Moon and Mercury aspects in the Synastry Chart: How do you connect your minds and emotions?

Moon-Mercury.jpg How do you connect your minds and emotions?

Moon and Mercury conjunct in the synastry chart

You can easily share your feelings through words.

You can trust and understand each other in a way that allows to share your intimate and innermost feelings.

Moon person is more on the feelings side, sensing Mercury person's emotions, while Mercury person is more oriented toward an intellectual understanding of Moon person.

Through expressing feelings, Moon person makes Mercury person aware of a richer emotional life. Mercury person is able to analyze Moon person's emotional processes.

To reach a better balance, Mercury person shouldn't be too detached and rational, while Moon person shouldn't be too emotionally involved.

Too much rationality makes Moon person feels not cared, while an excessive sensitivity blocks Mercury person's spontaneity and communicative skills.

Moon trine, sextile or semi-sextile Mercury in the synastry chart

Through Mercury person's intellectual understanding of Moon person's emotional life, Moon person feels safe in sharing intimately.

On the other side, Mercury person enriches its emotional life through Moon person's display of feelings.

Moon person complements Mercury person's through processes with feelings and a taste of needed non-rationality. Mercury person helps Moon person to process feelings also through a rational approach.

You enjoy cozy fire talks and sharing intimate moments because there's trust and mutual understanding.

In a long term relationship, you love to share common memories. Even in a short term bond, you like to talk about your past, your roots and your sense of belonging.

Moon opposite, square or semi-square Mercury in the synastry chart

In your meeting, Moon person's preferred channels of expression pertain to the emotional world, while Mercury person view of life is mostly filtered through the intellect and rationality.

While you are attracted to each other's different modalities of expressing yourself, and you enjoy intimate talks, sometimes the different views and channels of expression bring disagreements.

Mercury person's lightness and jokes end up hurting Moon person's heightened sensitivity, while Moon person's emotional reactions leave Mercury person astonished.

Moon person sees Mercury person as overly mental and emotionally detached, while Mercury person complains about Moon person's irrational emotional reactions.

Mercury person should be less critical and more sympathetic while Moon person might be more aware of the unconscious emotional reactions.

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