The method to calculate the areas of mutual attraction was updated

areas-of-mutual-attraction-640.jpg Today we updated the way we calculate the relationship reports pertaining to the areas of mutual attraction between two people. These areas are defined as friendship, romantic, sexual, spiritual, intellectual and business.

This blog post is a bit technical, so if you aren't interested in the astrological technicalities, skip to the last 2 paragraphs.

Before the update to the areas of mutual attraction, we considered different values as to whether the areas of mutual attraction were calculated between Bob and Alice versus Alice and Bob.

In the first case, we considered the aspect of Bob's planets to Alice's planets in the synastry chart. This produced different results than when the areas of mutual attraction were calculated between Alice and Bob.

Now we have considered both sides of the synastry aspects, thus giving us more accurate results.

However, there might still be some slight differences when the report is considered from one side instead of the other. This is because of the different powers of the planets in the individual natal charts and whether the same synastry aspects are also present in those individual natal charts.

We take into consideration the presence of the aspects and the power of both individual planets when calculating the areas of mutual attraction. As an example, suppose that in the synastry chart of Bob and Alice there's an aspect between Mercury and Jupiter. This is going to increase the power of the “intellectual” area of mutual attraction between them.

But if Bob also has an aspect between Mercury and Jupiter in his natal chart, then from Bob's side the intellectual area of mutual attraction would be stronger than from Alice's side because his natal chart aspect resonates with the synastry aspect.

With this update, you are going to see different values for the areas of mutual attraction between two persons. We are sorry for the inconvenience, however, now the calculations are more astrologically accurate. In most cases it shouldn't be a huge difference and it would be a sort of “average” value between the areas of mutual attraction of Bob and Alice versus Alice and Bob.

As a final note. The Relationship Forecast's areas of mutual attraction did not change with the recent update because they are based on the composite chart. We changed only the relationship areas of mutual attraction.


    • Ivo-12andus founder
      Ivo-12andus founder

      Yes, to know the chart of a person now you need first to ask for friendship.

      I am planning a detailed astrological search among users. When available, a user will have the chance to search other users by various criteria, as in "users with Venus in a good aspect with my Mars". Since there are technical difficulties, this feature will probably take months.

      Your suggestion is interesting. It clashes a bit with my mission to not give as much importance to the Sun sign, but maybe my point of view is biased by having the Sun in the 12th house :-)

      I will consider your suggestion.

      By the way, which would be the "other than purely astrological reasons"?