What is your approach to romance according to your Venus sign?

approach-express-romance-466.jpg What can Venus in the signs tell you about your approach to romance?

Venus in Aries

You tend to become competitive in love, pursuing attention and affection in a very active way. You are clear about exactly what you want in relationships and nobody is going to stop you.

Hardships and obstacles don't stop you from chasing the object of your passion. You have a strong romantic and sexual drive. The intensity of the chase makes you feel alive.

You are highly optimistic in seeking romance, but if you become hurt or disappointed you can transform your heat into anger and dramatic outbursts can ensue. Actually, conflicts and arguing fuel your passion.

Jumping into a relationship on the basis of instinct alone is your specialty and often you give more importance to sex than affection. You may frequently feel as if you have fallen in love at first sight only to just as suddenly lose interest in the object of your love.

In a relationship, you aren't a peace maker and are unwilling to compromise, so you must watch out for your bossy tendencies.

Venus in Taurus

You don't rush into a relationship. You proceed cautiously, step by step until you feel the person you are interested in is going to commit to the relationship as much as you will.

Your courting is persistent and patient, and you aren't disappointed by initial rejections.

Once you are in a relationship, you become involved and committed, and you might become jealous if anything threatens your perceived security. Your point of view about relationships is quite traditional.

However, you risk becoming lazy once the commitment is reached, preferring an ordinary routine to anything new.

Touch is a very important communication channel to express love, caring and sensuality to your partner. Massaging and being massaged might be a great way to share sensuality with your partner. It seems you have an instinctual sensitivity about how you can please a person on the physical level.

You also like to express your love with something material and preferably with an object that is durable and timeless.

Venus in Gemini

Since you are very curious, you can mingle with any type of person. Your natural curiosity makes flirting with people come naturally. You are curious to know potential lovers' reactions, desires and preferences.

Your witty and friendly attitude makes you a popular person with your prospective lovers. You love to ask questions in order to explore the intimate life of the other and to know how they feel about many life topics.

Sexual attraction for you is much connected to communication as physical appearance, and you are quite open to reveal your intimate life, almost to the point of embarrassing others. Sex for you is another channel of communication and discovery.

Your feelings are easily aroused but they also change without notice, sometimes confusing others.

You have a hard time limiting your sensual connections to one person only. You tend to avoid strong commitments, drama and complications in order to not feel trapped into one single relationship, and you like variety and keeping open options with several people.

When you become disappointed in love, you can recover quite easily by being open to searching for new lovers.

Versatility, openness, experimentation and playfulness are your attitudes toward romance and sex.

Venus in Cancer

You are a devoted lover, and can be giving to others. In return you ask for security, support and protection. A house or home is your shelter, a nest and a defense toward a potentially antagonist world, represents a big role in the building of a relationship.

Since you can be easily hurt emotionally, you might become oversensitive and touchy, especially if anything threatens the safety of your relationship. You are quite cautious to not hurt your partner's feelings. However, when you feel hurt, it will be written in stones in your soul. You can forgive but hardly ever forget.

More than heated passion, you value tenderness and cuddling. Melting physically and emotionally with your partner feeds your happiness.

The past is very present in your thoughts. You often feel nostalgic of past relationships or feel regret about something you didn't do.

You need to have somebody you can always count on who is eager to support your sometimes unstable feelings and your swirling emotional states.

You express your romanticism in an idealistic way, and you tend to daydream often about an idealized romance.

Be careful not to be taken advantage of in your willingness to please.

Venus in Leo

Spoiling and gratifying the person you love comes naturally for you. At the same time, you expect a similar treatment from your partner. You are generous and like to enjoy quality and a rich environment to share with loved ones.

You consider a relationship to be of value and love to treat others and be treated as royalty. Mutual appreciation and self-esteem are essential components of relationships for you.

You need to feel praised and recognized for your actions. However, this is not a superficial attitude; your affection is real and you are trustworthy and devoted.

Your passion is naturally strong, and you like to display it in impressive and theatrical manners. You jump into a romance with enthusiasm, and drama is inherent in your attitude toward love.

You want to join your high creativity with your relationships by sharing some art form with your love, both as a common interest or even as a performance.

You can be forgiving, big-hearted and benevolent, but loyalty is especially important to you. If you feel deceived, your dignity, pride and self-confidence will be hit hard. If you feel humiliated, your wounds will take a long time to heal.

Venus in Virgo

You pursue perfection in the person you love or might love, as much as you might choose to be alone for long periods of time if you don't see anyone fulfilling your ideals.

Since your idealistic view of love is hard to obtain in reality, you may place unrealistic expectations on others. When you get into an actual relationship, you might feel disappointed.

Once you are in a relationship, you give your best to be helpful and supportive and to serve your partner. You also want your partner to reciprocate by matching your support.

Your support happens on a very practical level. You prefer something real rather than empty words. You know how to nurture your partner in the proper way. Be aware not to think that you are loved because of your actions rather than your personality; otherwise, you plant the seed for being taken advantage of and taken for granted.

You prefer a low-profile and discreet look without being flashy or highly sexualized. Again, you prefer substance over appearance.

Communication and understanding the relationship dynamics, as well as the willingness to give energy in sorting out issues, are an important part of your love life. Yet be careful not to over-analyze feelings thus constraining spontaneity and playfulness.

Venus in Libra

You require harmony and peace in your relationships. You have a gentle, tactful and romantic attitude and can't stand quarrels or anger.

You love to please your partner and are sensitive to their needs, willing to compromise to keep their affection. You have a sensor that understands the others' feelings. If your partner is happy, so you are.

You really need to be in a relationship because you express yourself at your best when you share your life with your beloved. An individualistic life is not for you, so you yearn for a stable relationship.

You enjoy art in its many forms, love to go to exhibitions with your partner and you want as well shape your relationship as a piece of art by creating beauty around you.

You like to adorn yourself with beautiful clothing and accessories and take care of your appearance in a classy way, not provocative or suggestive.

You need your relationships to be based on equality and fairness, well balanced in every aspect.

For the sake of keeping the peace you might become adulatory or over-agreeable thus becoming shallow and lacking substance in others' eyes.

Venus in Scorpio

Your feelings and passions are intense and deep, with no middle ways. You tend to dig into the extremes in love and relationships.

Sexually and romantically, you alternate times of abstinence with times of indulgence and excesses.

You have a highly developed instinct for understanding the nature of others, especially when it comes to their sensual attitudes. You love to dig into the remote recesses of your and your partner's soul. You have a powerful magnetic sensuality.

You can sense if a person is truthful and authentic or fake.

Emotional crisis makes you stronger. As in the mythological phoenix, you have the ability to reborn from the ashes.

Since for you is all or nothing, you tend to become possessive and jealous and also attract people with similar characteristics. You either like a person to a great degree or not at all. Power issues are often present. You might also become obsessive regarding the person you love.

Sex is a very important part of your love life and you don't refrain from exploring it also in its shadowy aspects. “Easy” relationships don't match with your fascination for challenges and intensity.

Since your feelings are very intense, when you feel hurt in love it becomes a very important matter and you tend to seek revenge if you think you have been treated in a dishonest way.

It might be difficult for you to express your feelings verbally because the intensity of your emotions can seem to be beyond words.

Venus in Sagittarius

Above all, you value freedom and independence in relationships. Love for you is an adventure to live fully.

You like anything exciting, that triggers high feelings and expands your view and pleasures.

You are very optimistic and enthusiast about love, approaching each relationship with a positive mindset.

You need a partner with a mutual intellectual and ideological understanding. You need to share your interests, especially beliefs, ideas and love for traveling and outdoors explorations. You need an active life with your lover, you aren't the person who prefers to watch television cuddling on the sofa.

Your optimistic tendency leads you to always expect a better future and as a result you often shift from one romantic interest to another in search of the best partner, as much as enjoying the chase more than the reality. You wonder if just around the corner is a fantastic new partner, so why stop your quest before finding out?

Your body, soul and mind must all be involved in your experience of romance.

You talk about your feelings in a frank and candid way, and you don't understand why people should keep their desires and love life a secret.

Venus in Capricorn

You approach romance in a very serious way. You are very careful before you decide to get involved and commit yourself into a relationship, even testing the person on many levels.

Once you made your decision, which was carefully tested for long time, you are going to approach the relationship with caution. You want to create stability in the relationship. For the sake of durability, sometimes you keep a relationship even when there's no more growth.

You need security and permanence, also on the practical level, as in having a house and a good income to support stability.

You might be shy and reserved in approaching a potential lover, with some insecurities about being attractive, and are more sensitive than what people might think of you. People might consider you as being reserved, aloof or even arrogant.

The practical side of your attitude about romance makes you consider a relationship in terms of career or business, as well as in terms of social status and financial opportunities.

You consider work and your effective presence in the world very important and primary to relationships. On the other hand, your job becomes the way to make your relationship financially secure.

You don't easily express your feelings toward your partner, you prefer to demonstrate your love through practical deeds and you dislike showing your emotions publicly. Respect is an essential part of your romantic life and feelings are mostly kept under control.

You need clarity and well-defined roles in a relationship.

Venus in Aquarius

Friendship and a non-possessive attitude to relationships are the basics of your approach to love and romance.

Control, possessiveness and jealousy make you run away from a relationship. You need freedom and independence just as you need air to breathe.

You like to belong to a group of people together with your partner, being an ideological, political or humanitarian organization or association. Sharing ideas and mental stimulation are very connected to your view of love.

Equality, civil rights and independence are the pillars of your relationships.

In romance, you seek avant-garde and unusual people and experiences. The traditional couple is not what you really need. Anything that is far from the mainstream excites you and stimulates your imagination. You don't care about money or social status.

You might be attracted to open relationships or non-monogamous ones. You need a high degree of excitement and you are willing to explore different aspects of love. “Free love” certainly resonates with you.

Venus in Pisces

You know how to express unconditional and total love. The devotion to your lover is deep and unrelenting.

Romanticism and idealistic feelings play a big role in your life. You tend to idealize love and lovers. Your imagination is remarkable and awesome, as much as you can greatly delude yourself when you concentrate your attention on someone who isn't actually into you.

Love for you is more about a spiritual than a physical connection and since it might be difficult to attain such spiritual union with an ordinary being, you might become devoted to a spiritual teacher or Master, or engage into submissive erotic play.

Being highly sympathetic, you intuitively understand others' feelings, but also you tend to take negative feelings in. This might drain your energy if you are not careful to stay centered in yourself while feeling compassionate.

Love fully, but don't become lost in the object of your love, otherwise you risk that a partner might take advantage of your supportive and serving attitude by playing with your feelings.

It might be difficult for you to assert yourself. You prefer to be gentle and accommodating.

When you become disappointed you feel very disillusioned and might turn to artificial paradises or create a fantasy love in your imagination with no contact with reality. Also, you might become attracted to secret affairs. Don't create fantasies or you will find that your bubble is easily burst when reality sets in.

Your evolution in love should come through awareness and self-understanding, which will also boost your self-confidence and self-love.