What does Saturn as the dominant planet reveal about appearance, style and personal boundaries?

By 12andus

saturn.png The Saturn dominant person is typically tall, slender and has prominent bone structure giving them an angular look. They may have muscles developed typically through physical labor. Even when they are happy and having fun, the Saturnine person typically looks serious and somber. They may also appear much older than they actually are, even at a young age.

Saturn dominant people wear age well, however. They are the types to make maturity look alluring and sexy. As a result they are often comfortable with their body’s response to aging and may flaunt their grey or white hair rather than concealing it through dyes.

Saturnine people are practical but can also be classy. On the practical side they will dress to accommodate their work, and this is no surprise because most things revolve around work for them. They also are in tune with value and when they dress up for a special event or date, their appearance is typically formal, even romantic but never gaudy or flashy. They would rather blend in with the crowd than draw attention to themselves in overstated ways. They can get away with dressing in neutral or dark colors and typically prefer to do so.

They opt for quality rather than brand name alone, and are good at distinguishing brands that are a good value as opposed to labels that carry name recognition but are cheaply made. They will opt for jewelry or clothing which is classy and high quality rather than those associated just with status.

Practical and efficient they dress in traditional and timeless outfits and can’t see the point in renewing the wardrobe every season or even every year.

Saturn dominant people have a strong need for personal space and aren’t shy about letting others know their boundaries. They aren’t known for being affectionate and may reserve intimacy and physical contact for those in their closest circle, even then they don’t show affection publicly. When it comes to personal space, however they are consistent and will maintain regular contact checking in or texting like clockwork even if it is just to say hello.

They may seem cold and distant to others but they are very clear about boundaries both in terms of space and affection. They will show love through generosity and willingness to cover practical details for others rather than through displays of affection.

They are predictable and reliable, rather than passionate and spontaneous. They may use the same greeting, or even follow a routine when it comes to intimacy, which never gets boring for them because it is predictable. To a Saturn dominant person, this consistency is what makes their connection special even if it lacks dynamism.

When they are displeased they will typically assert themselves and take even more space and alone time. They can be introverted and need this space to process their thoughts and feelings. Others may be surprised by their candid statements as they have no problem stating their needs without sugar coating things, and if someone is overstepping boundaries they will clearly let the person know. When not balanced however, Saturnine people may simply hide in work and let others take the hint.

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