How do you express your ego and how can you evolve into your true self, according to your Sun sign?

ego-and-true-self-466.jpg What can the Sun in the signs show you about your ego and your true self?

How does the inner child's ego sabotage our maturity?

Sun in Aries

Your ego is driven by a strong impulse to action and movement. You appreciate your individualism and are convinced that there’s nothing you can’t do, but you want everything to be done now and by yourself only, no help needed. You underestimate the importance of thinking about the possible outcomes of your actions.

You can manifest your true self by directing your leadership and bravery towards well-structured objectives. Your strengths include being able to motivate and help others to become more daring and decisive. You can also help others overcome their fears, fight for their passions and defend their ideals.

Sun in Taurus

The energy of your ego is strongly connected to satisfying your desire for material possessions. You aim to accumulate abundance. You equate your possessions with security and your worth as a human being. This need for possession also makes you jealous as you consider that those you love belong only to you.

Basing your happiness and tranquility on your possessions only gives you a fake sense of security because you can’t really control what you have accumulated. You can be your most authentic self by finding your true value inside, relying upon the eternal and indestructible nature of your soul.

Sun in Gemini

Your ego is characterized by a strong identification with the intellectual mind, duality, and versatility. You are very curious and have a strong desire to constantly communicate with others, even in a compulsive way. Your intellectual nature enables you to figure things out in a superficial way and to rationalize your emotions.

Your true self resides beyond the intellectual mind, you need to give yourself the time to learn how to find that place of silence within where full awareness can emerge, and free yourself from the constant bustle of thoughts and ideas in your head.

Sun in Cancer

You express your ego through your emotions and feelings and for that reason feeling safe is one of the most important aspects of your life.

You feel constantly overwhelmed by the threats of the world and the negative experiences of your past, using that as a justification to be suspicious of others.

Your higher self will allow you to feel vulnerable, taking down the barriers that you have created to withdraw yourself from others. A total trust will give you the strength that is required to overcome any obstacle and feel safe by accepting that there is a superior intelligence that controls everything and everyone in life.

Sun in Leo

The natural instinct of your ego is always looking for attention, praise, and prominence. You want to be admired and have authority over others. You become uncomfortable if people don’t give you the recognition you think you deserve. You like to help others as long as you receive recognition in exchange.

You can reach your true self by using your light to contribute to the enlightenment of all living beings, by understanding that you are not the center of the universe, but a part of a great divine system where every part is equally important and using your talents to serve the common good in an unselfish manner.

Sun in Virgo

Your ego is driven by inquisitive and rational energy that makes you highly critical, seeking perfection in yourself and others.

You consider the world a chaotic place and try to separate yourself from it instead of trying to fit in. If you feel that what you are doing is not being done correctly, you will become dissatisfied and frustrated, and ultimately will feel useless.

You manifest your true self if you gain the confidence to overcome the fear of failure and let go of expectations and limiting behaviors. Accept that you are enough and feel free to make mistakes and learn from them by putting perfectionism and criticism aside.

Life can’t be controlled, control is just an illusion, enjoy the unpredictablility and creativity of life. Many surprises will come to you!

Sun in Libra

You express your ego through conflict avoidant behavior nurtured by the fear of not being accepted. You identify yourself with your ability to attain harmony which usually leads you to give in to what others want. This pattern leads you to lose your own power to make decisions. You might also become resentful as time passes.

Your higher self drives your heart to the true origin of peace through meditation and self-inquiry finding all the answers you need by leaving all the indecision and uncertainty behind. Such peace is untouched even by external events which might upset you. You need to have the courage to assert your true desires without being afraid of confrontation.

Sun in Scorpio

Your ego compels you to fight for power and control and perceive life as a battle where everybody is against you. If you take advantage of your ability to see the weaknesses of others you'll have little sensitivity towards their suffering, causing harm without empathy for those you impact.

You can reach your true self by using your intuitive skills in the most elevated way transcending the need for ordinary power and embracing authentic inner power and love. You know how to look deep into people and understand their issues.

When you act from your higher self you can use such skills to trigger the most powerful transformation and regeneration tools to heal yourself and others.

Sun in Sagittarius

Your adventurous ego is always looking for happiness on the outside by going through different circumstances, places, and relationships. Your excessive mobility limits introspection and distracts you from getting to know your true self.

The most important element to express your higher self and have a rewarding life comes from finding satisfaction within, through meditation and self-awareness. This will allow you to achieve the purpose of your life by directing your thoughts and actions in alignment.

Manifesting your true self will give you the confidence and strength that can’t be found by just exploring the external world. Becoming an inner explorer will be more fulfilling.

Sun in Capricorn

Your ego is expressed through a strong ambition oriented towards the achievement of material wealth, social status and a professional career. You feel the need to prove you can get whatever you set your mind to by focusing on worldly accomplishments and ignoring your inner spiritual resources.

You can express your true self by improving yourself from the inside, displaying your humanitarian qualities and coming to the realization that all the things in the material world do not compare with the eternal bliss that can emerge from your highest level of consciousness. Moving your goals from obtaining worldly success to spiritual evolution will give you a longer lasting fulfillment.

Sun in Aquarius

Your ego influences you to act in an unconventional, restless and independent manner with a strong disdain for the ordinary side of life. You take pride in being unique and different from the rest. You care about global issues and the humanitarian crisis in distant places, but you remain insensitive towards those right in front of you.

You can integrate your energies and manifest your higher self by being an agent of change, starting off in your immediate environment. Accept and love others with their ordinariness and limitations and allow inclusiveness to be the key to achieve your highest ideals for humanity.

Sun in Pisces

You express your ego self in a sensitive, dreamy way that makes it very difficult for you to deal with suffering and pain in the appropriate way. This leads you to escape from reality through fantasies and addictions resulting in a lack of focus which stops you from seeing things with clarity.

You can awaken to your true consciousness by becoming the observer that lies above the mind and knows you are not your thoughts or emotions, but a divine untouchable soul who understands that the emotions and the associated pain are created by the mind itself.


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