What does Saturn as the dominant planet tell about love and relationships?

6-0plan.jpg The Saturn dominant person, or Saturnine person is all about structure, order and discipline. The Saturn dominant person is hard working and may prefer to work alone so they can set a stable foundation, pouring over every detail and making sure their path is solid.

As a result of this, Saturn dominated people can be detached from others. While they care about others in general, in theoretical humanitarians, they care more about restoring order and tradition rather than pursuing deeply intimate relationships.

The key to relationships with Saturn dominant people is their sense of responsibility to others. Relationships, like everything to a Saturn dominant person, are all about work. In some cases the Saturnine person may endure relationships as if they were a chore, yet they seldom complain because they enjoy fulfilling their perceived obligations.

Saturn dominant people are candid and not always attuned to the subtle emotional cues from others. They are task oriented and not as aware of the emotional needs of others. Their desire to bring stability and security focuses more on physical, tangible manifestations of security such as finances and health.

The Saturnine person will work to establish a solid foundation for their loved ones, even if they aren’t able to articulate their love and affection in romantic terms.

One of the biggest mistakes others make is to underestimate the Saturn dominant person’s capacity for caring for others. This is because Saturnine people will unintentionally disappoint those who seek grand displays of affection, dramatic romantic gestures and verbal expressions of their loved ones’ deep emotions.

Instead, Saturnine people will quietly work behind the scenes to establish the ground work for their loved ones to grow and thrive. They will provide financial security and be consistent and timely. They will remember anniversaries, but may celebrate more frugally than you expect. In their mind, they are giving you the gift of conserved savings, not being cheap.

Saturn dominant people take things seriously and are concerned with planning for the long run. They are willing to make short term sacrifices and make the assumption that others understand their motives when others are likely to mistake their actions for disinterest.

In sexual relationships, Saturn dominant people aren’t interested in casual flings. They want to build a stable foundation. Experts at self denial, they do not get carried away in the heat of the moment and are more likely to pursue intimacy through slow, steady courtship.

They have a traditional approach to sexuality and prefer to steer clear of experimentation and drama. Discretion is important to them as well and sex may be routine and predictable because they do not need to reinvent the wheel. When they find a way to please their lover, they will repeat what has been proven effective.

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