What does the Sun as the dominant planet reveal about appearance, style and personal boundaries?

By 12andus

sun.pngSun dominant person radiates confidence and enthusiasm. They know they are royalty and aren’t afraid to express their individuality through their personal style.

While it would be unfair to classify the Solarian’s style too narrowly, after all individuality is one of their core attributes, it can be said that they will wear their heart and ego on their sleeve.

Sun dominant people are bold and bright and love to be in the spotlight. Bright colors, particularly warm colors such as red, orange, yellow and pink, suit Solarians. Likewise, purple, the color of royalty is an ideal color for Sun dominant people.

The combination of yellow and purple, known as ‘complimentary colors’ are also especially Solarian because they draw attention, clashing just enough to be interesting. Sun dominant people are attracted to styles that are trendy but will always want to add their own unique touches so as to be a cut above the average.

Solarians are naturally attractive and they may dress to draw attention, yet their energy embodies attraction and love so they do not need to go overboard to seduce others through their wardrobe.

Sun dominant people usually have high self confidence and as a result they will play up their strengths through clothes, makeup and hairstyles which put their best face forward. Even when running to the grocery store for bread, a Solarian will make sure they are showing their best image.

Like celebrities, Sun dominant people are aware of their appearance and may strike less image conscious people as vain. In truth, the Solarian values themselves and sees the body as a first line of attraction and an opportunity to showcase the self in physical form.

  If a Solarian is into athletics, for example, they will dress in ways that reflect this interest although a spiffier version rather than casual. If they are an artist, they will dress the part with added flair. Wardrobe and appearance are a part of communicating ‘this is who I am’.

Sun dominant people tend to be physically vibrant and strong. Even those who aren’t trained to ‘see’ auras can perceive the radiance exhibited by Solarians. Sun dominant people tend to be outgoing and their body language reflects this. They are likely to gesture dramatically, stand tall, and hold their heads high. They embody pride, leadership and enthusiasm.

They love to share their energy and this translates into a preference for affection even on a friendly level. Solarians want to connect with and uplift others and may use hugs, affectionate gestures and close stance to others as a means to share their energy without taking note of the subtle cues from others who may be more introverted.

They are can usually balance tact with dramatic flair for entertainment and may reserve their physical contact to a firm handshake in a business setting, but enjoy public displays of affection in personal relationships.

As Solarians love to show affection they don’t want to be clung to. Especially in a crowd, they need to be able to mingle and yes, they will hug other people. A jealous partner will cramp their style if they expect a Sun dominant person to not show physical affection for friends.

When a Sun dominant person shows affection to a loved one, it is part an extension of their energy to the other person, and part a boast to the world, they are proud to be with their loved ones and want to show the world that they are connected to someone they value as much as themselves.

When it comes to communication and proximity, Solarians want to be seen. If they are unable to physically see their loved ones, they will prefer video chat to text or email, since they want to know others can see them.

They are fond of posting selfies on social media and want to include those close to them in their photos as they perceive their loved ones as extensions of themselves. Also, Sun dominant people love to be in the spotlight and as a partner or friend they want to others to be under the spotlight with them.

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