Sun and Pluto aspects in the Synastry Chart: Do you have a magnetic connection?


Sun-Pluto.jpg Do you have a magnetic connection?

Sun and Pluto conjunct in the synastry chart

There's a magnetic and irresistible connection between you. At times it feels beyond your will.

Sun person is captivated by Pluto person's magnetic and powerful outlook, while Pluto person loves Sun person's energy and purposeful action.

Pluto person might have control and attachment issues when confronted with Sun person's independence.

In the long term, Sun person isn't willing to limit its actions in the world and this might become a source of conflict.

Pluto person has a special skill in understanding Sun person's depth and hidden motivations. While this quality fascinates Sun person, it can also be intimidating.

There are power issues between you. When you disagree, you can display strong bursts of anger and you aren't afraid to get to the bottom of the issue.

If the love of truth is stronger than competing for power over the other, your relationship will bring evolution to both souls.

Sun trine, sextile or semi-sextile Pluto in the synastry chart

You are drawn to each other in a magnetic way.

You easily relate, understand and accept each other's depth. Even your dark side is part of the equation.

You are not afraid to show and share your secrets.

Your connection is strong and difficult to avoid. Sometimes this bothers you.

Sun person feels captivated by Pluto person's magnetism, while Pluto person is attracted by Sun person's straight and clean direction.

Together you express power with a meaningful direction.

Sun opposite, square or semi-square Pluto in the synastry chart

You have a strong and magnetic connection, reaching your innermost core and triggering your deepest issues.

Sometimes seems you feed each other's worse qualities, but this is a side effect of your willingness to become aware of your issues by digging to their bottom.

If you focus more on your ego by feeding the power issues, then you'll feed only the worse in you.

But if you value awareness more, then you can use your depth to improve your self-knowledge and thus melting the issues through awareness and truth.

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