How do you express your intellect, according to your Mercury sign?

express-my-intellect.jpg What can Mercury in the signs show you about how you express your intellect?

Mercury in Aries

You particularly enjoy discovering brand new thoughts and notions. You think quickly and actively, and you are inclined to understand new ideas very fast.

Conservative knowledge and recognized truths are something you don't care for, and you are excited about proving them wrong by explaining your own unique thoughts instead.

That's how inventors think. At times, you have fantastic intuition and new ideas. If there is a topic you like, you learn all you can about it with great passion and eagerness. But, you can't keep your mind on one topic long, and you don't concentrate very well, always chasing new exciting ideas.

Many times, you believe in uncommon notions, and don't fear to stand up for feelings that are not popular.

You are pure at heart, sometimes even too trusting, and devious people could effortlessly get an advantage over you.

You must discipline your thoughts and pay more attention in order to put your thoughts into fruitful areas.

Mercury in Taurus

You'd rather act than think. You are the person who helps others from their dream into reality. You bring ideas to realization, even though you don't produce many ideas of your own.

You believe an idea is no good unless used in some practical, real manner.

You want everything to be plainly well-defined and beneficial; and it's hard for you to understand constructs or hypothetical ideas.

Intellectually traditional, you aspire to old-style notions and principles resolutely, and don't get fooled by prevalent opinions or other people's attitudes. When you have decided, you usually won't be swayed, and may be very tenacious.

You are sensible person, can use what you know in practical ways. You especially are good with money and business. Sometimes you feel like you don't know enough or think that even since you've grown, you are less than others.

Even if you don't figure out things fast, you remember things very well. People trust your mental fortitude, stability and dependability.

Mercury in Gemini


Intellectually sharp and ingenious, you pick up things fast and with joy. When you were a student, likely you were teacher's beloved.

You are forever thinking and looking ahead. Just like bees go from blossom to blossom, you like tasting a little of it all, but hardly ever stay with one thing long. The grass is always greener on the other side.

Your worry is accumulating not appraising, and you have problems discerning valuable data from worthless data.

A lifetime researcher, you wish to get all the data you can, and love to provide it to everyone. So, that means you might like teaching others.

You love reading, and that could cause you to write your own book or novel.

By concentrating, speaking clearly, and attaining the conclusion prior to going elsewhere, you stop being the fulltime pupil, and can start teaching and showing other people the things that are important.

Mercury in Cancer

You mind is turned on mainly by the center of your being, by your emotions and sensations. Thus, you might look a bit aloof to other people.

You think about things that affect you personally and internally instead of worrying about the external events. You are very intuitive but you find it very hard to keep your feelings separate from logical thoughts.

Since what you believe in is more about feelings than logic, you won't give in even if something is logical and not a soul can make you believe otherwise even if they have facts to back it up.Having a rich emotional life connected to your intellect, you might become a writer.

You desire to have people that believe the same as you, who strengthen your principles and make you confident what you believe in is true. You like to be supported emotionally in your ideas by the masses.

You tend to think about security issues a lot and try to discover a way to induce calmness into yourself to make you more secure. At times, that can transform into pursuing riches and monetary stability.

Mercury in Leo

Although your notions and visions are lavish and improbable, you feel they can be done, and your confidence and charm are every so often able to cause your dreams to become real. At times, you are very selfish and mostly think about yourself and your notions.

You depend on your own skills and refuse to listen to any teachers by other people, so, at times you cheat yourself and do not mature your abilities to their utmost capability.

When everything is centered on speaking with a consciousness of shared humankind instead of centering on yourself, you can invigorate the concepts of others with imagination and encouragement.

Mercury in Virgo

You think very logically and effectively. You don't forget easily and can remember large amounts of data, numbers and writings. Every step you take is thoughtfully determined and thought out; you mind works rationally and analytically similarly to the gears in a clock.

You have a hard time seeing the face value of something and instantly try taking it apart to see how it works.

You love to learn, and typically favor studying topics which can be - particularly those that will help you jobwise – instead of artwork, song or philosophic thoughts.

You love fixing things, finding mistakes and making things right. That faultfinding attitude may turn to distrust, cynicism and irritability beacuse nothing seems to match your ideals of perfection.

You need to accept that life and people are perfect in their imperfections.

Mercury in Libra

You have widespread intellectual pursuits - you can easily see what could be instead of what is now. You evaluate the assets and disadvantages of a situation and determine the outcome dependent on truth while your emotions are kept separate.

Since you see the good and bad in it all, you find it hard to decide on something or to keep with what you decide once you have made up your mind.

Frequently, your relationship is on your mind. Those thoughts influence you strongly because you tend to be highly concerned by your partner's views and ideas.

Because you don't often have strong opinions yourself, you just find it easier to copy your lover's notions or say yes so you don't need to fight. Too frequently, you go along with the decisions of other people or let them sway your opinion since that makes things go smoothly.

Mercury in Scorpio

You have a strong will and desire to understand what goes on in the background, what is not immediately clear, and what is kept hidden.

You like getting to the bottom of things to find out the mysteries inside. You aren't happy with basic knowledge, and search for the deepest truths of life and death.

You possess an astute and powerful intellect, and can focus your thoughts strongly for hours when you try to reveal something mysterious. You can do well studying just about anything.

You are very stubborn when you mind is made up. You are extremely tenacious and passionately devoted to your philosophies.

Once you made your opinions, through personal and frequently unconventional means, not a soul can sway you from them, even with rational persuasion.

When focused on revealing what you hold dear without keeping it secret, your intense insight can pierce and show people that their words have a deeper connotation. Then you can help other people to see, search and love the depth.

Mercury in Sagittarius

You never stop looking or learning about new things, you want to learn about everything in the world and then do it. You are interested in everything around you, particularly topics that go beyond the basics or that can give you a broader view, like philosophy, psychology and spirituality.

Additionally, you love enjoying that newfound information with your friends, and make an inspirational and articulate instructor.

You can understand where things are going and then realize how they will turn out. You make things fun and exciting, making the puzzle pieces fit when others don't know what is going on.

You want to learn about people who think differently than you and have different customs, but after you learn about them, you aren't interested if they don't believe the way you do. You'd rather teach them about what you value and that makes you a person who is always preaching your ideas to others.

You need to learn deep acceptance of other's views, not just as an intellectual exercise.

Mercury in Capricorn

Your thoughts are logical and sober, you settle your interests on the present and not what's far ahead. However, you are a planner, but through small and steady steps. You concentrate on what's real here and now.

Your thoughts are concise and methodical. Even though you aren't inventive or inspiring, you can think deeply, easily remember things, and surpass everyone with your planning skills and ability to organize; you accomplish your tasks silently as other people are still in the thinking stages.

Strongminded, resolved and tenacious, you can concentrate your thinking on one thing at a time for as long as it takes, and you most times get the job done in the long run.

You pick up on things you study slower than others, but you don't forget what you learned and you figure out how to practically use it in your life.

You might have a tendency to worry about many things to the point of being scared, believing the bad in people and circumstances. This pessimism sometimes stops you from accomplishing your goals because thinking something bad is always going to happen causes you to quit and not even attempt something.

Mercury in Aquarius

Your thoughts are scattered, you are forever thinking and have a hard time resting or meditating because your thoughts go everywhere all at once and you confuse yourself. However, you have brilliant and sudden idea with high intuitive skills.

You are ahead of the times, forever looking at what's to come instead of what's going on now.

Some day you may invent something, be a researcher or become someone who can put the puzzle together when another can't do it. However, you find it hard to make those ideas practical or find a way to make them commercially useable.

You love the fact you are rare, peculiar and innovative, and have fun irritating more old-style believers by your eccentric attitude. They think you are wacky, or somewhat odd.

Mercury in Pisces

Mild, kindly and naïve, you typically see someone's good points and don't notice the bad ones.

You dream about things you create in your mind, and it makes you lose track of the real world to the point you might forget to buy groceries or pick up your dry cleaning.

Lots of times you figure out a person's thoughts or emotions, that makes you very psychic, at the very least you have good intuition and insight.

Suggestible and unable to discriminate, other people take advantage of you and often you find it hard to decide on something by yourself.

You find peace in reflection, meditation and spirituality, and could have a spiritual path. You love reading books about self-discovery, psychology and spirituality.

Your departure from the unforgiving stresses of the real world might make you indulge in distractions and addictions, instead of getting involved in mystic ventures.

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