What does Uranus as the dominant planet tell about love and relationships?

7-0plan.jpg Uranus dominant person in relationships may seem like a contradiction in terms.

Uranians are compassionate people who do feel a connection to others, yet their fidelity first and foremost is to progress. They are married to all of humanity and to social change. Intimate relationships and romance fall somewhere farther down the list of priorities.

They are often misunderstood as being detached and cold when in reality they bear a burden of compassion for larger issues than their immediate romantic desires or desire for companionship. They are intensely connected to a higher sense of intuition and connection and their brilliance comes at a high personal cost.

They bear the burden of seeing into the future to the extent that being able to intimately harmonize with others in the present becomes a challenge. Uranus dominant people are forced by the intensity of their vision and restless energy, to maintain some level of independence regardless of their emotional needs or desires for connection.

They have a habit of becoming intensely attracted to others and then running hot and cold. Their focus shifts to follow whatever excites them and they thrive on change. They have no problem disconnecting completely if they are bored with others or if someone becomes too needy or demanding, or if they are on the brink of being held accountable to emotionally connect and commit to others.

Uranians can have satisfying relationships but this requires a great deal of awareness both on their part and on behalf of their significant others. It must be understood, for instance, that a Uranus dependent person is going to place their need for mental stimulation and dedication to various social causes ahead of their need for a romantic date.

They become easily bored and repelled by people who are clingy, needy, or even stable. Their job is to be an agent of change and disruption. Trying to force them into a predictable routine will not work.

They need a partner who understands their essential energy and how crucial independence and change is to them. They also need to be trusted to maintain their broad reaching social connections and involvement in activism and group activities. A partner who is too demanding of their time and energy will be left behind in a heartbeat.

Uranus dominant people will not be at home watching Netflix or reassuring an insecure partner. Instead they have a deeply felt obligation to activism and friendships. Yes, they will maintain friendships with those of the gender they are attracted to, their significant others will have to accept that they are not the only person in an Uranian’s life.

In sexual relationships as in most areas, they keep people guessing. They don’t like to be categorized and they prefer to be an ever evolving puzzle. In sexuality they are open to experimenting and will become bored with routine. Surprise is a part of seduction.

They are highly sensitive to energy and can be seduced on mental, physical and spiritual levels more easily than on emotional levels. They want to explore new territory so sexual games, role play and experimenting with sex in various unusual locations are exciting to Uranians.

If they are not aware of their higher calling or if their energy is off balance, Uranus dominant people will easily use their profound thinking and intellect to become adversarial toward others. Arguing for the sake of argument can cause them to burn bridges. They ideally need to become aware of and in tune with their own emotions so as not to hide from deeper levels of connection with others through work or rationalization.

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