What does Pluto as the dominant planet reveal about appearance, style and personal boundaries?

    By 12andus

    pluto.png The Pluto dominant person is intense and may have deep, penetrating eyes and a serious demeanor. They have a strong magnetic sexual charm that draws others to them. At the same time they can be overbearing and intimidating because of their knack for probing into the inner worlds of others.

    Plutonians have striking features and may have an edge to their appearance. They carry natural power and give off a strong, seductive but no-nonsense aura.

    In fashion they aren’t afraid to push boundaries and express their sexuality through dress and style. They are all about power and aren’t afraid to flaunt status. If they are hoping to achieve status, their style may reflect a ‘fake it ‘til you make it’ attitude.

    Pluto dominant people may go to extremes to express their creative energy by trying on a variety of styles. They are also likely to go through phases as their energy is associated with personal reinvention and rebirth. Look through their old photos and you may find remnants of a Goth phase at some point in time.

    They are closely connected to the otherworlds and the cycles of death and transformation and so may be drawn to dark colors, black or red in particular. Fashions associated with power or associated with powerful groups, from motorcycle gangs, to militant groups to highly formal business attire will appeal to them. Fashion associated with both outlaws and high status are appealing to them.

    They don’t hide their style to fit in with social norms or expectations, yet they know how to be discreet and stay off the radar when they need to. They understand intuitively that in some settings it is best to blend in with the background and can keep from drawing attention to themselves when they want to.

    Pluto dominant people have a keen understanding of how others think and can size up others quickly. This information is then used to their advantage, so they may dress to put others at ease if that is their agenda, or to intimidate if they feel they need to.

    In relationships Plutonian people want to get under everyone’s skin, not as an irritant but to reveal secrets and fully assess the deeper layers of those around them. They may be direct, assertive and comfortable with intimacy as a means of revealing information. For them, body language, physical contact and even sexuality are as much a matter of research as a matter of physical pleasure.

    They do also want to form deep emotional bonds with those in whom they have taken a romantic interest. For everyone else however, they are good at establish boundaries and communicating these boundaries in direct, powerful ways which leave no room for confusion or misinterpretation.

    They can come across to others as guarded at first. This is because they are always on the lookout for allies and adversaries, and always assessing their surroundings. When they have taken an interest in someone, they focus all of their energy on that individual and will call, text or seek out frequent communication.

    In mature expressions, they are able to strategize their contact to not be too overbearing, yet in early years or without self awareness they may be more impulsive and not realize how intense their pursuit feels to their love interest.

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