How do you heal from heartbreak, according to your Venus sign?

venus-heal-broken-heart.jpg What Venus in the signs tells about how you heal from heartbreak?

Venus in Aries

You need to release your pain and heartbreak through physical activity.

Exercise, challenging yourself to a new gym class or workout, or working with a trainer to get you up and moving will help you to start feeling good again. You also will be distracted by having a new adventure to focus on.

You may be tempted to distract yourself through a sexual liaison but this is only likely to muddy the emotional waters and complicate things further. It is best to stick to other forms of physical release.

Focusing on a competition or sport is a good way to work through heartbreak and rebuild your confidence. You tend to do things in isolation or as leader of the group and won’t want friends to see you in an emotionally vulnerable state.

Still it can be helpful to allow some close friends into your life right now to help you process your feelings and heal from the loss of your relationship.

Venus in Taurus

You will want to drown your sorrows in your favorite alcoholic beverage or bury your feelings under tasty food, or splurge on personal indulgence. All of these outlets will be fleeting and likely leave you feeling worse.

It is actually an ideal time for you to pay attention to your physical body including your health. Return to routines that nurtured your body and soul, and which may have been neglected during your relationship.

This is also a good time to express yourself through crafts and other creative outlets, especially things which require hands on activity such as gardening, painting, pottery or decorating.

Expressing yourself through dance and movement can also be helpful. Surround yourself with friends and let them be your anchor for a change.

Venus in Gemini

You may be tempted to hop on social media and seek revenge by posting compromising photos of your ex. Both this and Facebook-stalking your ex are not good ideas at this time, or likely, ever.

Instead express your range of emotions through your writing, poetry or speaking with friends.

Dust off some of the books on the pile you’ve been meaning to read and lose yourself in a novel if you must but don’t forget to come back to reality and deal with your feelings.

You may uplift yourself in the company of friends as you thrive off of social interactions but don’t distract yourself from going through the pain necessary for healing and closure.

Venus in Cancer

Step away from the ice cream.

If you must direct your feelings toward food, you can busy yourself in the kitchen exploring new recipes to make for friends. Enjoy nurturing yourself and others.

Let your family and loved ones comfort you but don’t look to desserts to make your pain go away.

Sink deeper into your emotional states. Watch sad movies, cuddle with the dog, and cry. A lot. There is no denying your deep emotions and hiding them will only backfire.

Resist the urge to beg for a second chance or put your ex on a guilt trip. Reminisce by looking through photos and appreciate the good times and the not so good times, Allow the full range of feelings to flow through you.

Venus in Leo

You will have to discern the difference between your emotions and the wounds to your ego as you navigate heartbreak. Your feelings will heal best if you are able to see through the mind games your ego will want to play on you.

Don’t fall for the revenge fantasies or petty efforts to show up your ex. Efforts to prove yourself or your worth to others or to save face will not address the true underlying pain caused by loss.

You may need to feel humility as you go through your grieving process and in some ways this can be the worst part of the heart break. Go easy on yourself and trust in your value and uniqueness as an individual. Try not to get lost in the illusion of evaluating your worth based on how the relationship ended.

Get involved in group projects where your talents can shine, and use your creativity to express yourself.

Venus in Virgo

You will find it cathartic to go through your home and sort out your belongings, purging what you no longer need and organizing your paperwork.

You may be tempted to discard all traces of your recent relationship. However before you shred every last photo, you may be better off packing souvenirs and pictures into a box to be sorted out when your emotions have healed.

Emotional pain is difficult for you to deal with because you operate from an analytical standpoint. Heartbreak may baffle you. Especially if you hold the assumption that it shouldn’t hurt because you logically understand the reason for the breakup.

Give yourself permission to be a sloppy emotional mess. Trust that you will bounce back into your orderly, rational organized self eventually. Don’t try so hard to control your feelings.

Venus in Libra

If there’s one thing that is worse than feeling out of balance after the loss of a relationship, it is feeling the deep emotional turmoil. You prefer harmony and happiness and don’t do well with murky deep emotional gunk. Yet that is exactly what this time calls for.

Allow yourself to be an observer of your emotional ups and downs. Lean on your friends for support. Let your artistic or musical skills be an outlet to help you express yourself.

You love to be in love and being heartbroken can damage your sense of self esteem. You don’t like being rejected or feeling alone. Yet it is important that you not rush into a rebound relationship thinking that doing so will balance the scales. This will only backfire on you.

Venus in Scorpio

You will want to seek revenge and make your ex regret their actions. Yet before you do anything arrest worthy, unethical or downright creepy, you may want to stop and consider how this new start can actually be beneficial to you.

You get the idea of transformation and rebirth, so consider this a key time to work with that energy.

You will be much better off if you choose to use this time for personal change and advancement. Delve into your interests in metaphysics, the occult and spirituality. Challenge yourself to a personal improvement program. Success will be far better revenge than the other things you are contemplating.

You will also want to avoid the urge to lose yourself in self destructive addictions and habits like drinking.

Venus in Sagittarius

A getaway is a great way for you to heal your heartbreak. Especially a spiritual retreat or trip to a foreign place where there is much to learn and absorb from the cultures around you.

This process may have some healing effects as long as you remember that you will take your feelings and wounds with you anywhere you go. So don’t expect the escape to be a geographic cure.

Be present for the myriad feelings that accompany your heartbreak. This is a good time to put your numerous spiritual and philosophical tenets to good use.

Venus in Capricorn

You will probably want to give up on social contacts and bury yourself in work. This can be productive to some extent but will only go so far.

Sooner or later you will have to face the music and deal with the emotional pain. Processing emotions is not your strong suit. You are efficient and prefer neat and orderly mechanics of productivity. You like things to make sense and to be measurable as a budget or a business plan clearly is.

When it comes to heartbreak the many layers of feelings baffle you.

You may seek solace in traditions and returning to your roots. Spend time nurturing your personal preferences. You often overlook luxury and comfort yet this is a great time to invest energy in the activities that you most enjoy, especially those you haven’t been able do indulge in while in a relationship.

Venus in Aquarius

You aren’t adept at dealing with feelings and your emotions can become intense and overpowering.

When dealing with heartbreak you may take on an erratic façade, going to extremes to mask your feelings. You may manically throw yourself into projects and pursuit of your many interests, acting as if nothing is wrong.

You may shock your friends by throwing a party and celebrating or you may retreat into isolation and leave others guessing as to how you are managing.

One thing is certain you aren’t likely to face your issues head on. Instead you will engross yourself in your creative, eccentric projects. You may dive into the manuscript for a book you’ve been writing or work on one of your many inventions.

You may take a class or go on a trip or take up a cause to give yourself a channel for pent up anger and pain.

You will eventually try to rationalize your experience and try to use your healing experience to help others or benefit society, But first you must actually go through the emotional ups and downs.

If anything can reassure you it is the fact that your pain and emotional swings will not last long or become all engrossing.

Venus in Pisces

You will want to seek solace in escapism. This is not the time to indulge in drugs, alcohol or even mysticism as a means for avoiding your feelings.

You may find great healing in the various spiritual traditions you have studied yet you must also be careful not to mask your feelings with empty platitudes.

Go through the process of your various emotions. Luckily of all the signs, you are one of the best at being in the process and going with the flow.

As long as you resist the temptation to escape into fantasy, daydreams or delusions about how you wish things had turned out and instead see things for what they are, you will be in good shape soon.