What does Jupiter as the dominant planet reveal about appearance, style and personal boundaries?

jupiter.png Jupiter dominant people are inspiring and idealistic. They don’t do anything on a small scale and know how to make an impact without being overbearing or confrontational.

Jupiter dominant people tend to be tall and due to a tendency to indulge in the best of what life has to offer including food and drink, can become overweight easily. They tend to have solid muscles and a strong physical constitution however and the thighs and hips are particularly sturdy when their energy is balanced, or prone to injury when not balanced. They are typically optimistic and smiling, radiant and naturally charming. Others are attracted to their confident nature and their body language shows this confidence.

Jupiterians are drawn to anything exotic and so their fashion preferences may be influenced by cultures foreign to them.  They may adopt a unique style of dressing that mirrors a culture they have been researching for example. They are frequently on the move and so their wardrobe needs to be travel friendly. Still, minimalism is not a concept they easily grasp and so it is common for Jupiter dominant people to gather excess.

When they find a particular item of clothing or accessory they like, they will likely purchase extra just to have on hand, even if in reality they never wear it again. They like to show status and gravitate toward looking professional regardless of their unique attire. The color purple appeals to Jupiterians as does red. They are spiritual, philosophical and free thinking and like to push boundaries and make a statement though they are also not out to shock or unnerve others.

Jupiter dominant people need a lot of physical space. They don’t mind displays of affection, especially when connecting with others that carry social status. They are mindful of career and advancement and know how to network for success, employing the appropriate amount of physical distance to the relationship.

In dating and romance they are generous yet also outgoing and social so they may shower their loved ones with attention and affection one moment and then wander off to explore the social scene leaving their loved one to wonder what happened and when they will return.

They are fair however and aren’t likely to honor boundaries in relationships though their desire for excess and pleasure seeking may cause them to wander into affairs if they grow bored or restless with their relationship. They are likely to keep in touch with loved ones consistently though it may be through long winded text messages with brief follow up as they are wandering the world and exploring their surroundings.

When a Jupiterian is engrossed in their mission they may become distant from their loved ones but this distance doesn’t last for long. Significant others need to understand their independent nature and need for personal space to reflect and research. They love to travel and may expect their significant other to join them, but some adventures they prefer to have alone so as not to be hindered by anyone else’s schedule or agenda. Give them space to expand, grow and explore.

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