What does Jupiter as the dominant planet tell about love and relationships?

5-0plan.jpg Jupiter dominant people, also known as Jupiterians, are the Philosopher Kings or Queens of the Zodiac. They see boundless opportunities. Jupiterians will find pathways, tunnels and bridges where you see walls, and they will do their best to inspire you to rise above any limitations.

Jupiter dominant people are generous and easily take the lead helping others to broaden their views. Jupiterians solve problems by thinking on complex levels. Jupiterians share their wisdom with others and may end up playing the role of counselor, advisor or philosopher to their friends and loved ones.

Their thinking is broad and they strive to be fair, therefore they can be a strong advocate for others without becoming dominant or hostile.

Jupiter dominant people are active seekers of enlightenment and wisdom and may have a broad array of friends around the world from whom they learn about various cultures. Jupiterians bring this knowledge into their own lives seeking to help others shift their limited views by exposing them to diversity.

Jupiter dominant people are motivated by spirituality and morality. In romance and relationships, Jupiterians will likely feel a spiritual connection to those they are attracted to and may feel it is part of their mission to lead their loved ones.

Jupiter dominant people show love by trying to elevate others. Whether through kind words or encouragement, or through bestowing material gifts on others, Jupiter dominant people want to expand the lives of those they care about. In the case of Jupiterians who are good cooks or want to wine and dine their loved ones, the expansion could become physical.

Jupiterians are conscious of the big picture and see their loved ones as part of a greater tapestry. By empowering one person they are empowering society and so Jupiter dominant people may take on relationships as if they were ‘projects’ with the goal of healing, fixing or enlightening others being as prominent as the goal of settling down in a relationship.

They tend to be lucky and their good fortune is enjoyed more when they can share it with others. Easily carried away by enthusiasm, Jupiterians may go to the extreme of giving all or most of their material possessions away to those they care about.

When not balanced, Jupiter dominant people may get carried away in pleasure seeking. Going over the top to show others a good time could cost Jupiterians both financially and emotionally as reality and restrictions will eventually set in and Jupiterians will have to learn to come back down to the mundane details and deal with the less than fabulous aspects of relationships.

Their wanderlust can also cause problems in relationships as they easily feel suffocated and need a great deal of independence. Partners and significant others will need to understand this and not take it personally, also not allowing jealousy to get in the way of Jupiter dominant person’s need to travel and absorb new information.

Jupiter dominant people are also fond of grand gestures and may get ahead of themselves in relationships, planning an elaborate wedding in their minds before the fourth date or making big plans for the future of a relationship without checking to see that their partner is on the same page. Others can begin to feel micromanaged by Jupiterians’ habit of planning an ideal life without their input.

In sexual relationships, Jupiter dominant people are attracted to ideals and philosophy and will need to be mentally stimulated in order to feel physically aroused. They love to discover new things about their partner and will become bored if there is nothing new to learn. Sex also needs to be a journey to discovery. Jupiterians are prone to wandering from one relationship to another if things become too stagnant.

Jupiter dominant people don’t easily become truly intimate, they keep themselves at a distance where they can explore and remain abstract rather than swamped with emotions. They may attract long distance relationships or remain detached even in serious relationships.

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