What does the Sun as the dominant planet tell about love and relationships?

0-0plan.jpg The Sun is associated with vitality and royalty, as well as ego, or outward persona. If the Sun is the dominant planet in an individual’s chart, they embody the archetypal energy of this Luminary. Like the Sun, they bring warmth and optimism to others.

Those with a Sun dominant in the natal chart aren’t afraid to shine and expect to be in the spotlight. They expect to be recognized, even praised, by others. It seems natural to them, since they extend their generosity easily. Sun dominant people have a knack for performance. This is an advantage in romance, as they will express love and devotion through creative gestures.

The Sun rules the sign Leo, and like the archetypal energy of this powerful sign, those with dominant Sun, also known as Solarians, are natural leaders. They can be bold in their approach to love and relationships. Sun dominant people don’t know the meaning of the word subtle. When they are in love, they will let the world know it through grandiose gestures.

Who wouldn’t want their beloved to send two hundred roses? Or propose via big screen at a concert in front of thousands of strangers?

Sun dominant people don’t realize that some people value private intimate moments. The vital energy that Solarians receive from being the center of attention can be overwhelming to their loved ones. They want to showcase their relationship and perhaps even share some of the moments others would consider intimate and personal. Expect a Sun dominant person’s Facebook status update to include milestones in your relationship for example.

Charming and assertive, Solarians may direct the course of the relationship and initiate greater intimacy when they are ready. They are not shy and their sexuality mirrors their personality in this way. They are natural leaders and will want to set the pace for the relationship both in and out of bed. Admiration and praise are aphrodesiacs for a Sun dominant person and while they require a lot of attention they are also willing to be demonstrative, affectionate and generous with their partners as well.

Solarians often feel like they are in the spotlight, so any kind of visual or auditory stimulation is going to create an ideal intimate mood rather than going to extremes to be experimental. They are confident, but they want to make sure their partner is enjoying their displays of affection or sexuality so verbal or visual cues are important. They are also very sensitive to criticism so it is important for their partner to express boundaries or preferences without making it sound like rejection or a personal criticism.

Sun dominant people are the life of the party. It can be difficult for them to share the stage. They may overlook cues that others would like to be heard. They don’t intend to outshine those around them. They are self conscious but need to develop a level of other-consciousness to avoid dominating relationships.

When a significant other challenges a Solarian person for center stage, it can result in feelings of betrayal and confusion. The Sun dominant person will likely feel as if they are being rejected. The same is true if a gift or gesture is not accepted by others with as much enthusiasm as it was given.

When not coming from a balanced place, the Solarian may attach expectations to their acts of generosity. Also used to being in the lead, Sun dominant people need to be mindful that others may not share their views. They are not heartless, quite the opposite, but their perspective is ‘I like/dislike this, so naturally so does everyone else.’

They need gentle reminders that this is not always the case. While they project a strong image to the world, they can easily take others’ assertions of boundaries or limitations personally. When this happens they can feel deflated.

Sun dominant people have much to share with the world. They bring enthusiasm and hope to others. When mindful to allow space for others to co-lead, and when they distinguish constructive criticism from rejection, their energy can bring vitality to relationships. At the same time, they find strength in energy received from the relationships with others. They also bring lessons of self confidence and optimism to others when their energy is balanced.

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