How do you turn off lovers and potential partners, according to your Venus sign?

how-i-turn-off-466.jpg What can Venus in the signs reveal you about how you turn off lovers and potential partners?

Venus in Aries

You turn people off when your demand for attention becomes excessive and borders on self-centeredness.

Also, you push people away through a hasty attitude without being sensitive to the stage where the other person is and through deciding for them without caring for their opinion. You need to learn how to put yourself in somebody's else shoes.

An adolescent attitude and the drive to jump from one romance to the other will undermine depth and stability in relationships.

Venus in Taurus

You turn off partners by being too materialistic and by giving precedence to material security instead of a more adventurous love life.

You repel people when you are overly possessive and jealous, considering the other as one more of your possessions.

When your insecure feelings take precedence, you react with a need of control, and you might become stubborn and inflexible. A partner can lose their interest in you when you don't accept different views and values.

Also, you are rejected by a partner when you keep old habits, by being lazy and inactive and by being too close-minded in approaching romantic or sexual experiments.

Venus in Gemini

You turn off lovers when you use your active mind to play games and manipulate the other people around you.

You repel people when you stay on a superficial mental level for too long, avoiding depth and feelings. When you want to be seen as funny and cute at all costs, you get the opposite effect. Being witty and funny is appealing only up to a certain point.

Parroting and mimicking others' ideas and words instead of creating them from your intuitive mind is going to make people bored.

Being evasive and avoiding deep commitments makes your partners feel there's no way to grow in the relationship.

You irritate people when your mind is too restless, when you talk compulsively and when you complete others' sentences.

Venus in Cancer

When your protective inclination toward a person becomes focused on finances, the other person stops feeling supported and cared for and starts feeling oppressed and confined, wanting to escape their “lovely” prison.

You repel a lover when you play victim and make the person feel guilty for your own emotional issues. Emotional excesses and dramas will put a strain on the relationship.

Your emotional insecurity and need to be loved might cause you to become controlling, manipulative, taciturn or enigmatic. This will confuse your partner and cause them to lose trust in you. Passive aggression in the form of long silences might be your preferred way to get revenge.

You make a person tired when you become too needy and dependent, asking for attention too often and expecting total devotion. When you feel that what you receive is never enough compared to what you give, be aware of what triggered those feelings in your past.

When you idealize the person with superhuman powers and then expect them to be your superhero, you become a burden.

Venus in Leo

Expecting your partner to continuously praise you and tell you how beautiful and great you are, is going be annoying.

Your tendency to idealize your partner with superhuman qualities can put pressure on him/her in a way that can hardly fulfill the ideals you projected. By demanding very high standards, your partner will want distance from you to regain a more ordinary and human life.

You repel people by being vain, by having an exaggerated sense of pride and by considering the other as an object to show off.

You turn off people by being possessive and dominating.

Venus in Virgo

Since you always wish to improve yourself and your partner, you might come across as critical. Your partner will more likely be hurt than helped by your critique.

When your composure becomes aloof and distant, you become unreachable and “too hard to get.”

You turn off lovers when you want to stay in a safe and controlled place, being too afraid of trying anything new, both in life and in sex. Jumping into anything new without reflecting is not appropriate, but needing to know the ins and outs of everything before experiencing them kills spontaneity and playfulness.

When your rationality permeates the areas of love and sex, your partner will be turned off by what feels like a cold and calculating approach to romance.

Venus in Libra

You turn off people when you want to fascinate at any cost by forcing your natural appeal, thus looking fake and superficially flirting.

People dislike when you protect your insecurities by sticking to social norms and formalities. To that end, you don't look natural when you want to control your feelings in order to look “good” at all costs.

If you try hard to be too nice, people don't know the real you and they can't relate to you in an authentic way. Wanting to conform to what you think people expect makes your personality lacking well-defined values and traits.

Since you have a high standard about manners and appearances, it can become an impossible mission for your partner to fulfill your requests and it might choose to give up all-together.

Venus in Scorpio

You turn off lovers and potential partners when your need for deep connection transforms into control and domination, which might also become manipulative.

When you take everything too personally and too deeply, it brings heaviness into the relationship. Don't forget that lightness and sense of humor are as important as depth and seriousness.

You are rejected when your strong sexual needs become intrusive and threatening for the other and when you deny the feelings associated with physical love.

When your total obsession with the other person becomes like a snake staring at the prey, then fascination ends and you end up appearing creepy.

Venus in Sagittarius

When you become over-flirtatious and unreliable you are going to lose the trust of the other.

You turn off people when you don't walk your talk and look hypocritical, by preaching moral values when you don't commit to them.

You make people turn away from you when your optimistic tendency becomes too unrealistic and creates more troubles than good by raising expectations which are never going to happen.

Venus in Capricorn

You turn lovers and potential partners off when your cautious attitude becomes too uptight, cold and closed to anything that is connected to feelings.

You make people turn away when you consider relationships to be another duty of yours, when you don't put your heart into growing the relationship and when you use relationships as tools for your benefit or for climbing the social ladder.

You are rejected when you avoid tenderness, cuddling and anything which might expose your vulnerability.

When you expect your partner to know what you need without communicating, you set the base for misunderstandings.

Venus in Aquarius

You turn off by an absence of feelings toward your partner, living in your intellectual and technological world.

You make people turn away from you when you use the excuse of “love for the whole of humanity” to avoid a personal and intimate relationship.

You are rejected when your ideas become unrealistic, too far-fetched and deliberately outrageous for the sake of shocking people.

Venus in Pisces

You turn off lovers and potential partners when your idealization of the other person becomes an obsession with no resemblance of reality.

You are rejected when your feelings are very confused and you look ambiguous and deceptive. Your emotional openness can bring you to frequent changes which might be seen as unreliable.

You make a lover run away when you are overcome by your strong imagination by rejecting reality and common sense.