How do you deal with your feelings, according to your Moon sign?

deal-with-your-feelings-466.jpg What can the Moon in the signs tell you about how you deal with your feelings?

Moon in Aries

Your strong impulsivity makes it very difficult for you to hide your feelings.You tend to say what you want and feel without mincing your words.

You are very assertive, and since you see everything as a competition, you defend your feelings, ideals and interests vehemently. It´s pretty much enjoyable for you as it strengthens your individuality.

It is very easy to get you angry. You express your rage yelling and throwing things. You tend to be very reactive. The slightest provocation can trigger an exaggerated reaction from you. However, you calm down quickly and forgive easily.

Moon in Taurus

You take things with calm. Your emotions are stable and your commonsense and prudence allow you to demonstrate and express your feelings whenever necessary.

You are pretty reserved and have a serene and noble character; however, if a situation becomes unbearable, your strength helps you to stay firm and move on without losing focus.

You are extremely stubborn when you feel uncomfortable with someone else´s opinion. It is vital that you learn to be more flexible and understand that any conversation should go both ways, meaning other´s needs are as important as yours.

Moon in Gemini

Your rational mind prevails over your instincts and your passions.You rationalize your emotions and feelings and are able to do what´s best in any situation without falling into drama or sentimentalism. You are clever and can adapt to different environments and people gracefully.

You want to understand your emotions, but emotions are not supposed to be understood. This is a defense mechanism that stops you from getting to know yourself and others intimately. Come out of the rational mind and connect with your heart; it is the only path to self-discovery.

Moon in Cancer

Your feelings and emotions dominate you. Your inner world is very intense and fluctuating. Everything and everyone around you influence the way you feel to the point you might not even differentiate which energies are yours and which belong to others.

You only express your feelings if you feel safe and trust the other person. Once you do, you will become a tender, affectionate, supporting and romantic person.

You can be very sentimental and melancholic and are constantly dredging up old memories and losing yourself in them. You need to understand that it doesn't matter if you think the past was better, it’s gone, but the present is all yours for you to make the best of it.

Moon in Leo

You are the master of drama. You live with passion every day of your life. Your emotions run high and being in love brings so much joy and excitement into your life that you are always looking for it. However, you can manage your feelings if it involves maintaining an impeccable image in public.

Even when you seem to exaggerate your feelings, they are genuine and come from the bottom of your heart.

Your big heart hides a haughty attitude. You just can't understand how someone could not want to be with you. You are highly sensitive to indifference, if you feel you are not being treated the way you deserve, you leave.

Moon in Virgo

With moderation, restraint, and prudence. Expressing your feelings is not your favorite activity, not because you don't want to, you just don't know how.

You are very rational, realistic and your common sense imposes over your impulses and emotions. You demonstrate your feelings towards others by helping them solve their problems, doing their tasks or taking care of their health.

Unconsciously, you are afraid of your feelings because they seem to be messy and uncontrollable, you repress them, putting off your personal desires and aspirations to benefit others.

Moon in Libra

You are not too emotional, you are rather objective and constantly rationalize your feelings in order to achieve balance. You want to be liked, so you make sure others feel good in your company.

You rarely make any incorrect gesture or adopt an inappropriate attitude. You abhor fights, discussions, and all sort of tensions that can disrupt harmony.

If you consider your feelings to be out of balance, sometimes you make the necessary adjustments and reconsider them, even if this involves letting others step over you. You are often looking to validate your inner feelings on the outside sugarcoating everything you say. You risk then to become disconnected from your inner truth.

Moon in Scorpio

You are extremely emotional, but your strong self-control allows you to hide it pretty well. You don't lose your temper, your intense emotions can be boiling up inside you, but you can still manage to seem cold and calm.

You see reality in black and white, your capacity to feel love is as big as your capacity to feel hatred and rancor, you can even love and hate a person at the same time. You are secretive about what you feel, and you would hardly open up your heart and mind if you don't trust 100% the person you are with.

All or nothing, your extreme behavior in your emotional life makes it almost impossible for you to change your mind. You can be silent and aloof or, rarely, explode your feelings like a vulcano.

You need to learn to let-go of your feelings. Changing the way you feel about something or someone is not a weakness, but is a demonstration of maturity and self-reflection.

Moon in Sagittarius

You are generally happy, you love enjoying the delights of life, you don't embroil into emotional conflicts or try to dig into life miseries. You enjoy life naturally because your thoughts and emotions are mainly positive and optimistic. You have an abiding faith in the future and in your destiny.

Your emotions dominate your reason but your feelings are noble and pure. You are extroverted and have high ideals and strong ethical convictions not allowing anyone to undermine your opinions. Feelings for you are to be explored and enjoyed.

You are reluctant to settle down, you can be very changeable, especially on the emotional side. You are afraid to become emotionally dependent so you might avoid creating intimate bonds, thus making it difficult for you to maintain a close relationship.

Moon in Capricorn

You constantly sacrifice and repress your feelings if they don't contribute to your objectives. More important than feelings are to attain your goals, reach high levels of social status, prestige, power, recognition and wealth, even though you don't like to show off your possessions.

You are driven by a strong ambition, you can resort to almost anything to meet your objectives. You would rather show affection by giving material gifts than being romantic or cheesy, and you hate feeling vulnerable. When somebody hurts you, you freeze, because you don't know how to express your emotions. You take your time to analyze things and come back with a response/conclusion later.

Emotional fireworks aren't for you. You rarely take emotional risks. The thought of rejection is so dreadful that you hardly ever approach a person you like. Taking risks is an inevitable part of the journey, if you don’t want to regret not having been more audacious it, you should give it a try.

You can be very successful, a winner, but it can be an unconscious way to compensate for profound inner lacks and emotional frustrations. You can access to a greater level of fulfillment if you are able to connect with your heart, allow yourself to unplug from the daily grind and treat yourself with compassion.

Moon in Aquarius

Your emotions are mostly rationalized by your intellect. You can detach yourself from emotional situations and act as if you had everything clear and solved.

You function at a mental level, you associate feelings with ideas and can replace or remove them at your will.

At times, you can be unpredictable in the way you express your feelings, making a fuss and going crazy from to time to time but you don't really identify with those emotions and forget about it as soon as something else catches your attention.

You might be considered insensitive and usually have no idea you are hurting other's feelings. Intimacy is not easy for you, but you do have plenty of romantic relationships, yet most of them are based on ideas, concepts, and mutual preferences. Your feelings of love usually expand to a collective level, not in a personal way. Love for humanity looks stronger than individual love.

Setting up emotional barriers is not the key to eternal freedom, it's more like a lock that stops you knowing yourself better. Attaining emotional stability and the different aspects of human experience like deep intimate connections are needed for your growth and evolution.

Moon in Pisces

You are extremely sensitive, romantic and sentimental. You experience a lot of ups and downs, you go from being the happiest positive person to feel extremely sad and exhausted.

You have a strong intuition as well as psychic abilities, you experience deja vue and premonitory dreams frequently. You are benevolent and willing to sacrifice yourself for a higher cause or for a person you love.

You feel a lot of compassion towards the less fortunate, and are sympathetic with other's problems and suffering. You can put a lot on your back and end up drained and living in self-pity.

You think the world is way too rough and cruel so the only way to feel safe is by escaping into your magical world, your bubble, that no stranger can enter. You can't create your own world of fantasies to evade the real world during your whole life.

In one moment or another you will have to face reality, losses and disillusionment. You can access to your infinite wisdom to overcome life harshness without escaping reality.

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