What attracts you to others in romance and relationships, according to your Venus sign?

what-am-i-attracted-by-466.jpg What Venus in the signs can show you about what attracts you to others in romance and relationships?

Venus in Aries

You are attracted by somebody who has an exciting life with many interests, which you love to join. Also, you are attracted when a person's interests include another potential partner because it triggers your innate competitive attitude.

You are fascinated by somebody who shows a clear and direct expression of interest toward you without ambiguities or vacillation. You need clear messages.

You are charmed when a person doesn't give up their efforts to seduce you.

Venus in Taurus

You are attracted by somebody who displays artistic qualities, especially musical skills. Above all, a sensual and melodic voice enchants your senses and triggers your interest in the person.

You want to share your love with a person who appreciates financial stability, the warmth of a nice house and the gratifications of good food and comforts.

You appreciate a partner who reciprocates affection and kindness through body touch.

You need a lover whose feelings are strong and stable. Once you feel secure both emotionally and materially, you can express your love and creativity at your best in the relationship.

Venus in Gemini

You are attracted by communicative people and by exchanges of ideas and insights. The flow of conversation and the written word triggers your desire for the person.

Reading and writing about romance, sensual chatting and engaging in dating sites expands your desire to know people's intimate lives.

You love to keep in touch with your lover(s) by sending numerous messages.

Seduction and flirting represent a big component of your romance. You need a person willing to be playful about love and to accept your need of a large social life.

Venus in Cancer

You are attracted to people with whom you can express your nurturing and caring nature and by people who need support. You are mostly sympathetic to your partner's hardships and adversities.

You are fascinated by somebody who shares the love of family life and the love of having a home that feels like a safe and comfortable nest.

Hugs, cuddling, holding, and tender romance are your preferred ways to express your love, so you need a person who also appreciates such ways to convey love.

You really like a person who doesn't need many verbal explanations about your emotional states but can understand them from your subtle clues.

Venus in Leo

You are romantically attracted to people you respect and hold in high esteem; this makes people admire you as a couple. You consider your mate a very special person as you also consider yourself to be special.

You are fascinated by being courted in high style, and you tend to look for a partner who is dazzling, charismatic, and even flashy, who attracts people's attention. If this is taken to the extreme, it can bring an unpleasant snobbish attitude.

You are attracted to a person who understands your vulnerability under the appearances and who can support you when your self-esteem takes a dive.

Venus in Virgo

You need a person who is intelligent, modest, trustworthy and supportive, with mutual respect and a sharing of ideas. In particular, intelligence and a sharp mind easily trigger your feelings.

You are attracted to a person with whom you can share specific interests, even quite unique and detailed, and with whom you can share on a practical level where you can build something useful together.

You have a number of specific things that you like and dislike, making it difficult to find a person who can match your detailed list. Leaving space to unpredictability might enrich your relationships.

Venus in Libra

You are attracted by elegant, graceful and refined people, both in the personality and on the external appearance. Good manners, politeness and even some formalities and etiquette resonates with your approach to romance.

Since your aesthetic taste is high developed, you need an appealing person.

You are also fascinated by intellectual stimulation and by poetry, which you see as elegance in words.

Through your relationships you also seek social status and a wide net of connection with interesting and beautiful people.

Venus in Scorpio

You are attracted by people who look intense and mysterious, even with some dark secret which you crave to investigate. You like to know the innermost secrets of your lover or potential lover.

You are enticed by highly passionate and sexual people.

You need challenges in love and relationships. An accommodating partner would be boring for you.

You are fascinated by secret and by socially or morally disrupting relationships, where instinct prevail over social norms. You like to expose the truths behind hypocrisies.

You are attracted by what joins sexuality with expanded states of consciousness, for instance tantra techniques.

Venus in Sagittarius

You are attracted by exotic people, from other countries and from different cultures. Anything that expands your horizons makes you get romantically turned on.

You are fascinated by a lover who is also a friend, a buddy (especially a travel buddy) and a person with whom you can share ideas, opinions, and political views.

You need a relationship which stimulates mutual growth in terms of expanded view of life and in the spiritual area.

Venus in Capricorn

You are attracted to somebody who is committed for a role in the social and work life, better if they have an important or high social status, not necessarily financially, but by being respected in their field.

You need a person who can stand on their own two feet without becoming too dependent on you and who is able to face life challenges with perseverance.

You are attracted to somebody who is mature and responsible among all.

Venus in Aquarius

You are attracted to people who are at the forefront of social, political and technological experiments envisioning a new and better humanity.

You need to blend with people who are independent and aren't concerned about what society thinks of them, with somebody who associates with you toward a path of unexplored and uncommon life.

You are attracted to non-traditional ways of considering a relationship and to gender fluidity.

You are attracted by a partner willing to continuously evolve the relationship, even by sudden and unexpected turns.

Venus in Pisces

You are attracted by ethereal, visionary and mystical people with a hint of magic or bohemian lifestyle.

You are fascinated by inaccessible or even non-existent people that can spark your romantic fantasies and dreams.

You are attracted to people in need that you can pour your compassionate love into. This might range from a partner afflicted by substance abuse, in jail or needing medical treatment, to a partner who is into healing or spiritual experiences.