What does Venus as the dominant planet reveal about appearance, style and personal boundaries?

venus.png Classic romantics, Venus dominant people are elegant and have a soft, friendly appearance. Venus dominant people are considered attractive by others and have natural charm. They typically have curvy, soft features. Even when slender they are seldom angular or bony. Venus dominant people often have full lips and proportionate features.

Regardless of gender, Venus dominant people prefer soft, comfortable textures. They embody beauty and balance and have a knack for making the most casual outfit look classy. Venus dominant people avoid harsh contrasts, offensively bright color combinations or blinding patterns. They prefer to soothe the senses.

Their fashion style is artistic as well as romantic. They prefer soft colors and do well with shades of pink, green and bronze. Venus dominant people want to look aesthetically pleasing butwill also not tolerate discomfort. They will dress to impress regardless of body size or shape. Rather than squeezing in to clothes that don’t fit in order to adhere to social ideals, Venus dominant people will play up their strengths and make sure their clothing is relaxing, glamorous and flowing.

Venus dominant people also have an eye for quality. They know what brands offer value and which are just flashy. They will pay more for clothing that is made to last or is versatile. At the same time, they know a bargain when they see one.

Venus dominant people can keep up with trends without going broke because they are resourceful. Their creative energy can help them replicate their favorite styles without spending as much. They may even have a talent for creating their own styles and making their own clothing.

Venus dominant people love to accessorize, coordinating from head to toe. They love to be surrounded by beautiful things and may have ample assortments of jewelry, watches, hats, shoes and scarves to mix and match with their various outfits.

When it comes to personal space and physical boundaries, Venus dominant people are all about affection and don’t mind showing affection publicly. They are as likely to hug and show affection to friends as they are to significant others and close personal contacts.

Although they enjoy physical contact and displays of affection, Venus dominant people are seldom clingy and will not want to be clung to by others. They are social and outgoing and need enough personal space to allow them to maintain connection to their numerous friends. They don’t want to be smothered or confined by a jealous significant other who mistakes their open affection for competition.

Venus dominant people enjoy being close to a number of people and often work better as a partner in business, family, friendships as well as romantic relationships. For this reason they may advance relationships quickly or assume a level of intimacy sooner than others would expect. This doesn’t always include romantic or sexual intimacy but it can.

When it comes to work or friendship connections, Venus dominant people can act as if they have known their peers and colleagues for a long time even when they just met. As a result, they may assume a more personal connection, including physical closeness and displays of affection.

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