How do you express your life goals, according to your Sun sign?

express-my-life-goals.jpg What the Sun in the signs tells you about your life goals?

Sun in Aries

You are very passionate about your life goals, and you carry them out with enthusiasm, but you are in a hurry all the time. You rush into tomorrow without staying in the present and focusing on what you need to do today. Often you don’t even understand what it is you are looking for.

You can easily begin a task, but have no patience for finishing it. Your desire is to be first in everything, as you are a go-getter and are very competitive.

You follow your own interests enthusiastically and don’t realize those interests lead you onto a path that is too much for you to accomplish or could injure someone. You don’t like to be on teams, and prefer to work solo so you don’t have to compromise. Actually, you can accomplish a lot through your own energy. You are self-centered and find it difficult to understand someone’s troubles.

However, if you pay attention and are motivated to share your abilities, you notice that you can inspire those around you. If you look for opportunities to encourage others, then you will be better able to express yourself, as you are a natural leader and can rally others to action rather than fighting with others. Try to be more patient and learn how to conserve your energy instead of spinning your wheels.

Sun in Taurus

You lean towards doing things in a sensible fashion and are quite realistic. Thus you are very effective and skillful when it comes to managing your money. You always think ahead to what the future will bring, taking a look at all options because you want to be as safe and secure as possible in any situation. As a result, you look before you leap and don’t take action until you understand the situation completely.

Usually, you are slow to anger, however, if someone thinks differently than you on an issue, you might get obstinate and resist their views. You would rather be logical than emotional because emotions make you vulnerable.

You should try to not be so narrowminded. Dismissing what you don’t understand can lead you to miss out on opportunities. Be more considerate of new ideas, don't dismiss out-of-hand anything which you don't understand, or ignore things you can't see with your eyes, touch with your hand, smell with your nose or taste with your mouth.

Sun in Gemini

You are very inquisitive, eager to amass information by any means. Mostly, you give priority to the mental realm and as such, are living in a world of endless notions. However, don’t get too stimulated by or familiar with any topic or you will lose interest, get restless and move on to learning something else. Plus, you don’t concentrate your energy efficiently and end up spreading yourself into too many directions.

You try to solve your issues by inventing schemes and developing theories, that might not work in reality. You use your intellect to separate yourself from other people. Sometimes people test you to see what you really feel, even if you are being honest. Try to listen more to those around you.

Sun in Cancer

You have a vivid imagination, actually too vivid. Your overactive imagination can cause you to brood or worry. As a result you become hypersensitive, over emotional and illogical. While you seem mild and calm, your actual mindset is hard to understand.

You feel the things around you on a deep level and are empathic around others. If you perceive your empathy as weakness, you may try to overcompensate by showing false bravado.

Instead, use your empathic nature to understand someone else’s woes. This can give you the ability to inspire those around you and in turn inspire yourself because you are sympathetic to their pain.

Alternate ways of living and thinking threaten you. You hold close and protect your family and loved ones. Anyone who doesn’t think the same as you makes you feel threatened. You worry they will break down your walls you have built around you.

Sun in Leo

You have childlike guiltlessness and spur-of-the-moment energy. You look to be creative in everything and use various forms of artistic expression to show how you feel. You love to be the center of attention and like to be admired.

You are a natural leader, exude confidence and authority so people are willing to do what you want without question. If you hate your job, you won’t complete it.

Plus, you have to be around nice and happy co-workers. As long as you love what you are doing, you choose goals, and complete projects no matter how hard or long the journey. Also, you are very organized, love being in charge and aren’t afraid of taking on the big and expensive projects.

One of your best qualities is your ability to inspire those around you, but your worst failings come from you over exaggerating your pride and egotism.

Sun in Virgo

You have a lot of common sense, are logical and intellectual. Your thought process is deliberate and efficient and want to make your thoughts come alive. You are proud of being efficient and responsible.

You can always can be counted on to complete a task. You have a careful, effective and level personality. Order and logic make you very satisfied. You can pay attention to detail and that works well if you pick a job requiring accuracy and correctness.

You undoubtedly hide your feeling because you are not comfortable showing them. This is especially true around disorganized and emotional people. Plus, you can miss seeing the big picture because you concentrate on details and are very critical of yourself, as well as other people.

Sun in Libra

You find it hard to make up your mind and prefer pleasing everyone. As a result you may not understanding where to go or what to say in order to meet your own needs. You would prefer to allow others to initiate action and then follow their lead.

You like working in jobs that allow you to be part of a team because it helps balance you. Love and friendship are vital to you and feed your emotions. You can be graceful, but since you avoid problems, you may appear uncaring.

You are very suggestible; which means you are also a dreamer, preferring fantasy to dealing with issues in the real world. As a result, you can be impractical. It is therefore important for you to seek guidance from partners and team members rather than trying to be the leader.

You can generate true accord in your relationships through your willingness to tell the whole truth about what is going on, even if it is bad news. Your diplomatic style and compassion can help you to be an effective messenger. Know, acknowledge, and hold on to your feelings, even if they are unpleasant, so you can feel and express them. By holding true to this, you will receive greater harmony.

Sun in Scorpio

Your personality is strong and you attract others. You are a quiet observer, and even though you speak little, others still notice you easily. You are very intense and passionate in all you do and never do something half-heartedly.

You prefer being emotionally attached to your job. You protect yourself and don’t trust others easily, which makes you suspicious. You hide your true self and emotions behind a solid wall.

Mysteries intrigue and excite you and you want to jump right into the deep, hidden aspects of other people, burrowing into their personalities and unearthing their inner thoughts. You are insightful and very philosophical and clear.

You are also to the point, straightforward, and can be a bit argumentative in how you express yourself. While some people like this, others misunderstand it and your confrontational nature can cost you friendships. So, be judicious about how you use your insight and use your gifts of in depth understanding to manipulate others.

Sun in Sagittarius

You are cheerful and easily bypass past troubles, seeking to go straight into the next adventure. You are much better at starting things than finishing them. Plus you are direct and open minded, which bothers some people.

However, you have a good sense of humor and that makes many people love you as well. You prefer to be a free spirit, and desire jobs with variety that allow you to be independent.

You want to be challenged in your job, and hate boredom. You also try to avoid work that is repetitive. Even so, you know security is vital, and try to balance freedom and relaxation with obligations that are important to survival. You like having money and lots of material possessions. You like spending money.

You can be an intangible thinker, visionary instead of being realist, you are inclined towards being obstinate, rigid and inflexible.

If you keep the attitude that everyone should see how much smarter you are, or recognize that your way is always right, this will cause you to become self-important and egotistic. But if you look to those who inspire people instead, you can successfully see how you, too, can be an inspiring leader. Therefore, you can share with others your pertinent insights and it will be appreciated.

Sun in Capricorn

You want others to respect, admire and appreciate you. You are very serious, careful, and thoughtful. Plus, you are straightforward, logical and like to save money in all you do. You may seem defensive but you believe in frugality.

You don’t believe in excess and luxuries because you know how much effort went in to earning what you have. If you don’t plan things out, it makes you very nervous and you always need an explanation in all things.

You prefer being in charge and being in the upper crust of society. You will do whatever you can to advance in career and climb the social ladder. Determined and hardworking, you will make your way up in the work slowly, but steadily until you get there. Watch out when it comes to being in charge and don’t try to bully people. Instead, encourage them and show them your skills and abilities.

When you ego is too involved, you can also be hard, dishonest, or indifferent about the people below you. You may seek advancement at any cost and don’t care if others are collateral damage along the way.

Sun in Aquarius

You come up with new ideas and see innovation and opportunity everywhere you go. You prefer strong principles and charitable service that helps other people.

When you are with your buddies, you perceive the whole group as one, and don’t just think of yourself as a single entity. You want everyone to be happy and get what they deserve. You believe in the standards of a co-operative way of life, but that sometimes butts up to your own freedom.

You have an active mind that is always quick to come up with a solution, but sometimes you need to slow down and not speak up immediately. So, you might be unorthodox or different in how you perceive and handle a situation, and like to be first at trying something and be challenged.

You love risk and adventure and doing shocking things like shaking up institutions and traditions that you see as being a stick in the mud. You wonder about lots of things, and also have lots of knowledge to share. You could be thinking so much about tomorrow that you forget about what you need to do today.

Sun in Pisces

Your life can be dominated by your strong emotions and creative brain. Sometimes you think more about the whole picture instead of looking into details, and almost always think of others before yourself.

You may even go to the extreme of neglecting yourself at times. You are very caring and that may motivate you to work in social services or the medical field for either people or animals, or perhaps be a preacher.

You are peace loving, gentle, kind and show your emotions easily. You hate violence and sometimes this causes you to have a hard time in today’s violent world. The spiritual realms seem more real than the mundane world and you act like you don't have both feet on the ground.

That makes you recoil into a world of fantasy, so you don’t have to deal with your duties, or anything you see as hard. It can be difficult for you to deal with realistic situations when they make you emotionally uncomfortable.

You try to keep yourself out of such situations and can sense when a situation is about to go wrong. You try to stay out of anything competitive or anything that could rupture into a fight. You don’t often get involved with conflict and would rather find a peaceful way to solve issues or problems in such a situation.

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