini

You easily absorb new information as you are highly intellectual and thrive on mental stimulation. Communication is a major channel for information for you. You are an avid reader and will learn from absorbing written and spoken words.

You are also likely to understand that words and letters have meanings on several levels. Your mind is adaptable and flexible. You can take different points of view easily and can consider all angles of a problem.

You tend to be objective as well and are distracted by your emotional connection to a topic. You are social however and will prefer to study or learn in group settings. You may become uplifted by the energy of a group or even slightly competitive however you will accomplish more if you supported by your peers.

You become bored easily and may need to jump from one topic to another in order to keep your focus and not lose interest. You may also become too carried away with socializing and so will want to make sure at least one member of your group is more grounded and able to bring business back into focus.

Also since your mind is so flexible it is possible for you to struggle with topics that are too concrete. Generally however you are a fast learner. You have a knack for languages and so abbreviations and word games that help you remember and recall information are helpful to you.

Mercury in Cancer

Your mind is influenced by your emotions. This can be a challenge and a strength. On the one hand, information that strikes an emotional cord with you is more likely to be committed to memory. You are more likely to pursue a topic of study that hits home for you.

On the other hand, your own biases and emotional issues can cause you to become distracted from the topic you are studying. A personal crisis or emotional rollercoaster can interfere with your study routines and cost you when it comes to grades. Even if you fully understand a topic of study, your emotional state at a given moment can interfere with you recalling or retaining the information when you need it to succeed on a test.

Your nurturing and empathy toward others is another area that can assist your studies. If you perceive your success in learning a new subject to be of benefit to your partner or family, you are more likely to succeed. If you feel your new skills or knowledge will help you to care for others and nurture others, you are also more likely to stick with it.

When you are feeling comfortable and secure, study is more successful for you. You prefer to learn to learn things from the comfort of your own home. You prefer to have access to good food while you are cramming for a test for example.

You may even use special meals or favorite foods as a treat to keep yourself focused. You may, for example, plan to go out for a special meal if you accomplish your study goals or receive a certain grade.

Mercury in Leo

You love to be knowledgeable about things that establish you as an authority figure. If you are caught off guard and don’t have the correct answer when others are looking to you, it is mortifying to you. You want to be a leader and to shine in the spotlight. You are also very creative.

It is easier for you to learn new things if you draw on your fun loving, creative side. If study time becomes a game, you will be engaged. Trivia games, flashcards, or other playful methods of learning work well for you.

If you are studying in a group one obstacle can be your sense of pride. You will have to cut yourself some slack if you are still learning. Otherwise you may have a difficult time with the learning curve and judge yourself harshly or become defensive if others see a less than perfect performance.

If you view study and academic success as a means to rising in status and power you will be more motivated to focus on your school work and learning process.

Mercury in Virgo

You are highly intellectual and analytical. You learn new things easily. You will get right down to the details and cover every last area with a fine tooth comb. You are likely to take your time making sure you have a perfect grasp on your subject matter.

You underestimate yourself frequently. You will judge yourself until you feel you have reached an ideal of perfection that may not be realistic. One of your challenges when it comes to learning and academics is that you may actually sabotage yourself if you procrastinate.

You are more likely to succeed if you follow through with your best effort even if it is not perfect, than if you wait until you think you are perfect and miss opportunities and deadlines.

You are likely to worry yourself to the point of test anxiety which also can sabotage your progress. You may also get sidetracked by small details which do not add to your progress. For example when studying for a test you may get focused on extraneous trivia but not as easily grasp the larger concepts.

You also thrive on subjects with concrete, specific and consistent rules. Math for example may be easier for you to study and grasp than subjects such as history or art which are more subjective.

Mercury in Libra

Study has to be fun, lighthearted and filled with beauty in order for you to excel in learning new things. You are artistically and creatively inclined. Study practices that put information to music works well for you. You may also do well having classical music playing while you are studying.

You excel in the arts and humanities. You enjoy learning about people, cultures and society.

One obstacle for you when it comes to study is that you can become distracted. There may be so many competing interests vying for your attention that you don’t delve as deeply into a particular subject in order to grasp it fully.

As a result you may acquire superficial knowledge on a number of topics but not reach as deep an understanding as you need to. You like information to be logical, neat and tidy. You like things to balance out.

Subjects that involve critical thinking and analysis also appeal to you as you can see different sides of a subject. You like to learn about things that make you feel good and may lose interest in subjects that are important but not immediately applicable to your life. Subjects that are too abstract or not based in humanities can be a challenge for you.

Mercury in Scorpio

You love to research. You learn best when you can study in depth and not be distracted by demands of daily life. You may seclude yourself in a den or library and tune out the rest of the world while you dive into learning a new subject.

You respond well to challenges that allow you to delve beneath the surface and uncover information that at first may appear mysterious or arcane. You like to be a detective on the search for clues. You are likely to be intrigued by information and topics not easily understood by others. Taboo subjects or topics that involve controversy also appeal to you.

You are likely to have a knack for psychology and studies of human nature, especially the dark side of human nature such as forensic psychology.

Your study time is best spent in a methodical search that reveals the deep underlying aspects of a subject. You like to unravel layer after layer as you strive for expertise in a given field. Topics that give you a cutting edge or power over others are of interest to you as well.

Your mind is intense and you may become obsessive about a topic until you have thoroughly examined it from every angle and mastered the subject.

Mercury in Sagittarius

You are open minded and philosophical in your approach to learning. You love to learn new things because you love to expand your views and open your mind. You are good at grasping patterns and abstract concepts.

Details bore you however, so you will have to give yourself incentive to focus in on topics you find tedious.

Philosophy, art, music, culture and language all appeal to you as do subjects relating to humanities, law and ancient civilizations. When you are learning something new, you prefer to feel as if you have been transported to another place and time to experience the events you are learning about.

You want to know that the subjects you are studying are advancing your growth so you can improve society.

Obstacles you may face include getting in over your head by taking on too much at once. You may also feel drawn to a topic of study and feel overconfident about your knowledge base before you have really had a chance to begin diving in and learning new things.

Learning in a full immersion setting is ideal for you, especially when it comes to studying language and culture.

Mercury in Capricorn

You don’t like theoretical abstract topics. To you, any course of study that is not directly applicable to career advancement and financial gain will seem too fluffy and a waste of time. You like to learn hands on skills that directly relate to solid, secure employment.

You excel both in classes involving business and history as you do like to be connected to tradition and to the past. You are also likely to do well learning new trades.

You need your learning to be hands on, logical and methodical. You are concrete in your interpretation of things. You may be drawn to math and science for this reason. You want things to line up and make sense, not to be abstract and open to interpretation.

You are ambitious and hard working. It isn’t difficult for you to learn new things if you are given enough time. Your effort is slow and steady. If you are rushed or distracted it will be difficult to retain new information.

You need to sit with things and figure out how they work. It helps if you can view or use three dimensional models. You learn more effectively by doing than by being told or by memorization.

Mercury in Aquarius

You are a seeker but also a rebel. You don’t find traditional explanations to be suitable and will challenge the status quo in order to ascertain the truth. When you are learning new things you need to spend as much time breaking the rules as you do following them.

You need to understand things from a far out perspective and then work your way back to the center. Being told a list of formulas and rules will not be sufficient for you. Instead you need to break away from the status quo and examine things through your own lens.

You can be objective and detached in your pursuit of knowledge. Emotion doesn’t distract you but power struggles may. You don’t like being told that something is so just because an expert is the one telling you. You need to go out and find proof for yourself.

Subjects like science, metaphysics, and languages appeal to you.

You may have difficulty expressing your knowledge to others because you see things in such a radically different way.

Your learning process is unique to you and may vary day to day. You don’t like to follow rules so conforming to group norms in order to study is not likely to be effective. You are motivated by group endeavors however and so group projects can work if given flexibility.

Mercury in Pisces

You are a sensitive thinker who needs ample time to reflect before coming to a conclusion. You steer away from concrete, mundane topics and opt instead for opportunities to feel your way through a subject trusting your instincts and emotions as much as your intellect.

You need to feel emotionally connected by a subject in order to embrace new information. You also prefer to have your creative senses engaged. You are likely to excel in the arts, music, language and history. You need to be in a certain flow for information to really sink in.

Memorization or following purely logical rules won’t work for you. You need to feel that things are a certain way not simply be told that they are.

Escapism and retreating into your imagination can be an obstacle when you are trying to succeed academically and learn new things. You need to find incentives to work through the dry mundane details. Otherwise you are likely to mentally tune out what isn’t pleasing and interesting to you and in doing so overlook important information.